Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #1

There is nothing more permanent or public like a Tattoo.  In the movie Eastern Promises with Viggo Mortensen, one character explains that “Tattoos tell the story of your life.”  People you’ve lost,  places you’ve lived, things you’ve loved, obstacles you’ve over come.  They are living, breathing art.

To the Japanese, tattooing represents the very highest level of artistic expression.  There is a museum in Japan where there are galleries of human skin on display, it’s that serious.

Every year when I go to conventions I notice more and more ink, and whats awesome about Geek Tattoos are that they’re such a nice change of pace from the norm of skulls, virgin marys, and barb-wire.

I asked people to send in pictures of their tattoos and to share their stories on their Geek Ink.

c brown Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #1

Name/Alias: C. M. Brown
City, State: Orlando, Florida
Tattoo Artist: Freak
Tattoo Shop: Miss Heidi’s Tattoo
Favorite Movie: El Orfanato
Favorite Game: Super Mario Bros. 3

SMB 3 was released one month and one day after I was born. It was the first game that taught me to fail is to better yourself. To fall down a hole is to learn to jump over it the next time.

We must lose to win. In the end, you just have to earn enough 1-ups to keep the game going.

tacheon 1 Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #1tacheon 2 Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #1
Name:  Tachaeon
City, State: Jacksonville, FL
Tattoo Artist: Dave
Tattoo Shop: Ink Smith & Rodgers
Favorite Movie: Spider-Man
Favorite Game: Zelda

At first I got the Triforce done. Then a couple of years later I saw a t-shirt of the current design, so I bought it and took it to get the rest of it done. The Spider-man one though, I was searching for years to find a cool one. Most of them were just lame. Spidey swinging from a pole or a building, but alas I finally found one.
Here is the original.

If you notice, Venom’s face secretly staring at you. ^_^

NERDSociety:  Being that you are a Fan of the Spider-man movie I’d like to ask what’s your take on the whole reboot of the Spider-man franchise?

Tachaeon:  It sucks. All of the movie studios are doing this “reboot” thing because they don’t have any fresh ideas for movies. When the 1st Spider-man move came out I was disappointed as well because they didn’t stick to the story line and the used mutated web slingers. I mean come on. But the original movie grew on me and I accepted it. Maybe they might get it right this time, but I’m sure it will be a teenage angsty movie. All the same I’m obligated to see it.

NERDSociety:  Yeah I’ve heard the new movies will be based on Ultimate Spider-man so……yyeaaaaaaaahh.

Ellie Bytes 1 Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #1Name/Alias: Ellie Bytes
City, State: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Tattoo Artist: Pert
Tattoo Shop: Ink Castle
Favorite Movie: Lost In Translation
Favorite Game: Super Mario Bros 3

My tattoo is Tails from the Sonic games. I got him because I basically grew up playing Sonic 2 on my Mega Drive and always played at Tails 🙂

Sam 1 Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #1Name/Alias: Sam Tarrant
City, State: Whangarei, New Zealand
Tattoo Artist: Luke O.D.
Tattoo Shop: Art’n’Soul
Favorite Movie: Back to the Future trilogy
Favorite Game: Silent Hill and Final Fantasy VII

The Playstation 1 was the first console I owned and Silent Hill was one of the games I spent the most time on. I decided on the nurse because it is an iconic image from the game and I thought a tattoo of a zombie nurse was pretty badass. The Halo of the Sun in the background is more for aesthetic reasons than anything but is also a recurring image from the series.

Sabrina 1 copy Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #1Sabrina 2 copy Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #1

Name/Alias: Sabrina Raven
City, State: Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Tattoo Artist: Josh Nobody
Tattoo Shop: Speakeazy Tattoo
Favorite Movie: Laputa: Castle in the Sky
Favorite Game: WoW or Left 4 Dead

This is my Battle Angel Alita (Gunnm) – by Yukito Kushiro –  half leg sleeve. This was the manga that got me through a hard time in my life because Alita (Gally in the Japanese) is such a strong character. This one is still going though and I intend to continue the sleeve up my leg to include more images from the Battle Angel Alita Last Order series.

NERDSociety:  I’ve heard rumors that James Cameron(Avatar/Titanic) has been planning a live action adaptation.  What are your thoughts on the man that broke all box office records tackling Battle Angel Alita?

Sabrina Raven:  Well apparently if he makes it, he will be using the Avatar tech so it will be pretty, but unless Yukito Kushiro is liasion on script, I fear he will fuck up the story and then I will cry and rant. His movies may be pretty but Avatar, although visually stunning, was just Pocahontas crossed with Fern Gully story wise.

NERDSociety:  Spoken like a true fan.

E DaRosa Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #1E DaRosa 2 Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #1

Name/Alias: Evie DaRosa
City, State: Danvers, MA
Tattoo Artist: Elize Nazelie Casarjian.
Tattoo Shop: The Painted Bird Tattoo
Favorite Movie: Shaun of The Dead
Favorite Game: Super Mario 64, World of Warcraft

This is a Super Mario 64 Chest Piece, complete with Piranha plant, Bob-omb and Bob-omb Buddy!

I was 10 when my father died (suicide) and my cousins played the Nintendo 64 with me to take my mind off all of the stress and crying family.  I picked up Super Mario 64, It took me away to a place that was beautiful, colorful and relatively stress free.  This game got me through the hardest time in my life, it really got me to play more video games and my life is way more enjoyable because of it.  It reminds me the strength I have to continue living each day knowing that I got through one of the worst tragedy’s a child could have. The 7 lovely hours of tattooing (3 sessions, Bob-ombs, Outline, Color) were in no way comparable to the pain I endured losing my father. I will never forget any of it.

My Piranha Plant and its fire is my symbol of my love and grief for my Father. The Bob-omb is my Strength and The Bob-omb Buddy is my Protection.  Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story. Not many people understand why I have this and it is fantastic to finally explain it.

NERDSociety:  Thank you for sharing your touching story with us.

Thank you to everybody that submitted, and for the ones I didn’t get to, don’t worry, I will post another article soon enough.

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pixel Geek Ink: Tattoos for the Nerdy and Geeky #1

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