Get Out! A Short Animated French Film


Acceptance.  Truths’ ugly cousin.  The world around us becomes this flower embedded leisure and comfort.  The true beauty of ignorance hovers over us like a summer sky, making one believe the squishy clear padded world we live in.  However at times we catch a glance out of that bubbly globe and hear the muffled sound of the voice of reason, that almost yells the sanity back into us, Get Out!  You cannot continue to live this fantasy any longer.  You must accept the truth.  You must rip of the bandage off the extremely contagious case of the Me! Me! Me’s!  Take a stand at acceptance, face the fear of the long awaited unknown and embrace what intimidates you.  Guard yourself from the sweet tasty freedom no longer! We cannot change until we accept where we are, where we want to be and the sure painful struggle of how to get ourselves there.  Rid yourself of the warm soothing lie of denial.  Who knows, your life may actually begin where you believe it has ended.  Perhaps a new perspective is what we need.  As the cold grey walls of worry and fear can surround us and give us a false sense of security, we start to see beauty in the cracks of the crumbling cement grout.   A dainty flower may be part of the delusional view of your make believe world that has held you captive for so long, that you now have a transparent opinion of your reality.   When in fact, our real life may just be the slap in the face we may all need for Acceptance!

In this film Get Out! a French animated short film, it may intrigue you with your own debilitating senses that keep you from accepting your own truth.  I say, my friends, The Truth is Out There!

0 Get Out!  A Short Animated French Film



pixel Get Out!  A Short Animated French Film

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