Get Your Own Catchphrase in NBA Jam

nba jam 300x156 Get Your Own Catchphrase in NBA JamEA has decided to do something cool for the first time in a while. They are holding a contest where anyone can submit their own catchphrase for the game. Once EA has received all of the submissions via the game’s Facebook page, they will reveal the 64 finalists and stick them in a single-elimination bracket featuring fan votes. The winning quote will be chosen on June 23 and used in the final version of the game to be read by the games’ announcer. Speaking of announcer, the original voice of NBA Jam, Tim Kitzrow, will be reprising his role as the game’s announcer.  His start in the industry is fairly interesting compared to how some people got their start. He used to be a drummer in a band and the guitarist just happened to be a composer and sound engineer with Williams Bally Midway. He was doing a Gilligan’s Island pinball game and asked Tim if he could do Mr. Howell. A few years later and after about 15 pinball game titles Midway offered him NBA Jam.  Since then, Tim has been the voice of most Midway Sports games including MLB Slugfest, NHL Hitz, and NFL Blitz. The game is slated for a fall release and so far is only confirmed for the Nintendo Wii; hopefully EA will eventually port it to the Xbox and PS3.

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