Girls Who Rule! Kim “Jinx” Arashikage

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero has long had many different variations and reinterpretations of its long standing characters since 1982. In 2007 Hasbro released a special 25th Anniversary line to celebrate those diverse and cool characters. Nothing can ever truly go on forever as the toy property has changed “looks” with every new release of a cartoon or movie. Lucky for most fans, Hasbro has found a way to continue the same detail of the 25th Anniversary line in a more exclusive format, as in limited and highly coveted San Diego Comic Con exclusives! So let’s check out the latest G.I. Joe SDCC exclusive: Kim “Jinx” Arashikage!


012 615x1024 Girls Who Rule! Kim Jinx Arashikage


The figure is on a “classic” looking card inside a nice plastic case with the silver SDCC exclusive sticker in the upper corner. At the top there are special plastic buttons with an image of a star for G.I. Joe and the other side has the Cobra emblem. It is a nice touch that makes the item all that more special to own. However, we need an even closer look at this figure!


010 690x1024 Girls Who Rule! Kim Jinx Arashikage


Free from the confines of a cool plastic case, this figure looks so nice. The artwork depicts the character really well. Jinx’s real name is used as the name on the card. Below that her title is Ninja/Intelligence. Female ninjas are always a good thing, right?

002 562x1024 Girls Who Rule! Kim Jinx Arashikage


Looking at Jinx closely, we can see that she comes with some weapons, like swords with holsters, and some double bladed weapon. I may be dorky, but I am not enlightened in the way of ninja weaponry, so I am not sure what the accurate names of these weapons are. Jinx also comes with a stand. There were two versions of this exclusive figure, this version of Jinx in red, and a version of her in white as well. The white version also features Jinx showing her face with a ponytail.


004 705x1024 Girls Who Rule! Kim Jinx Arashikage


Flipping the card over, Jinx also has a clip and save Commando File and above the card is a picture of her first appearance in a G.I. Joe comic. Below are some more photos of the comic picture as well as the Commando File.


007 1024x827 Girls Who Rule! Kim Jinx Arashikage


008 1024x614 Girls Who Rule! Kim Jinx Arashikage


Now I don’t try to pretend that I am some massive G.I. Joe fan, but I have tried to follow the property because one of the great things about this line are the decent amount of strong and cool female characters. Granted the number of male G.I. Joe characters far outweigh the female ones, but, for a line aimed at boys, I am happy that Hasbro has created some important females. I consider Jinx to be one of the best!

Price wise the Jinx exclusives are not as expensive like last year’s Zarana exclusive. (Wallets everywhere are still sobbing from prices that went over a hundred dollars.) The Red Jinx usually can be found much lower in price than the White Jinx, with some sellers pairing them both for a higher sale. If you are interested in purchasing this item on sites like eBay, I suggest taking your time and looking around. Don’t rush into an expensive purchase. No one should have to sell their kidney, especially after so many of us sold one for Zarana last year. (You think I’m joking.) Enjoy the pictures of Jinx and keep it here, there will be more Girls Who Rule! on NerdSociety! So now you know, and knowing is half the battle! (Or so they say…)

pixel Girls Who Rule! Kim Jinx Arashikage

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