Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

Are you ready for an all new and outrageous look at one of the new Jem and the Holograms dolls? Of course you are! Hasbro and Integrity Toys have pulled out all the stops with this highly detailed and collectible line of dolls. This is not your childhood Jem. These dolls are expensive and come loaded with fancy features. So let’s take a look at one of the recent releases: Kimber Benton!

Who didn’t love Kimber from the Jem cartoon? She was a hot mess in the best way possible. There were double booked dates, slight tantrums, and a couple of kidnappings with near death experiences attached. Kimber was Jerrica’s younger sister and penned most of the songs that the Holograms sang. Kimber was an important character to the show and for many fans, an important part of this re-launch of Jem dolls.

002 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

Kimber comes packed in the same styled box as the Classic Jem. There is a slip that slides off to remove the lid to the box.

005 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

The back of the slip and box has a brief bio. For more detailed information, head over to this Classic Jem article. The box and wording is the same.

007 520x1024 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

With the box open there is that familiar shock of pink like with Jem. The brightness is just wonderful. I love the color pink and this burst of color just puts a smile on my face. Kimber is fastened in the box with ribbon. It truly feels like a luxurious item. On the left of Kimber is a built in closet for her accessories.

009 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

The door opens up to reveal her items. Everything is packed in nicely and creates a nice display for those who do not plan on removing anything.

023 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

I am a glutton for fun though, and against my better judgment, I have removed everything for a closer look. Accessory-wise Kimber comes with her keytar, keytar strap, shoes, earrings, and some extra hands for different posing possibilities.

025 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

The detail for the keytar is phenomenal. I love what Integrity did with this item. The attention to color and detail is lovely. The hands snap on easily enough and stay in place. There is nothing loose about the hands at all. The shoes are also easy to slide on and are very detailed. They are made just like human shoes and are not molded in plastic.

026 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

The earrings are pretty and take some work to get into Kimber’s ears. A sewing needle can poke some holes into the ears to open them a little wider. Once done the earrings should slide in easily enough. The keytar strap is similar. It connects to the keytar and I needed to loosen the holes on the straps just slightly to wrap around the pegs on the instrument.

027 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

Other items also included are the requisite stand. It comes with two attachments for different standing positions. The doll can straddle the piece or have it under her arms. There is also an amp cord that can plug into the stand and the instrument for a cool look.

015 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

Here are the instructions that are included with the doll. There is a lot of great information on here for owners to look over.

First is the hair care of the doll. It is important to know that these dolls already come with styled hair that is a bit matted outside of the package, see below.

017 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton! 029 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton! 030 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

Two things can be done, the hair can be misted to loosen up the product, or it can be washed with mild dish hand soap. It is scary to have to wash a doll’s hair that costs over a hundred dollars, but once it is all done and the fear subsides, (feel free to chuckle) everything should look just fine. I was terrified once the hair was all wet. Since there is a high bang for Kimber, there is a lot of hair that is visible on the back of her head once wet. Seriously, after dealing with this hair-raising issue, I feel like I can now open my own beauty salon. However, after it has been dried and fluffed up, it looks a little something like this:

0051 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

0041 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton! 006 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

The hair looks much better. I’m still trying to get used to this process. I will say though, with my Classic Jem, I washed her hair with a drop of shampoo. With Kimber I used some clear dish hand soap, and the texture with Kimber’s hair feels different. So I suggest using mild and clear dish hand soap, like something from Palmolive. Her hair feels softer. And another thing, never submerge the doll in water and try not to get water on the face. The eye lashes could come undone.

019 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

Returning to the instruction list, the next bit shows off a diagram of removing the hands. Removing the hands also makes putting the clothes on much easier.

020 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

This piece of instruction is for the stand. The pieces are interchangeable and can be lowered.

021 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

A final part of the instruction shows the amp. I failed to mention this in my review of Jem I believe. It is a nice element to these dolls and really plays up that feeling of music and fun. There is a lot of energy with these dolls!

013 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

A Certificate of Authenticity was also placed with the instructions. It is just a simple certificate that explains the collectability of this item. It is a nice touch, and I am pretty sure I failed to mention this piece for the article on Jem. Enough of all the minor details, let’s really look at Kimber!

0071 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

Kimber is dressed in a picture perfect outfit just like from the cartoon. The jacket, blouse, pants, and socks are all removable. However due to the nature of the outfit (the blouse being tucked in and such) this outfit takes some work to get on and off.

001 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

Shedding the white jacket, Kimber is all set to rock. I love this pink blouse. It is so 80’s and when I think of Kimber from the cartoon, I always think of her blouse. The pants I am still on the fence about. I think the shape and cut is perfect, but I wish the material had some sparkle in it instead of the marble look. The rest of the Hologram dolls all have some shimmer and sparkle in their outfits, and I think Kimber’s pants would have been a nice place for some sparkle.

0021 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

Each doll from this line has been given a unique sculpt for the head. Kimber’s head and face sculpt is really stunning. They even gave her a slight chin dimple. The attention to detail is just amazing. Kimber has her outrageous makeup style. It is slightly toned down from the vintage cartoon, but that seems to be the trend with the new Hologram dolls. The makeup is not as loud, but still has flair to it.

010 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

Posing her with the keytar is very easy, and her hands can totally pose as if she is playing.

0091 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

One thing that I noticed with Jem, and am glad to report still works with Kimber, is that these dolls can stand on their own feet. The shoes are made in a way that allow for the dolls to balance on their own. I love this!

011 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

Kimber is ready for her adoring fans! While in the jacket there is some limitation to the movement of her arms, but it is not bad.

012 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

Strutting on the stage like she is the only star! Better watch out Holograms, could all this fame be getting to Kimber’s head? Nah, the other Holograms are just busy. (i.e. mama can’t afford the whole band.)

0131 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

There is always time for a visit from Jem though! It is so cool to see both dolls next to each other. I always passed up the chance to own any Jem dolls when they first came out, so it is nice to see these new dolls. Kimber is just a great doll and looks fantastic!

014 Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

Grade: A (Kimber is stunning and practically perfect. I’m not too crazy about her pants or the fearsome issue of washing expensive hair, but this is still a wonderful item to own!)

pixel Girls Who Rule! Kimber Benton!

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