Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

The Misfits are gonna get ya! Hasbro and Integrity Toys recently released the three original Misfits in updated doll form and right now we are going to look at the head Misfit: Pizzazz! Read on for all the details on the outrageously mean villainous from Jem and the Holograms.

002 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

The main box with sleeve is simply breathtaking. Much like the boxes for Jem and the Holograms, Integrity Toys found a way to make something truly unique for the characters. The Misfits packaging is full of sharp lettering and dark coloring complete with the outline of a guitar. It looks very “rock n roll” and is befitting of the Misfits. While Jem and the Holograms were more glamorous and fashionable with their music, the Misfits were more severe with a harder more rebellious sense of music expression. I also like that the front sleeve has the full name of Pizzazz: Phyllis “Pizzazz” Gabor. That is a very nice touch.

004 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

The back of the box features a similar theme while also featuring a little message on the sleeve. I really love the black box with purple music notes. The coloring is just stunning, which is saying something, because I love all the hot pinks on the Holograms packaging too.

006 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

Upon close inspection, the sleeve on the back of the box features the fabled lines sung by the Misfits in the opening credits while a nice brief introduction is made about just who the Misfits are and why they will always be the ultimate rival to Jem and the Holograms.

007 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

With the sleeve gone, the rest of the box is similar to the boxes for Jem and the Holograms. There is a nice record in bright purple. Unable to totally escape the markings of Jem, this box does remind the collector just what line this is all truly connected to.

008 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

All open and ready to rock, there is just so much going on with Pizzazz. From her wild outfit to the shocking pink zebra print accessory door, this whole piece is simply breathtaking. I love the use of the zebra print. Integrity Toys really found a way to personalize everything involving the Misfits and I can’t wait to see what they do with other characters, especially the Stingers.

009 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

Pizzazz comes packed like the other dolls in the line. She is tied with ribbon and easily comes out. She is also wearing her signature outfit. Accessories like earrings, shoes, and bracelets all need to be added. However the sock and tie on the thigh is already on her. I just love the whole look of Pizzazz.

010 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

Opening the closet is easy and it shows off the nice array of items that come with Pizzazz. So far Pizzazz wins the top spot for coolest accessories. Let’s look!

014 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

She comes with a microphone stand and mike as well as her black shoes, spiked bracelets and black rhinestone earrings. Also included is her super cool holographic guitar. It is a perfect resemblance to her vintage toy one.

015 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

Here is when the extra items get really interesting, and I am not referring to the extra hands. Integrity Toys included “copy” of Cool Trash magazine with Kimber on the cover! This was from an episode of Jem when the Misfits stole Kimber’s diary and sent all of Kimber’s secrets to the gossip rag Cool Trash. This is such a great item and is the best nod to the rich history of Jem and the Holograms.

016 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

On the opposite side of the Cool Trash magazine is a brief little ad for the Harriet Horn Show. Harriet Horn was a talk show host that characters from Jem and the Holograms would go and visit. The Harriet Horn show was also a part of the episode with the Cool Trash fiasco. Also in the picture is the amp plug for the stand and guitar.

017 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

Pizzazz also comes with the standard stand with the different pieces to pose the doll in different ways. I would have liked a Misfits decal on the stand, but it does make since that the stands all have Jem and the Holograms on it. I would have also included images of the certificate of authenticity as well as the instruction list, but those are the same items that can be viewed here.

024 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

Here is Pizzazz! The thing I like about these dolls is that they can actually stand on their own, so the use of a stand is not always required. Pizzazz stands at the same height as the other dolls. Her skin tone is a very pale ivory, and with the wild clothes and hair, she really looks like she is stepping off the screen.

023 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

The face paint is perfect. I was nervous about how Integrity Toys would work with the Misfits face makeup. The Holograms all had more of a subdued look, so I am happy that the outrageous and loud looks of the Misfits continued with the new line.

025 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

One of the issues always present with these dolls is the hair styling. Due to the product and placement in the box, the doll’s hair can sometimes be flat. Pizzazz was mostly fine with her hair, aside from a few issues. Her bangs were all over the place, but I was able to spritz some hairspray over the bangs while sliding a bobby pin over the pieces of hair. After a few days the spray set the bangs together and they were also placed more over her head.

034 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

The rest of the hair only needed a little mild soap and water to loosen up the product in the hair. With some fluffing and combing, the hair was able to really look nice. This was actually one of the easier hair styles to work with on the Jem dolls. It didn’t look bad out of the package and was able to look even better with some slight work. (Of course I feel like this is due to my getting used to styling the hair now on these dolls.)

0482 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

The back of the hair was flatter, but now it has some more movement. The coloring is also really nice. The green has some faint highlights in it so it makes the hair even brighter. Seriously, this hair looks like it could glow in the dark!

033 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

Outfit-wise Pizzazz has an interesting outfit. There are some layers to the outfit. Like the original toy, Pizzazz does come with some panties since her skirt is shorter. The blouse is tucked in which can make the hook closure a slight tight fit, but it all works and the materials feel sturdy. However I would still be gentle with the clothing.

027 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

Bracelets slide on with the removal of the hands and the earrings are the same as the other dolls in the series. A small needle is needed to poke a slight hole into the ears for the earrings to slide in place. The only problem for me is the knee tie and her belt/sash. When I was washing the hair, I removed the items and when I went to tie them back I know they were not exactly as they were before. That is also partially due to my not being the best at tying things.

0262 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

031 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

If there is one thing that is the perfect take away with Pizzazz it is the ease with in which she can pose. One of the things I noticed about Classic Jem, and more so with Kimber, was that there was a limitation with the posing due to the clothing. Pizzazz does not have hose or pants on so her legs can move easier and she has no sleeves, so her arms also feature more range in movement.

037 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

032 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

As much as I love all the characters from Jem and the Holograms, I do feel like Pizzazz is my favorite. She has some of the best lines from the cartoon and in the later episodes we really see what makes Pizzazz tick and understand just why she is such a piece of work.

029 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

040 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

I am also constantly impressed by the amount of detail and work that goes into this line. So far Integrity Toys has yet to disappoint with their releases in the line and I am really looking forward to what they come out with next. There are still the remaining members of the Holograms and the Misfits (Raya and Jetta.) Both bands also have some cool friends that will need to be made too (Video, Clash, and Danse.) Of course the dolls that everyone is hoping to see are the Stingers! Only revealed as prototypes from the original line, the Stingers have long been fan demanded and they might actually have their chance. Aside from some exclusives, no one knows what is coming up next!


Pizzazz is not only the leader of the Misfits; she is also one fantastic fashion doll. The Misfits got some royal treatment by Integrity Toys and nothing was spared to make Pizzazz one outrageous item.

036 Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

Grade: A+ (Pizzazz comes into my collection at the right time. I’ve finally gotten the hang of washing and styling expensive doll hair and I was able to pay her off through a layaway plan from a licensed Integrity Dealer, so this release was a very pleasant one!)

pixel Girls Who Rule! Pizzazz!

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