Godzilla Returns

GODZILLA VS SPACE GODZILLA Japanese Godzilla ReturnsI love me some GODZILLA.  When I was a kid if I wasn’t watching JAWS movies I was watching GODZILLA movies.  Which of course led to my very first script JAWS VS GODZILLA.  Although Steven Spielberg never got back to me the big radioactive lizard has always held a special place in my heart.    There is just something about a man in a giant rubber suit destroying model airplanes and tanks that pleases the child in me.

News has surfaced that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are planning to bring the big Kahuna back to the big screen in 2012.  Which would be awesome I love GODZILLA movies so much that I even enjoyed the Roland Emmerich & Mathew Broderick film because there’s really nothing to a GODZILLA movie other than GODZILLA shows, destroys shit, and then leaves.

Here’s to seeing GODZILLA in 2012….The GODZILLA Dance!

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