Green Hornet Director Retracts Anti-Nerd Rant

michel gondry green hornet madrid zWTsY8 Green Hornet Director Retracts Anti Nerd Rant

As previously reported on Nerdsociety, Green Hornet director Michel (pronounced like Michelle) Gondry expressed some negative feelings about nerds.  Go here to read Cricket’s article: Green Hornet Director “Nerds are Fascistic”

In an interview with Screen Rant from January 19, Gondry attempts to backtrack on those statements.  Well, more like denies saying it.  But his true feelings still come through anyway…

SR: In terms of the expectations on how this film should be done, you were quoted as calling the fan base “fascistic.” What has your experience with the fans been?

MG: I think that the imagery of the superhero could remind me of this area in politics. The problem is that bad journalism led to shortcuts, and some journalists were very happy to have these words come out of my mouth – but I was just commenting on the imagery. The imagery of the super strong hero with people looking up at him, like a statue, which is something that I don’t recommend that people do. I’m sorry if people felt that I was judging them.

Gondry goes on to say that fans of The Green Hornet were judging the film before there were any images available, or any way to accurately assess the work itself – and that if ‘they decide the film is going to suck before they even see it, well then that’s their problem.'”

Um, dude, that’s what trailers are for.  Helloooo.

pixel Green Hornet Director Retracts Anti Nerd Rant

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