GTA IV: Afterthought

3760 gta iv GTA IV: Afterthought 

Well, so I’ve finally finished GTA IV. What’s my opinion?  I agree with Cricket that it was overrated from all the gaming sites. It gets like 10s across the board. And even IGN said that it’s so great that it’s as good as the first Ocarina of Time. ::rolls eyes:: I would say that GTA 3 was as good as the first Ocarina.


Living breathing city – I didn’t feel it.  The people weren’t packed or crossing the streets in droves in the big city as much as I would like.  A good example of a living breathing city for me would be Assassin’s Creed (and that game took place during the Crusades).

Cell phone – It was more of an annoyance when your friends would want to hang out with you.  You can avoid their calls, but the gamer in me wanted to finish as much as possible. 

Aiming – Even to this day, a game like Scarface or Godfather had better aiming controls.  They tried to fix free aiming, but to make you hold the left trigger HALF-WAY is kinda dumb.  Sometimes I would want to aim at the guy crawling on the ground, but accidently held it all the way and started to auto-aim towards someone else.  LAME!

Strippers – My god they’re still ugly in this game.  Even the regular pedestrian chicks in Scarface for the first Xbox looked better than these pole humpers.


Story – First time in GTA history where I actually care for the main character and his story.

Cover system – it’s not perfect, but it’s addition to the GTA universe makes gun battles more fun.

Auto-Aim – Since Free-Aim is wonky, I mostly settle for the auto-aim.  This time, you can move within the locked targets to aim at their heads or legs, going for instant head-shot or being sadistic and cappin’ them in the knees while going up to them and letting them meet your bat to their face.

Physics – The Euphoria engine is a sight.  Running over people and seeing them fly over, blowing up cars to see peds on fire and being blown away, the guy that tries to jack your car but is hanging on dear life holding the car handle while you’re driving 60 trying to ram him against a wall, and just the little things like foot placement like on stairs or on top of dead bodies.

Content – This in no way enhances gameplay, but things like Comedy Clubs, watching TV shows, using the internet, and more radio stations are icing on the cake.

Overall, it was fun while it lasted and I’m still playing it now, but in no way is it the next messiah as critics been saying.

Grade: B+

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