Guillermo Del Toro Signing

del toro Guillermo Del Toro Signing

Guillermo Del Toro, the director of Blade 2 and the Hellboy sagas will be signing in Hollywood’s Amoeba Records, Dec. 7th 1010. He will appear to celebrate the release of his first feature film in DVD, Cronos (Criterion Edition).

(Via Slashfilm)
“in order to get a signature and a screening ticket, you’ll have to pre-order the disc on Wednesday December 1. The store opens at 10:30 a.m. so be sure to get there early. You’ll pre-order the Criterion DVD or Blu-ray at that time and get a ticket to come back on December 7, pick up your disc, and have del Toro sign it.”

This will be a good experience, I’ve met Del Toro before and had him sign my Blade 2 DVD. He’s a very cool guy, and easy to talk to. So, be there if you can.

pixel Guillermo Del Toro Signing

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