“The Gypsy’s Book” By: Clarissa Simmens-Review.

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I was recently given a self published novel to review. “The Gypsy’s Book,” written by, Clarissa Simmens is for the teen and teen girl genre, however so is “Twilight” and many males seem to love that. Now I’m not comparing this story to the sparkling vampires, but what I am saying is that “The Gypsy’s Book” is a very good read that keeps ones interest and is fun, enjoyable and really true to life.
At times an emotional read, “The Gypsy’s Book” is about four friends searching for lost members of their family, all the while experiencing the supernatural and learning about themselves.

Below is the synopsis from the back of the book.

How did an old-fashioned, self-published, cheap paperback, wrapped in a garish turquoise cover with an altered art card that read DRABARNI: ROMANI (GYPSY) HERBALIST, change the lives of a few family members? Ali, Serenity, Ann and Kali wonder if it’s glamour, as in the ability to razzle-dazzle by magical means. Could their ancestor manage that? And what about their own silly psychic gifts they discover? Like who needs to be able to levitate a garden hose or tell birds to watch their bathroom habits while flying over a crowd of celebrating Roma, also known as Gypsies? The four friends embark on the heroine’s journey, trekking from Philly to Vietnam to Moldova to France to the Arctic Inuit Territories and back to Philly clutching Joseph Campbell’s Elixir. Their experience doesn’t change the world, but definitely alters the path of these hard-working, um, nerds, in their search for identity. The book includes an appendix of the Drom Ek Romani (Way of One Gypsy) with illustrations and interpretations of one particular life path.

“The Gypsy’s Book” features a lot of hip current interests and also a look at the past. Physically, the book has a great cover for a self-published novel, this cover has a lot to do with the story so I find it to be an attraction.

The last pages of the novel has a listing of “chips” that have interpretations and meanings denoting something like Tarot cards, these chips are pieces of folk art, drawn by hand and they are really cool, oddly enough, they are the same chips that are on the cover.

“The Gypsy’s Book” is really a good read for all genres and ages, its a pretty quick read at only 226 pages and it only costs $7.00 which is nothing these days. I highly recommend this book for people who like the supernatural, fantasy, are a teen, a teen girl, young at heart or anyone who just likes a new story with issues that are true to life.

GRADE: A (For just being a good, new, read).

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