Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood 2012

universal studios1 Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood 2012

Hello Horror fans, this is the time of the year we’ve all been waiting for. This is a short review/guide of how to best utilize your time at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights, if you dare to go.

Universal Studios offers different options in pricing. There’s the General Admission tickets (prices also vary depending on what dates you choose). You also have the option to pay extra for “Front of Line Pass.” To me, the “Front of Line Pass” is a better value because you are able to experience most, if not all, of the mazes and some of the rides in one night. Without the Pass, some of the mazes could have you lining up for two hours, or more.

Please note that Transformers: The Ride wasn’t a part of the “Front of Line” pass, so the wait for the ride could be very long. I waited an hour which wasn’t too bad. More about this later.

A few tips to consider before planning your evening:

– Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. I highly recommend wearing Running or Walking shoes. Ladies, please don’t wear high heels, you are not going to a club. Wearing running shoes won’t be very fashionable, but you’ll get the last laugh.

– Bring bottled water. Refill it when necessary. Some of the mazes, like the Walking Dead Tram Ride, is pretty long, with a lot of walking through the dusty hills near the set of Psycho.

The Mazes

Now, let’s get to the fun part. I will list the Mazes I ranked from top to bottom. I will try my best not to spoil the best moments, so the reviews will be somewhat generalized, but you’ll get my point.

#1 – Walking Dead
The set design is amazing. The ambient lighting matches the TV show’s somber mood. The rooms are well designed, which means that there are lots of surprises around the corners. The story revolves around the beginning of the Zombie outbreak. The maze leads you to different scenes and locations based mostly on the comic book/TV show.

walking Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood 2012

#2 – Texas Chainsaw Massacre
This maze has an awesome set design, very realistic. The lighting is very contrasty. The house feels old and dark, which makes it very creepy. The story is similar to the films. The Dining Table scene was simply awesome. Leatherface will get you one way or another. The sound effects are great, and adds drama to the scenes. Also, the disgusting musky smell, which is part of the design, will make your experience even more memorable.

chainsaw Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood 2012

#3 – Silent Hill
Definitely creepy, the score from the video game outside was enough to set the mood. A lot of dark corners and hair raising sound effects. A lot of cool monsters based on the game and the movie. I enjoyed the originality of this maze.

silent hill Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood 2012

#4 – Walking Dead (Tram Ride)
This is entertaining mainly because the Maze is set outdoors. This was the reason I was glad I wore running shoes, the maze requires a lot of walking, which I enjoyed. The zombies are a little predictable, but you get to walk pass Norman Bates’ house, and the set of War of the Worlds, which was a lot of fun.

walking2 Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood 2012

#5 – La Llorona
This Maze is based on a folklore. It’s about an angry mom and the nightmares she gives to children. The setting is good, very creepy. It felt like old town Mexico. The monsters are fun, some are gigantic. The narrative story is told like a book, the divided sets represent the pages of the book. This was a lot of fun, but maybe a little short on the monsters.

La Llorona image Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood 2012

#6 – Universal Monsters Remix
DJs and dancers. This is what this maze is all about. It feels more like a parody, but it’s fun. Lights and music emulates a club, but with monsters, and you can groove if you wish.

monster Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood 2012

#7 – Alice Cooper
This is my last pick because this maze is very bland. There is no coherent story, as everything was just so random. The whole time, I was wondering what the story is about. I never got an answer. Maybe it’s based on his songs. The 3D effects were somewhat cool though.

Extra Stuff:

As I mentioned above, Transformers: The Ride didn’t allow “Front of Line Passes,” so I lined up towards the end of the night. It was around 12:30 am. The park closes at 2 am. The line was about an hour long, but it was three hours a little earlier. I highly recommend this ride, but my advice is to go near the end of the night, maybe after 12am. But, make sure to get down there before they close off the escalators.

Overall, I highly recommend this exciting event. I have to give kudos to Universal Studios for pushing their creativity, and improving every year. Sure, it’s pricier than some of the other theme parks, but the production value is just unparalleled. Don’t forget to look into the “Front of Line Pass.” It’s worth the extra cost.

Grade: A

pixel Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood 2012

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