Happy Birthday Mr. Al Bundy

nomaam2 Happy Birthday Mr. Al Bundy

Ed O’Neill, aka Al Bundy turns 65 today.  I didn’t know he was that old, damn I’m getting old.  My favorite tv show of all time, Married With Children, became a classic thanks to O’Neill’s charisma.  He hated his wife but if you watch enough shows, you can tell he really loves Peg.

Plus the brawls he and his family got into made for memorable tv.  I remember one epsiode where they fought in the freeway against another family.  I was laughing hard as the Bundy’s kicked ass.  Back in the days when there was no youtube and dvd’s, I’d try to record the funniest episodes.  Al Bundy was talked amongst friends like we personally knew him.  Here are some of  the unforegettable references:

– 4 touchdowns in one game
– Polk High
– Strrriiiiike
– Shoe store

Those were the good old days.  Currently, O’Neill is in another TV hit, Modern Family.  He’s also a badass in real life, he has a black belt in brazilian jiu jitsu.

So to Ed O’Neill, have a kickass 65th birthday.  Thanks for creating an iconic character.

Al Bundy speaks the truth:

0 Happy Birthday Mr. Al Bundy
pixel Happy Birthday Mr. Al Bundy

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