Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Order Phoenix Poster Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

So I lowered my expectations for the Harry Potter movie that pretty much ALL I was requiring of it was that it be a cogent film that a moderately intelligent person could follow without needing to fill in information themselves from the book.

The biggest problems I will mention right away:

1. flying through London in plain sight (right after Harry is zinged for doing magic in front of a muggle?)
2. Bellatrix actually uses the KILLING CURSE on Sirius
3. no Slytherin locket + why add Kreacher if you aren’t going to USE him?
4. that whole….Cho thing (non-romance + tattling?)

The best things I will mention right away:

1. Heyyyy Daniel Radcliffe is kind of a legitimate actor now! He was pretty damn good
2. I wanted to punch Umbridge in the face. She was PERFECT.
3. LUNA.
4. I approve of the condensed, haxx0red, completely rearranged Ministry fight. Mainly because the canon one is so stupid. Flying brains, wa-chaa.
5. The use of motion graphics for the Daily Prophet

So overall, it was enjoyable. I mean, they’re never going to be able to make the movies as well as the books, or include all the details, and I totally understand that. All I really ask for from these movies anymore is the FEEL of the book and a coherent adherence to plot, which the fourth movie FAILED AT. Basically, the fourth movie included all the completely unnecessary-to-main-plot little stories and never finished up on them either, while mostly completely ignoring the main plot until they would randomly THROW in a task and you were like OH YEAH THAT’S WHAT THIS MOVIE WAS ABOUT AGAIN. This movie erased all the little unnecessary-to-main-plot little stories or condensed them together, and actually FOCUSED on the goddamn storyline, which was really quite nice of it. Of course that did mean that it left out a whole lot of cool things that would have been nifty to see on screen, but in this case I would rather have “good movie, poor adaptation” than “poor movie, mediocre adaptation” (see fourth movie.. or don’t it’d be better in the long run).

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