We Heart Japan Fundraiser Tonight

anime la1 We Heart Japan Fundraiser Tonight

I just got from Ejen Chuang about a fundraising event happening tonight to help out the tragedy in Japan.  The event will be held at Meltdown Comics in LA and artists and anime voice actors will be on hand to support the cause.  The LA renowned food trucks will also be on hand including Papas Tapas and the Boba Truck.

Here are some of the celebs showing up and signing for the event:

DC Douglas
Crispin Freeman
Wendee Lee
Melanie MacQueen
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Daran Norris
Michelle Ruff
Barbara Goodson (just added)
Troy Baker
Laura Bailey
JB Blanc
Liam O’brien
Sam Riegel
Travis Willingham
Keith Silverstein (just added)
Richard Epcar
Tony Oliver
Stephanie Sheh
Ellyn Stern
Cristina Vee
Tommy Yune
Sandy Fox (just added)
Lex Lang (just added)

The event enourages people to dress up in their favorite costume. 

More info at We Heart Japan 

pixel We Heart Japan Fundraiser Tonight

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