Hello and Welcome!

Hi Im Samie! I am new to writing on this site. I was asked to join by Cricket, so thank you thank you! A tiny bit about myself would be- I AM A GIRL, I collect action figures, love photography, and I model (amateur not professionally- though i was accepted to be a Suicide Girl and a Music City Cutie but I have not accepted either of the offers). My action figure collection mainly consists of Mcfarlane Dragons, Tortured Souls, Monsters, Horror movie figures, and just about anything creepy or gory. I actually took quite few photos last night of my figures. Here’s a few of my favorite photos I took- IMG 7895 Hello and Welcome!

This would be Bethany Bled from Infernal Parade. I would say the sexiest female figure out of all that i have seen. IMG 8287 Hello and Welcome!

Scythe-Meister 12inch from Tortured Souls, I think all the Tortured Souls figures are crazy and love all of them! IMG 8228 Hello and Welcome!

The Sabbaticus from Infernal Parade, this one may be my favorite photo due the the shadows it gave. IMG 8198 Hello and Welcome!

Jack the Ripper from Six Faces of Madness- I absolutely love this series and their stories.

IMG 8200 Hello and Welcome!

and 12inch Evil Ash. Great photo i think.

I have about 100+ more but im sure no one wants to stare at my figures all day.

Now as for waiting for something new to come out- Im waiting for the Neca Beetlejuice. Im trying to decide whether or not i want the large or small version though- does anyone know if there is a detail difference in either?

Also i want to know what everyone one thinks is the most gory action figure out there?

Well so i dont bore everyone out of their minds, i think i will quit talking now and see what everyone thinks. I hope everyone enjoys my posts and thanks for inviting me here to write!!!

pixel Hello and Welcome!

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