Heroes Season 3 Episode 10: The Eclipse Part 1 Recap

 heroes s3 e10 01 Heroes Season 3 Episode 10: The Eclipse Part 1 Recap

Another Heroes episode has come and gone. I’ve pretty much given up on the show’s ability to match the scope of the first season. With that said, all the episodes that we’ve seen so far in season 3 are slowly progressing. It’s as if they ran out of ideas and is dragging an hour episode into a whole season.

Last week episode, Episode 9: It’s Coming, we saw Arthur taking and erasing most of Hiro’s memory. Hiro and Ando were able to escape just in time from Arthur. For a man that’s so powerful that he decapitated the African precog like nothing, Hiro and Ando escaped easily while Arthur walks SLOWLY trying to catch them. Elle and Sylar take out their anger on each other and come to realize that they have feelings for each other. Peter and Claire were being chased. Matt was able to go inside Angela’s mind and free her from Arthur’s mind control. And then Nathan finally meets up with his dad and he’s now determined to stop him.

This week’s episode shows you what happens when our heroes loses their powers. Thanks to the solar eclipse, all our heroes are now normal.

Sylar is sent on a mission to find Claire with the help of Elle. An unlikely partnership is formed based on their past, but they’ve now come to reconciliation. Meanwhile Claire is still determined to save the world by getting herself into situations she can’t handle, or at least that’s what her father thinks. She trains with HRG, her dad, by swinging a wooden board like a bat and breaking it against a wall.

Elle shows up surprising them both and tries to use her electrical powers to get them, but it doesn’t work because of the eclipse. Sylar shows up afterwards and tries to throw HRG into a wall with his telekinesis, but that also didn’t work. Since none of their powers work, Elle shoots Claire with a gun, and HRG gets pissed and breaks Sylar’s arm and hits Elle with a wooden board. He uses this moment to carry Claire out to safety.

With Nathan’s power of flight, Nathan and Peter travels around the world looking for the Haitian. Nathan loses his power once the eclipse starts and they fall in a nearby swamp. It’s there that the brothers argue about each other’s character. Nathan is accused of being a puppet, a person that will follow his dad’s vision. Peter is called out for being helpless and always being saved by Nathan. Later on, they encounter the Haitian, who is looking for his brother. The three meets the Haitian’s brother, and is surrounded and captured. We find out later that the brother is also special and is working for Arthur.

I really feel sorry for Mohinder in this season. He loses Maya (oh how I miss her already), and is now turning into a freak. His skin looks like burnt pepperoni pizza. Arthur gets mad at Mohinder for not finding a solution to the eclipse’s power over their abilities. Moments later, Mohinder is inside a cocoon-like substance that he created, and he pops out like a newborn naked baby, sans disgusting skin mutation. It’s sad when this is the highlight of the episode for me. We finally see Mohinder looking normal again. But will the cycle continue, and what’s the point of it all?

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Back in Matt’s apartment, Matt figures that he needs Hiro’s help while Daphne thinks otherwise. Hiro and Ando shows up in Matt’s front door with Hiro holding his bladder and shaking his legs like a little kid that has to go pee really bad. After seeing Hiro acting like a crazy little kid, Daphne now believes that there is no hope and Arthur will come for her, so she bones out and heads back to her home. Luckily Matt read her mind and knows where she’s headed.

Matt, Hiro and Ando travels to Daphne’s hometown. After some trial and error, Matt was able to enter Daphne’s home and see that she is a paraplegic with crutches and everything (whoa). I’m guessing that her speed was her cure. This explains why she’s afraid of her previous life and why she’s been helping out Arthur.

Hiro and Ando, without powers, decide that going to a comic book store will help them on their journey again. It’s in the store where we get a special guest appearance from Seth Green and another dude who I can’t recall at the moment. I guess it is destiny for them to meet.

The episode ends with HRG pissed off and ready to hunt down the people that put Claire’s life in danger. This is when we see Sylar making out with Elle, and HRG looking through his sniper rifle scope getting ready to take the shot. Will HRG finally be able to kill Sylar? Probably not, but we’ll find out next week.

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