Heroes Season 3 Episode 5: Angels and Monsters Recap

heroes s3 e5 014 Heroes Season 3 Episode 5: Angels and Monsters Recap 

Let’s cut to the chase.  This episode is entertaining, but not as good is the other episodes for season 3.  The story still feels like nothing has happened.  The twists, you can already predict from previous episodes, as if they’re slowly peeling away a banana peel, but you already know what’s inside the banana peel. And if you don’t know what’s inside, then I suggest you try it.  It’s filled with Potassium!

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Ok, Spoiler Alert! 


So far the most interesting revelation to me would be Daphne and Linderman.  It would seem that Linderman is using Daphne to retreive the formula.  From what we know so far, Linderman isn’t real, and only in Nathan’s mind.  Now it would seem that he’s in Daphne’s mind too.  Now Daphne’s job is to recruit Specials for Linderman’s plan. 

Daphne finds out later that Linderman isn’t really there by trying to whack him with her arms.  We soon find out that it was Matt Parkman’s dad that was manipulating her mind, and in turn, probably doing the same to Nathan.

Mohinder Suresh

I was really hoping Suresh wouldn’t turn evil, but he keeps on digging himself a grave.  It’s bad enough he killed his neighbor, now he has to kidnap and murder drug dealers too?  He’s gone too far.  He’s more like Jeff Goldblum from The Fly now, all crazy and creepy. 

heroes s3 e5 011 Heroes Season 3 Episode 5: Angels and Monsters Recap

And if that wasn’t bad, Maya, the hotness, finds out what Mohinder has been doing, and calls him a monster.  Mohinder responds with, “I wish you haven’t said that.”  So now she’s all wrapped up like a burrito.  Yummy!

Peter Petrelli

Peter’s screen time is really short.  He shows up in Sylar’s cell, tries to kill him, but Angela, their mother, shows up and he tries to kill her too.  Peter wanted to find out the truth if Sylar is related to him, and what is his mother’s true motives.  As he was about to kill her, Sylar stops Peter and knocks him out. 

Hiro and Ando

heroes s3 e5 015 Heroes Season 3 Episode 5: Angels and Monsters Recap

So Hiro and Ando is still looking for the formula.  Their only clue is Adam Monroe, an immortal that Hiro buried in the grave.  Hiro gets Adman out of the grave, and tries to convince Adam to help their cause.  These scene is pretty funny, because Adam says “What’s in it for me?”  Then Hiro locks him in the casket again.  This repeats like about one more time, hehe.

Adam tricked Hiro and Ando at a bar, having Hiro get knocked out by a bartender that was trying to hit Adam.  Adam escapes but is subdued by Benjamin “Knox” Washington, with his super strength.  Later on, Hiro decides to join Daphne’s group.  But first, he has to show her that he’s tough, by killing Ando.  He does so, with a sword, and Ando falls to the ground. (You know Hiro’s going to go back in time and save him.)

So now that Hiro and Benjamin is recruited, Daphne’s next recruit will be Parkman.  I think this sucks, because I really wanted to see Daphne and Hiro together, but judging from last week’s episode, she gets it on with Parkman. Booooo!!

Nathan Petrelli and Tracy Strauss

heroes s3 e5 009 Heroes Season 3 Episode 5: Angels and Monsters Recap

After Nathan saved Tracy and then sleeping with her, Nathan’s belief that his gift is from God collides with Tracy’s story that they were created by a doctor.  So Nathan visits his mother, and then gets mad at her for using him, his brother, and Claire as test subjects, and storms off with Tracy.  Through that encounter, we also find out that Tracy is Nikki’s sister.  Meh. 

heroes s3 e5 007 Heroes Season 3 Episode 5: Angels and Monsters Recap

Later on, Angela Petrelli has a vision that her husband, kills Tracy, Peter, and Nathan.  I think I’m starting to hate the whole family now.  You got an emo, a clueless politician, a crazy mother, and a half-dead dad.

Claire, HRG and Sylar

heroes s3 e5 012 Heroes Season 3 Episode 5: Angels and Monsters Recap

This one not that interesting.  Pretty much Claire wants to be a hero, so she goes after a guy that can create a vortex and suck things inside it.  She zaps him and later finds out that he’s not such a bad fella afterall.  He just wanted to see his family, but was captured by the organization and sent to Level 5 for killing a man, which we find out he did by accident through some neighborhood dispute.

Vortex dude later tries to meet up with his family, but they flaked on him, making him sad man.  HRG wanted to use him to kill Sylar, but Vortex man decides to off himself instead of becoming a murderer.  What a noble dude.

In the end
We find out that Parkman’s dad is working for Mr. Petrelli, who is still alive, but is in a hospital bed.  Oh and also Meredith Gordon, Claire’s real mom, is being manipulated by another villian, I’ll call him the Puppeteer.  He makes her kiss him, ooh la la!

Overall, it was decent.  This kept me thinking though, Peter and Sylar has done a role reversal.  Peter is becoming a murderer, while Sylar is trying to change his ways.  So we know who the monsters are, but then who are the angels? I’m going to have to say Maya and Daphne. 

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