Hot Toys Bane & Tumbler (Again) Coming Soon

banefigure 131981 Hot Toys Bane & Tumbler (Again) Coming Soon


Hot Toys has teased us again with more cool movie 1/6th memorabilias.  This time it’s for the Nolan Batman franchise.

The first figure they have revealed for the upcoming Dark Knight Rises will be Bane.  Since it’s a teaser pic, it doesn’t show the whole figure.  The figure’s costume looks exactly the same as Bane’s in the clips we’ve seen.

Hot Toys will also be re-releasing the Tumbler that officially came out with the “The Dark Knight” line several years ago.  The patterns for Hot Toys re-releases is obvious now:  If it’s going for an arm and a leg on eBay, it will be released soon.  They’re doing this with Iron Mark Mark I, the original movie Predator, Batman Begins Batman and now this.  Kudos to Hot Toys for listening to the fans!

Expect both figures to be released around July 20, 2012, when Dark Knight Rises comes out in theaters.

ht tumbler Hot Toys Bane & Tumbler (Again) Coming Soon

pixel Hot Toys Bane & Tumbler (Again) Coming Soon

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