Hulu Coming to the 360?

Dashboard Xbox copy Hulu Coming to the 360?For some time, Hulu has hinted at possible subscription plans, but have never followed through. At least until now. There is speculation that Microsoft plans to unveil Hulu support for Xbox LIVE. That means the Xbox 360, not the iPad, will be the first to utilize the subscription-based pay version of the streaming TV/movie service. There has not been an actual confirmation from Microsoft or Hulu as of yet, but “a reliable source” for Gear Live has made the claim.

Now if these rumors are true, it will bring up a few questions. What prices are they looking to charge for their service and will it be competitive pricing in regards to Netflix? Would the subscription fee be worth paying in terms of content as compared to Netflix? What about PS3 owners that pay $20 a year for the PlayOn service that already offers Hulu access? Looks like we’ll just have to wait until June 14 for the answers.

pixel Hulu Coming to the 360?

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