Interview with Cosplay Wrestler Mel Cervantes!

Here is Nerd Society’s  interview with one of the up and coming stars of the wrestling world, cosplayer and wrestler Mel Cervantes aka Thunder Rosa!
Hey Mel, thanks so much for speaking with us today!  So when did you first get into Cosplaying?
MEL – Around 2002 with friends in High School.
What are your favorite characters to dress as?
MEL –  I enjoy dressing up as anybody I love to be creative and just have fun with it!
Which Cons do you typically frequent?
MEL – Comic Con in San Diego and Wrestle Con wherever it’s located.
What was your most awesome Cosplay/ wrestling experience?
MEL –– Dressing up as Darth Maul and having a wrestling match pretty much tops it! I wrestled as Darth Maul fighting Leva Bates who was dressed as an Ewok!
That looked like a lot of fun! Do you have any funny Cosplay/wrestling stories?-
MEL – In 2016 Being at Comic Con being dressed up in my Wrestling Gear and people trying to figure out who I was supposed to be and when I told them I was a Wrestler they would just think I was dressing up as a wrestler and not actually a wrestler!
Thats so funny how peoples’ perceptions have changed toward cosplay. So who are your favorite comic book/anime/film characters?
MEL – I enjoy Star Wars a Ton and I am also a Huge Godzilla Fan . I love to watch and read all Star Wars stuff. I’m also a Big X-Men fan and Magneto is my favorite.
Do you have any tips for the prospective cosplayer?
MEL –  Have Fun and be creative!
Will you be at any cons in the near future and which ones?
MEL – With my schedule as a wrestler its hard to say!
Thats great youre so busy! So let’s talk about your character name and signature move…
MEL – Currently I wrestle as Thunder Rosa on the Independent circuit and I also play the Character of Kobra Moon for the Television series Lucha Underground. Leader of the Reptile Tribe!
WOW! How did you get started with Lucha Underground?
MEL – They came out to a Stardom USA show saw what they liked and asked me to come in and the rest is history!
How exciting is that being on the show for an up and coming pro wrestler like yourself?
MEL –  I’m honored and feel truly blessed to have been given a chance that early in my career.
So will we  see  you on tv?
MEL – The new Episodes for Lucha Underground Season 3 return May 31st on the El Rey Network!
And Yes i will be on the show!
Who are your favorite wrestlers?
MEL – Don’t really have a favorite! But have meet some that I admire a ton!
What connection do you make between wrestling and cosplaying, if any?
MEL – I would say the creative aspect of it! Being a wrestler you need to have a gimmick that people will want to follow and also changing the charcter to change with along with the fans to keep them interested.
Thats so interesting! Thank you for sharing your insight! Do you have any projects you’re currently working on?
MEL – Just staying busy training in the ring and in the ring every chance i get and trying to stay booked every weekend!
Well we definitely wish you lots of luck and success in your bright future as a pro-wrestler! Thanks again for taking the time to speak with us today!
pixel Interview with Cosplay Wrestler Mel Cervantes!

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