Interview with Cosplay Wrestler Sera Cimmino!

One of the best genre mashups ever is Cosplay + Wrestling. It’s also quite a logical convergence considering society’s obsession with the superhuman and how wrestlers are pretty much live-action versions of comic book characters. Just recently, WWE star Alexa Bliss appeared wearing a Harley Quinn-inspired outfit at her Backlash performance, which was nice. But there are wrestlers out there who take very seriously their wrestling – and their cosplaying.

One such wrestler/cosplayer is Sera Cimmino, and we’ve been lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with her!

NS – Hi Sera, thanks so much for speaking with NerdSociety today. So let’s start out with how did you decide to combine cosplaying and wrestling?

Sera – I was asked to play Black Canary for a cosplay wrestling show that used to run at Supercon every year. And once I started coming up with funny match ideas, I just stuck with it even after the company closed.

 Interview with Cosplay Wrestler Sera Cimmino!

NS – That’s awesome that there were amateur wrestling matches at comic book conventions.

Sera – I was first asked to perform at the raves and after parties for conventions and the wrestlers for FSCW saw me and wanted me to be a manager as Black Canary. When they saw I watched wrestling and was familiar with the rolls they sent me to the Main event training center in Lauderdale to learn how to wrestle.

NS – Who are your favorite characters to cosplay as?

Sera – So far has been when I was body painted as Vegeta.

NS – Do you prefer solo or group cosplaying?

Sera – I haven’t done a group yet, I would like to get the other guys I wrestle with to do a full DBZ group with me.

 Interview with Cosplay Wrestler Sera Cimmino!

NS – Which Cons do you typically frequent?

Sera – SuperCon, Animate, and BTL collectibles show. I’ll be at animate and Palm con this month.

NS – Can you tell us about a funny cosplaying experience?

Sera – Wasn’t funny but my best experience was getting to hug Mick Foley at this past Supercon.

NS – That’s so cool. I heard he’s a really nice guy. So who are your favorite wrestlers?

Sera – Chris Jericho, Lita, Kane.

NS – What is your signature move?

Sera – Nico tamer (walls of jericho), Sushi roll (rolling thunder with a frog splash).

 Interview with Cosplay Wrestler Sera Cimmino!

NS – Where can we see you perform?

Sera – All appearances are announced on my INstagram @TheAngelCrush and

NS – Have you experienced any negativity through cosplaying?

Sera – A lot of people think it’s ok to not support cosplayers by not paying for stuff we have for sale or they ask for free stuff. Also guys trying to sneak pix instead of just asking for it.

 Interview with Cosplay Wrestler Sera Cimmino!
NS – Definitely. I know comic book artists have that same issue at cons. People don’t realize it costs money to get all that stuff together. So what advice do you have for someone just starting out?

Sera – Have investors and a good team to back you and help with promotion. Also have self worth, not let anyone mistreat you because you think you have to be friendly all the time. Also, if you work for free once they’ll expect it from you long term.

 Interview with Cosplay Wrestler Sera Cimmino!

NS – Great advice! Whats next?

Sera – I’m hoping to get enough support to go to Orlando to work with the Dudleys and to try out for Impact Lucha underground.

NS – Well definitely the best of luck to you and thank you so much for taking the time to let us interview you today, Sera!

You can check out more of Sera Cimmino’s work or pick up one of her nerdy pillows by going to Sera’s Facebook page.



pixel Interview with Cosplay Wrestler Sera Cimmino!

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