Interview with Ginny McQueen: Cosplayer Hotness!

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Welcome to the world of American cosplay. For those of you that don’t know, the world of cosplay involves creating and dressing up like your favorite characters from nerdy mediums like anime, manga, video games, fantasy, or sci-fi movies. We had a chance to chat with Ginny McQueen, a popular cosplayer in the community. Ginny talks about life as a cosplayer, her favorite things about cosplaying, and her experience on MTV. She’s as hardcore as they come, and she’s sexy to boot!

NERDSociety: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Ginny McQueen: Hmm, where to begin? I’m a big nerd who’s been making costumes and going to conventions since 1998. I don’t have a count of all the costumes I’ve made, but I believe it to be some number over 60. I’m originally from a small town outside of Philadelphia, and have lived in the area my whole life up until two years ago when I moved to Las Vegas to work for and Cosworx. Right now I’m working full time and also doing some modeling when I can.

NS: What’s it like to work at and Cosworx?

GM: It’s the best job in the world. I get to travel all around the world and meet nerds from everywhere! I like working for a company that has the hobby’s best interest in mind. It doesn’t really feel like work because it’s work worth doing.

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NS: When did you realize you wanted to sew and cosplay?

GM: I went to my first convention when I was 16 years old. My friends told me people dressed up in costumes, so I dressed up as Minnie May from GunSmith Cats. Thank goodness there is no photographic evidence! But I had such a good time meeting people who were big geeks just like me. I was a tomboy as a kid, so I guess I was finally giving in to playing dress-up. I always liked being creative, and learning to construct outfits seemed like a great outlet.

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NS: Out of all the outfits that you have created, which one are you most proud of?

GM: A lot of my costumes have certain parts I’m proud of. I love the wig for my Cleopatra outfit because of how much work it took, my Mikura costume because bodysuits are such a pain to make, and my Rei costume because she’s my favorite character. I always end up learning something new when I make a costume, that’s what makes it fun!

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NS: Can you tell us your worst experience when cosplaying?

GM: I can’t think of any horrible things specifically.

NS: And your best?

GM: My favorite times are when I get to travel and meet cosplayers from other places in the world. I always have the best time just being a big nerd in costume.

NS: You were featured on MTV. How was the experience?

GM: I remember not sleeping the night before. And having to film all day and humor the host, who was intentionally being really kind of stupid. Luckily, I’m pretty patient. While the host was pretty annoying (but I’m sure he was told to be), the crew was really cool and genuinely interested in my costuming.

NS: Haha, that host was annoying. Please slap me if I have my own show and get that annoying. In any case, what nerdy things are you into?

GM: I’m into most nerdy things you can think of. I don’t know if I could even start listing everything! Anime, sci-fi, video games, you name it.

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NS: I think I’m in love, marry me?

GM: Sorry, taken!

NS: Do you have any future projects you’d like to share with us?

GM: My long-term costume project right now is to make a couple of costumes from the video game Vagrant Story. I’m guessing I’ll be done next year. I really want to get the armor right and it’s not something I have a lot of experience with.

NS: Lastly, do you have any tips for beginners out there?

GM: Don’t be afraid to try things or ask for help. And always have fun! If it gets stressful or anything, you should take a break. Your hobbies are supposed to be something you enjoy.

NS: Thanks for having us interview you.

GM: Thank you. 🙂

You can check out her site at and her MTV episode here. And remember, cosplay isn’t just for Halloween.

pixel Interview with Ginny McQueen: Cosplayer Hotness!

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