Invincible Dies in Invincible #100

 1344868250 Invincible Dies in Invincible #100

Yes, another landmark Image series (again by Robert Kirkman) is reaching the impressive 100th issue and it seems that the main character Invincible might bite the dust. Walking Dead #100 is one of the highest selling comics of all time and Kirkman is quickly making a name for himself as one of the best in the industry.

But this does lead to my fear of going the 90s route, while Walking Dead #100 did sell huge numbers, it was again due to having 13 variant covers.  This did lead to more sales, but it makes some readers like myself nervous.  The 90’s were notorious for this sort of thing and Marvel nearly went bankrupt because of  it, I’m all for promoting a great comic book, but I hope Image doesn’t go overboard and if they do, I pray Marvel and DC don’t start copying them.

pixel Invincible Dies in Invincible #100

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