iPhone Enigma: Jailbreak

The iPhone 3G and the new and improved baby brother, 3GS, are probably the most advanced smart phones on the market; increasing number of applications (apps for short), and accessibility to sync almost all your data. From a sexy sleek design, amazing touch screen sensibility, and extremely reputable manufacturer (Apple), no wonder so many people love it. But at the same time if it is such a great device, why do so many people not own one and hate it? Is it because of the price? The iPhone is substantially pricier, around $100-$150 more than most smart phones, which more than likely are what the average consumer is referencing when thinking about purchasing one. But for you and me, it goes much deeper… or is it actually much simpler and more than meets the eye?

Take the comparison of the 3G & 3GS.  First the whopping $199 price tag on a 16GB 3GS versus $99 8GB 3G. Apple doesn’t even offer an 8GB 3GS!! You are paying $100 more for video recording, a 1 mega pixel upgrade, and a slightly faster processor where you really don’t see a difference in speed or helps it in any way. But if it’s not the price tag for the technological savvy NS reader, and those upgrades weren’t cutting it, then I guess that’s all there is to it. Except…an enigma.

It is amazing how technology can do so much without the user’s awareness of it. The iPhone 3G & new baby brother, 3GS, are an example of such an enigma. It is so much of an enigma the use of the word “hacked” has been covered up by the word “Jail Broken,” a binary hack to override the iPhone O.E.M software platform and to introduce it, and the owner, to new heights! Again, for you my NS friend!

The possibilities are almost endless with a jail broken iPhone. For starters, custom background themes for locked screens, wallpapers, Safari, SMS, MMS (yes I wrote MMS), and apps. Also the ability to modify your mega pixel quality, enable video recording, and probably the coolest for NS readers, NES, SEGA, and PS1 emulators!!

I want to show you two of my own screen shots. In this first picture you can see a view of what my iPhone 8GB 3G lock

IMG 00021 iPhone Enigma: Jailbreak

Trippy Peace Sign

screen looks like. Far-out man! This is done by doing a step-by-step jail breaking process that only takes minutes. Following the new platform interface, a nifty app preinstalled known as Cydia. This is the equivalent to the Apple store app, where one can engage in new apps and processes.

In the picture to my right, again you can see the difference in the wallpaper theme.

IMG 0001 iPhone Enigma: Jailbreak

Telsa Coil Interactive Background

This time I decided to go with astunning Tesla coil image. Electrifying! A simple Cydia app with wallpaper and themed capabilities will help anyone along the way to creating a more personal touch to the “Oh-how lame” and corporate Apples iPhone’s really are.

And finally, probably the ultimate turning point of the iPhone enigma is the capability to run emulators through a jail broken, open SSH (source) software platform, from NES, SNES, SEGA, and PS1, all available and fully capable of running smoothly!  This function alone is the fire that started and pushing point for more jail broken activity. Games are the leading downloaded apps for Apple. Of course users, who realize that emulators are available, will get them! With a few simple steps the owner of a once restricted iPhone, and lame O.E.M interface, can for-once-and-for-all have a hold of the leading and cutting edge smart phone, without a doubt.

The possibilities are endless with a jail broken iPhone. If you just wanted the MMS functionality, or wanted to beautify your girlfriends phone by adding cool wallpapers and free ringtones, or just to play that favorite version of Mega Man or Mario, it can never end because of people like you and me. Now Apple does say that hacking your iPhone will end the user agreement and cease warranty, so do this at your own risk. But leave it to me to tell you that they had no idea when I went in to the Apple store for my fourth replacement. PWNGE!  And now I would like to leave you with this, an iPhone game pad that is in production to go along with those beautiful emulated platforms on an enigma based iPhone. NOW GO OUT AND BUY AN iPhone & GO TO JAIL WITH IT!

0 iPhone Enigma: Jailbreak
pixel iPhone Enigma: Jailbreak

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