iRobot Meets Bollywood

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Check out the trailer for the most expensive Bollywood movie ever, Endhiran (which means Robot).  It looks like RoboCop mixed with iRobot and of course, some singing.  The movie involved several big Hollywood names including fight choreographer, Yuen Woo Ping, special effects company ILM and Stan Winston Studio (Jurassic Park, Predator).

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Here are more facts for Endhiran:

• Costliest Indian film ever made, at Rs 150 crore = 32.88 Million

• 40 per cent of the budget said to be spent on special effects alone.

• First Indian film for Mary E. Vogt, the costume designer for the Men in Black series..

• Think Music had acquired the music rights of the Tamil version for a whopping Rs 7 crore (1.534 Million), the highest ever for a South Indian film.

• Rajnikanth’s make-up was worth the cost of a small film—Rs 3 crore (0.658 Million)

• Rajnikant has not taken even a single paisa from the producer for acting in Robot till date.

Here’s the best fact of the movie, this is Aishwarya Rai, the female lead of the movie!

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The movie comes out this Friday, October 1st, in the U.S.

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