Iron Man 3 Being Re-Writen Because of Aurora?

iron man 3 Iron Man 3 Being Re Writen Because of Aurora?

A recent scene description for Iron Man 3 surfaced online, the description states a theater being blown up inAfghanistan, Marvel confirmed that the scene was indeed shot inWashingtonand has been filmed, but will it make it into the final theatrical cut of the film?

This follows another rumor that started a week ago that the entire third act of the film was also completely re-written but that is for now just a rumor, the scene with the theater being blown up will likely be cut from the film due to the Aurora shooting that happened at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises back in late July.

This is not the only film that’s suffered re-writes and re-shoots, Gangster Squad which was set to come out by late September was pushed back to January because it had a scene of gangsters gunning down civilians in a theater, Iron Man 3 is unlikely to be delayed since the film is a long ways off and has just entered post production.


pixel Iron Man 3 Being Re Writen Because of Aurora?

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