Iron Man: Armored Adventures- DVD Review!

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Now on DVD is Iron Man: Armored Adventures, Season 2 Volume 2 brought to you by Gaiam vivendi entertainment. This 6 episode DVD continues the adventures of Young Tony Stark and his friends James Rhodes and Pepper Potts as they face the evils who stole Stark’s Iron Man technology. The series features familiar characters such as Doctor Doom, Hawkeye and Black Widow; along with Nick Fury, Mandarin and others—allowing Marvel fans to see their favorite heroes and villains.

Iron Man: Armored Adventures is shown on the Nick Toons channel and is animated in mostly flat CG with 3D in the backgrounds more than the characters. Although the art and animation is a bit stiff, the voice acting is excellent and makes up for the flaws in the picture. The stories thus far are surprisingly entertaining and the young versions of these well-known characters are interesting for those who grew up seeing them in a different light.

The usual personalities of the characters are there such as Tony Stark being a jerk, however there is a lot of teen and younger attitude from most of the other high school age characters such as how flighty Pepper is and the impatience of Rhodey which achieves the audience age range.

Iron Man: Armored Adventures is a pretty decent series, however more often than not Iron Man is easily defeated for being known as “The Invincible Iron Man.” I get that he is just starting out, but there has to be a limit on how many times an episode that he is getting dragged through the street.

The picture of the six episodes is DVD clear and the sound is Dolby Digital and sounds great. Special Features include a few short art gallery items of the characters Titanium Man and Doctor Doom.

All in all the show is a good watch, however I’m wondering if these DVD single volumes are going to become season sets down the line, although for fans of Iron Man and for those who watch the show on Nick Toons and want to see it at their leisure, I recommend a purchase—currently, Amazon has it for about 10 dollars.

If I was to recommend anything Iron Man, I’d say the Iron Man Anime is tops. See the link below :


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