Iron Man Blu-ray Defective?

ironman blu ray Iron Man Blu ray Defective? 

The movie just got released today on DVD and Blu-ray.  I purchased the Blu-ray format.  Popped this little baby in my PS3 when I arrived home.  Ok, I see an image of Tony Stark’s artificial heart loading on my TV.  Ok, it’s installing something, just like my Transformers Blu-ray.   Now I checked back to see it’s still loading.  I restarted it to see if would work, but no dice.  It was still loading/installing.  Why is it taking so long? Is my PS3 creating an Iron Man suit in there?

No, but I found out that the server was busy, with all the people downloading the update to their player.  So all I had to do was go to the BD/DVD settings and changed the connection to “allow” instead of automatic and presto, it worked!

Not sure if this is Paramount’s fault or Sony’s, but they need to warn us of installations.  Just any kind of indicator would help.  As a consumer, I shouldn’t have to wonder why my product is defective, when in fact, it’s fine.  I just hope that other buyers won’t think their player or disc is defective too.

Did you know? Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine was the first victim to be punished by Iron Man in the caves.

pixel Iron Man Blu ray Defective?

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