Jason Vorhees Cosplayer Interview

jason04 Jason Vorhees Cosplayer Interview

I was strolling around Anaheim Convention Center for Wondercon when I came across Jason Vorhees from afar. A very detailed and well-made Jason Vorhees costume. I’m sure that many of you that were at Wondercon will remember this costume. But, to the Nerds that weren’t there, enjoy the interview and the photos below!

NS: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Ruben: my name is Ruben Morales, im a 3D artist for Sony Santa Monica. I worked on the latest God of War Ascension video game. I’m also a part-time Art Institute instructor. On my free time, I cosplay as my favorite slasher Jason Voorhees. I have a few different versions of the costumes – Freddy vs Jason, remake Jason, and soon, I’ll have the part 7 version, which my favorite of all time. I’m also putting together an original Freddy costume for my collection.

NS: How did you came about doing a Jason costume?

Ruben: I first made a Jason costume in 2003, after Freddy vs Jason came out. I loved the movie, and how Jason looked in the film. My First costume was very inaccurate, but for a high schooler with little money, it worked. I also liked Freddy but I didnt have the right build for him, so Jason was perfect, since I’m a tall guy, but not as thin as Freddy so Jason worked best.

jason02 Jason Vorhees Cosplayer Interview

NS: What is your favorite Friday the 13th film?

Ruben: My favorite film is Freddy vs Jason because it had two of my favorite slashers. Jason had some good scenes, and we almost see him as the good guy, or lesser of two evils.  It was the 1st Jason movie that I saw in the theaters.

jason07 Jason Vorhees Cosplayer Interview

NS: Can you give us a brief overview on how you make your costumes, and how long it usually takes to make?

Ruben: I usually do alot of searching for the best pieces to get the costume the way i want it. I’ve  been changing out parts since 2003, but now I’m happy with my costumes. I also found some of the best guys that make replicas. It usually takes 2-4 weeks from ordering something from my guys, to getting it back.  The guys I used are Josh Ludemann aka crazydog500, Justin Williams aka auzorann, and Jason Baker aka MrJayson1464. If you’re looking for a mask or costume to be made, they are the guys I recommend!

jason05 Jason Vorhees Cosplayer Interview

NS: Is Jason a bad guy, or just misunderstood?

Ruben: in the beginning he was misunderstood. he was just a poor deformed kid from a broken home, who died in a way that could have been prevented. i think there is still goodness in him. Sometimes, he spares the lives of some. while always taking out the people who do wrong.

NS: Any plans for a different character as a future costume?

Ruben: I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a remake Leatherface and a remake Michael Myers. but for now jason is my main costume, especially once my new part 7 Jason costume is finished. josh ludemann is currently working on it and cant wait to see how it comes out!

jason01 Jason Vorhees Cosplayer Interview

NS: What got you into Friday the 13th series?

Ruben: I’ve never heard of Jason until in 2001, when i saw a poster for Jason x. It was a cool poster so i went home and looked it up, and found out that there were 9 movies beforehand. I decided to watch all the previous movies, but when Jason X came out in the theaters, I wasn’t old enough to see it. But when it came out on DVD, I bought it the first day. Then, I heard that Freddy vs Jason was being made and I knew that I HAD TO SEE IT IN THE THEATERS.. I ended up seeing it 4 times.

jason03 Jason Vorhees Cosplayer Interview

NERDSociety would like to thank Ruben for the interview. Ruben’s Jason costume was the best I’ve seen at the Conventions. If any of you have questions, contact Ruben through his email, rubenvoorhees1@yahoo.com. You can also see Ruben’s 3D work on his website, morales3d.com.




pixel Jason Vorhees Cosplayer Interview

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