Jessica Biel Cast as Viper in ‘The Wolverine’

jessica biel wolverine the viper Jessica Biel Cast as Viper in The Wolverine

20th century Fox has announced that actress Jessica Biel will be taking the role of Viper (aka Madame Hydra) in the upcoming Wolverine film, set for a 2013 release. Viper is an interesting character who has wavered between good and evil over the years allying herself at one point with the likes of Red Skull then eventually double-crossing him.

She was born in the 1920’s and entered into a pact with the elder god Chthon to slow her aging process. She would later go up against the ninja clan The Hand and help rescue Wolverine from Sabertooth. Viper eventually organizes a terrorist group and is opposed by none other than Black Widow, Captain America, S.H.I.E.L.D., Spider-Man and the X-Men among others.

This role will mean another comic-to-film appearance, as Biel has previously starred in the unfortunate Blade: Trinity as Whistler’s daughter.  So far there’s been a few actors playing multiple characters in comic films such as Chris Evans (Captain America, Johnny Storm), Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern, Hannibal from Blade and Deadpool) and Halle Berry (as Storm and Catwoman). I don’t get why the studios aren’t branching out a little in terms of casting decisions when it comes to comic book characters in films. Biel’s okay but I’m skeptical of some of her previous work; I guess the soon to be released Total Recall film will give fans a better idea of whether this was a good decision or not.

[Source: DeadlineMarvel]

pixel Jessica Biel Cast as Viper in The Wolverine

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