Jonah Hex Film Different From Comics?

jonah hex Jonah Hex Film Different From Comics?

Per an interview with the writers of the comics at; Jonah Hex the movie might not be a true adaptation of the comics.

Justin Gray: We view the film, at least I do, as a completely different animal from the comic. While there are similarities, the focus is different. For one thing, if you think it is hard to sell a Western comic, it is even more difficult to sell a Western film. It isn’t just that the genre is less popular than it was 30 to 50 years ago, but it is also very difficult to make one that has universal appeal. Then, add to that the need to break away from the slow paced and conventional panoramic style of some Westerns. By its very nature, a Jonah Hex film has to include elements that no one has seen before, and rightfully should be aimed at not only a broad audience but also one that is younger.

Jimmy Palmiotti: They have to sell the idea and character to a larger audience. It’s win-win for us.

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More of the interview here.

This is a disappointment, but it’s not a surprise based on the trailer. Also, Thomas Jane was supposed to play Hex but the studio decided on Josh Brolin. Brolin is a great actor, especially in No Country For Old Men, but I see Jane as a more suitable Hex based on his performance in Punisher.

thomas jane Jonah Hex Film Different From Comics?
Thomas Jane as The Punisher.

pixel Jonah Hex Film Different From Comics?

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