Jun Kazama: Playarts Toy Review!

From Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is an awesome action figure of Jun Kazama. Jun hasn’t been in a Tekken game since part 2—she now returns as a fully articulated and finely detailed figure that could double as a statue.

Jun K 1 Jun Kazama: Playarts Toy Review!

Packaged in an amazing window box with an opening flap and even foil text; don’t be fooled, the image of Jun is actually the figure.

Jun K 2 Jun Kazama: Playarts Toy Review!

The back of the box has another image of Jun and even shows Kazuya Mishima as being another of the figures available from the series. The writing is mostly in Japanese because that is where the figure comes from.

Jun K 3 Jun Kazama: Playarts Toy Review!

Opening the front, Velcro sealed flap reveals a bio on Jun and shows the figure through the window and what she comes with—a pair of alternate hands.

Jun K 4 Jun Kazama: Playarts Toy Review!

Removing the figure from the box reveals some strange translucent parts that are sealed to the carding…it happens to be the figure stand—but it has to be assembled like a model; no glue required! The instructions are printed on the side and are reasonable to follow.

Jun K 5 Jun Kazama: Playarts Toy Review!

The figure and hands are set into a black shell that keeps her from moving—getting her out isn’t too hard, I just worry that something may happen, but there were no issues.

Jun K 6 Jun Kazama: Playarts Toy Review!

After assembling the stand which can fully be customized for maximum display, this is a basic set-up of Jun. The detail is amazing; her outfit is printed with a silhouette of black crows. Most of her outfit is very flexible rubber which allows her to be posed with her physical detail staying in tact.

Jun K 7 Jun Kazama: Playarts Toy Review!

The back of Jun shows how the stand is set up and her tight ass—also the back of her shawl.

Jun K 8 Jun Kazama: Playarts Toy Review!

A basic pose for Jun is a standard fighting stance, her arm articulation is full of joints and so are her hands and wrists. Jun’s legs actually click when they are moved to keep them perfectly in position. With over 20 points of articulation, there is an endless amount of poses in which Jun can take; it’s just up to your imagination.

Jun K 9 Jun Kazama: Playarts Toy Review!

Changing her hands is very easy, you simply twist them carefully as you pull them out, then to put on the alternate hands you do the same in reverse. The open hands are more Jun’s style so I personally prefer them for display.

Jun K 10 Jun Kazama: Playarts Toy Review!

The detail on Jun’s pants leg is so amazing that it deserves a close-up, so check it out.

Jun K 11 Jun Kazama: Playarts Toy Review!

In this final photo, this is how I’ve chosen to display Jun—it may be kind of simple, but I like how it shows her in almost a finishing pose after she took out her opponent.

Jun isn’t as young as she used to be in Tekken 2 and the old Anime movie, so it is noticeable in the figure—she is still very pretty with her headband, shawl, and amazing outfit.

Once a very peaceful and kind woman who worked for an animal rights agency, she has returned from the “dead” and in round two of fighting her at the end of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, she becomes “Unknown” and brutal—controlled by an evil spirit of the forest that manifests itself as a wolf. Her ending has her returning to the peace and serenity of the forest and she is surrounded by good spirits.

At the end of Tekken 2, Kazuya Mishima and Jun do the nasty and have Jin Kazama–she ends up raising him alone to be good, but he is possessed by the Devil Gene that he pretty much inherited from Kazuya–he hunts for Ogre whom is responsible for Jun’s disappearance.

It’s amazing how a Playarts figure is so great and compares so closely to a Figma with sculpt, articulation and posing. The difference in size with Jun being over nine inches tall where a Figma is close to six inches—the detail is astounding and the figure itself is almost life-like…or you can say that she stepped out of the video game.

GRADE: A (Jun is just an amazing figure; she is my second Playarts where Ashe from Final Fantasy XII is my first. Jun was worth every penny and I have her displayed on the stand behind glass).

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