Justice League To Shoot Next Year, 2015 Release Date

Justice League 1 Geoff Johns Jim Lee Justice League To Shoot Next Year, 2015 Release Date

Yes my friends its happening! After WBs victory against the Shuster family in the battle for the Superman rights, Warner Bros are now preparing to release the big DC team movie in the same year as the Avengers 2!!!

Several inside sources stated that if Warner Bros lost the battle for the Superman rights, it would have put the JL movie in limbo once more, since that’s not the case, they have are planning to shoot the film as early as next year with the 2015 release date intact as stated previously.

We do know that a Justice League movie script is in the works and several high profile writers such as Mark Millar have seen it, Millar stated that the script is thus far very dark and mature with a very real world theme to it.

This definitely falls in line with what people think of DC movies and of what Snyder/Nolan have planned for Man of Steel, a movie that will also focus on the real world aspect of a man like Superman showing up in our world and how people react to that.

There still isn’t a director but several names like Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen and Man of Steel), Brett Ratner (X-3, so hell no), the Wachowskis (Matrix trilogy, V for Vendetta and Cloud Atlas) and finally Fleischer, the director behind Gangster Squad along with screenwriter Will Beall, who is penning the Justice League script.

The casting is also for the most part a complete mystery, we know Henry Cavill will return as Superman and there have been rumors flying around that Jake Gyllenhaal could be playing the new Batman in both Justice League and the 2016 Batman reboot.

As I have said the casting still falls on the director but the studio is keen on Gyllenhaal who was supposed to play Batman before Bale in Batman Begins which obviously didn’t happen, I would love (as every person on the planet) to see Michael Fassbinder take the mantle of the Dark Knight in the reboot.

But this sadly wont happen considering his schedule that includes: Prometheus 2, Assassins Creed and X-Men: Days of Future Past, all films set to come out in the next 2 to 3 years, leaving the actor pretty much booked until 2015.

My biggest concern is can this Justice League movie compete with Avengers 2. Avenger is an already proven property along with all of its separate heroes and actors, if Man of Steel turns out to be great and restores faith in DCs non Batman movies, it could have some good word of mouth on its own.

Plus the prospect of seeing Superman AND Batman in one movie interacting with each other is sure to interest a good number of people, Batman s DC/WBs Iron Man and they should use him as much as possible to promote the film like what Marvel did with Iron Man for Avengers.

So who would you guys like to see the direct and star in the Justice League movie? Do you think it even stands a chance and do you think its right for them to go the New 52 route with starting the whole universe with the Justice League then spinning everything else out of it? Let me know in the comments below.


pixel Justice League To Shoot Next Year, 2015 Release Date

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