K-1 Dynamite in L.A.

So we went to the first ever K-1 Dynamite held in the U.S last Saturday! Bought the tickets for $15 and a pretty good deal for a 5 hour event. Most fights were lop-sided but there were 2 good fights: Dong Sik Yoon/Manhoef and Tokoro/Fickett.

Sakuraba vs. Gracie 2 was a big letdown. Sakuraba was too passive and if you’re into MMA, you know that Royce is very cautious and can be very vong. This combination made the fight dull. It pissed me off Sakuraba didn’t try to finish the fight.

There was a DJ at the event and he was annoying. He couldn’t even pronounce “Royce’s” name right. Plus he asked if there were any warcraft fans in the coloseum: Yes there was, one of the writers for this site: Outkast Gibbon.

Below are some pics from the event.

We were sitting about 10 rows up from the field. Too far to see the action in the ring, had to watch it from the not so big, giant screens.

img 0394 K 1 Dynamite in L.A.

Some weird fan posing for some camera for about 10 minutes

img 0393 K 1 Dynamite in L.A.

View of the ring, check out the empty seats…

img 0406 K 1 Dynamite in L.A.

Night shot of the event

img 0412 K 1 Dynamite in L.A.

Night shot of the ring, it did look epic

img 0413 K 1 Dynamite in L.A.

Royce’s entrance

img 0416 K 1 Dynamite in L.A.

The Coliseum!

img 0428 K 1 Dynamite in L.A.

pixel K 1 Dynamite in L.A.

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