K-ON!!!!! “Beautiful World” Part 5.

Yui and Ui—High School and Junior High—Why is the junior high student taking care of the high school student? Ui’s sister complex was pretty bad back then…Maybe it was caused by something more than just a story arc set to comedy…

Last time on K-ON!!!!! “Beautiful World” The NEW ‘Hokago Tea Time’ was formed with Nao as their lead guitar and singer. Azusa gave her Fender Mustang to Yui who became her bands Rhythm Guitarist in tribute to her Azu-Nyan.  Now, Nao and Ui meet to repair the relationship between Yui and Ui; in:

K-ON!!!!! “Beautiful World” Part 5.

She had just finished her bath and stood in a plain white, cotton bra and panties looking into the large closet in the room she shared with Maki. Nao had used the 2 gold clips that Sumire gave her to hold back the left side of her short, straight, black hair. As she leafed through the closet, Nao could hear the onslaught of rain against the window of the bedroom—the rainy season was horrible, but she was going to see Ui—nine months pregnant—everyone was avoiding her, the wedding was Japanese traditional and Yui was almost lucky to be invited…How horrible; even with all of her problems, Nao would never be at odds with her brothers, there was never a good reason to be at odds with family, no matter what they did.

Nao pulled a reversible green and blue heavy plastic raincoat from a hanger in the closet and tossed it on the large bed, she then knelt down and took a pair of knee high green rubber boots from the floor of the closet and put them near the bed, she didn’t want to throw them. Nao then returned to leafing through the closet until she reached the end where a black suit bag was hanging. She took the bag out and lay it on the bed next to her raincoat and unzipped the front revealing a layer of four sailor fuku—her junior high uniforms; there were 2 with long sleeves for the colder months and two with short sleeves for the warmer months. Nao chose one for summer and removed it from the bag then zipped it back up and hung it in the middle of the closet to get to easily.

Nao removed all the pieces from the hangers and pulled on the above the knee gold pleated skirt with white panels between each of the gold; it fit perfectly, she had not grown or gained any weight since junior high, so it was to be expected. Nao then pulled on the top that had a sailor style collar that was gold with twin white stripes edging the gold. The top itself was white and the short sleeves were hemmed in gold with the same twin white stripes. Nao secured the gold scarf and locked it at her chest with a golden brooch. She looked in the mirror at herself and looked at the large patch on the left breast side that denoted that she was a student of the Jogakuin Girls Academy. The crest was prominent because the school was prestigious and only the wealthiest girls were able to attend. Nao however had gone on a scholarship based on her grades in elementary school, it was a privilege that she had earned and because of that, Nao thought she would have met friends for life who would go on to the same high school as she and they would be together forever—but, that wasn’t the case; the poor girl who had her time in the junior high paid for by the prefecture was the only real target for constant bullying, even in the literature club which she was required to sign up for…they were supposed to read and talk about the books, but this was where her hair was being cut off, her stomach punched, soap shoved in her mouth; it wasn’t hazing, it was abuse—same thing.

Ui was going to laugh at her and make fun of her…no she wasn’t…? It would be all right…Ui wasn’t like that, she was kind, she would comment though. It didn’t matter, Nao was required to wear her uniform, she told herself last night after the ‘Hokago Tea Time’ girls left—it was best that Maki was on the road, she knew that her girls were telling her to get a divorce because Nao was too much to put up with—what the hell did Shiho know, she had never been on a date!

Nao checked herself in the mirror one last time and pulled on white thigh-high socks and then picked up her raincoat and boots and went to the entrance where her small pink translucent back pack style purse was sitting on the low shelf with the guest slippers. She sat on the edge of the raised floor next to the entrance tile and pulled on the tall rubber boots and secured them with the buckling rubber straps, she then stood up and put on the plastic raincoat; she then closed the snaps and flung her purse over her shoulders where it sat towards her lower back.

Nao opened the left door and stepped outside where she could see how the downpour looked almost nightmarish, so she put her hood up and tied it tightly to keep the wind from pushing it off—her black locks peeked out from underneath but that didn’t matter. Nao locked the door and dropped her keys into the pocket of her coat and went for her car getting soaked quickly on the short walk into the curved driveway where her Lancer Ralliart was parked. She got in and closed the door quickly and then shrugged off her purse which was wet and put it on the left passenger seat. Nao took a relieved breath and untied her hood and took it off after opening the top snap of her coat. She got comfortable in the leather seat with a squeaking sound as she moved. Finally, Nao started her car and sat as the wipers cleared the window—visibility wasn’t going to be great, but it would be ok, she was used to driving in the rain. Nao pressed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and took off towards Ui’s.


Ritsu walked around the quiet 10-Gia, it was probably empty because of the weather, she was glad that she remembered her umbrella, it would just be too much to walk home in the rain without it—she could thank Mio for making sure she had it.

Ritsu looked at the platform where her old Yamaha Hip Gig was on display and sighed, she hated having to see it every day, even with Mugi forgiving her, it was hard on her; the drum kit had once meant the world to her.

A man whom she worked with came up behind her and Ritsu turned around and said, “I’m sorry, I’m not slacking, I’ll clean while we are waiting for customers.”

“No Tainaka-San, it’s not that. Ojousama is coming shortly—look, I know you’re the boss’s friend and all, but I don’t give you special treatment because of that, I really think you work hard and let’s be honest; I remember when you and your friends came in here for years—then the day you brought your kit in to sell. I see you looking at it every day, but you go on with your work and give great service to the customers; there has never been a complaint, they actually love when you help them, I get feedback from them all the time. I’m very proud of you…I’m getting older and I’ve been here since the store opened and of all the people I remember, it’s the all-girl band from Sakura high—I even remember when you were in junior high and the day you bought the Hip Gig—you were quite forceful in bargaining for it and your black haired friend was kind of embarrassed by it, hiding in a corner by the electric basses—but…I remember the huge smile you had on your face as you left with your friend with the 2 big boxes—oh, Ojousama! Welcome!”

Tsumugi smiled at the two and said, “I need to talk to Ritchan alone for a bit—it’s so nasty out today, take a break Manager-San, you should go sit for a bit, if anyone comes in, we’ll take care of them ok?”

“As you wish Ojousama, thank you very much,” The Manager said and left towards the rest area.

“Nao-Chan wanted to rent a studio to record, do you think we are ready for that Mugi? Mio and I are really slowing the band down and Nao is just ‘killing’ herself to help us, yet we are the rhythm section and she isn’t really experienced in that, so she read a million books and got an understanding of it all…We picked a great leader, but I feel like she is pushing herself too hard,” Ritsu said.

“We are ready Ritchan, you have to admit that both you and Mio sound so much better than when we first started back up, so don’t worry about it. I remember that you were worried about your ability back in college, everything is fine, we are as we were before—like getting on a bicycle…Nao-Chan just makes us look like amateurs—well, not me, but you know…she helped me get my confidence back after being booed off the stage in Tokyo; how can we not love her,” Tsumugi said.

“Yui has really worked hard on learning to play the Mustang, so I guess we really are how we used to be,” Ritsu replied.

“Absolutely, however Ritchan, I’m not here about the recording rental, I want you to take the ‘Not For Sale’ sign off the Yamaha Hip Gig, I want to put it up for sale now…can you afford 100 Yen?” Tsumugi said.

“I don’t understand? You are going to let me have my drum kit?” Ritsu asked.

“No, you have to pay for it, 100 Yen,” Tsumugi replied.

“Why, you want a can of coffee?” Ritsu said.

Tsumugi laughed and said, “I just have to have something in the record books of the sale. I’m sorry for everything Ritchan, I’m very proud of how you tried to repair the damage you did, and I’m very sorry for the way I treated you, we are friends and I guess that I was so hurt by your actions that I forgot about that, so if you forgive me, that’ll be 100 Yen for the yellow, Yamaha Hip Gig drum kit.”

Ritsu smiled and dug in her pocket for a buck…


Her navigation had directed her to the address where a large family sized home had an open driveway and a pretty porch in which the harsh rain was just spilling out of onto the concrete below.

Ui had left Sakura High just about a week ago for her maternity leave, she was not sure if she would return or not, it was obvious that her husband took in plenty of Yen and Ui was certainly one to keep house…was she going to waste her degree as Nao had decided to?

Nao pulled into the driveway and parked, she looked at the doorway to judge the distance in which she would have to slosh through the puddles in hopes that her thigh-highs and skirt wouldn’t get too damp. Nao put the hood of her raincoat on her head and tied the drawstrings tighter than when she left her home, she even tucked in her hair and removed her glasses. Nao shrugged on her purse over her shoulders and opened the door to her Ralliart and made a quick run for the porch after flinging the door closed, she would set the alarm from the keychain when she got out of the rain.

Little Nao was pretty quick, probably from years of running home from school to get away from the bullies, however, she couldn’t handle any real physical activity—realistically, her rubber boots probably kept her from slipping.

Nao looked to her car and dug the ‘Fast Key’ from the pocket of her raincoat and pressed the locking button on the remote and the car chirped and the lights flashed signaling that her beloved auto was secure.

“Nasty out huh?” A voice said from behind Nao, causing her to jump and turn around quickly to see Ui at the door wearing a short sleeve top that was loose enough to allow her baby-filled stomach room without discomfort. Ui also wore loose-fitting shorts that were below her waistline. Her feet were bare and her brown hair was down over her shoulders.

“Hirasawa-Senpai, I didn’t hear you come out,” Nao said startled.

Ui smiled and said, “You look so kawaii in your slicker, almost like a little girl—what do they call it? Moe?”

“If we both had raincoats that time we were stuck at school in that downpour, we would have gotten home at a reasonable hour. I learned it was ridiculous to try using an umbrella when its like this, but the school was so strict with even our outerwear that we had to use umbrellas—you actually put on the Koala costume—and scared Miss Yamanaka; she thought you were a ghost! May I come in Hirasawa-Senpai?” Nao said.

“Yes, of course, where are my manners—that’s a pretty skirt you’re wearing,” Ui said leading Nao into her home. “Let’s get you out of that wet coat and boots, and warm you up with some tea.”

Nao untied her hood and took it off her head and then opened the snaps of the plastic jacket and took it off. Ui took it from her and hung it up by the hood on a hook by the door where it could drip into a pan on the floor. Ui stared at Nao’s outfit now that it was all revealed as she put her glasses on and began taking off her rubber boots. Ui took Nao’s boots and put them in the pan so Nao’s raincoat wouldn’t drip on them–just next to them. Ui took another look at Nao and then grabbed a pair of slippers and laid them on the carpeted step up from the entrance tile for Nao to step into.

Ui was a few inches taller than Nao and she easily led her friend on, into the kitchen after taking hold of Nao’s purse which she had put on the entrance tile before taking off her coat, she then used a towel that hung in the kitchen to dry it and then handed it to Nao who thanked her and put it over her shoulders.

“Is it Cosplay? The uniform—a novelty crest?” Ui suddenly asked.

“No Hirasawa-Senpai, it’s my junior high uniform,” Nao replied.

Ui leaned close to Nao and looked at the large patch on the sailor fuku and read, “Jogakuin Girls Academy…that’s a school where very rich girls go, you went there?”

“I had a scholarship, so I was able to go there because of my grades; my teachers in elementary school were afraid that I would waste my intelligence in a public school, so they all pressed for me to go there and helped my mother with getting the scholarship paperwork and then I got to spend three years with the best educational tools and nasty, evil, bullies who made every single day a living hell—then I had to go home and take care of my brothers and do loads of homework. When I think back, I wish I just went to a public school,” Nao said.

“I see…but why are you wearing the uniform? You have some really adorable clothes…Sawa-Chan made you all of those corsets and skirts and other outfits…I don’t understand Naoko-Chan?” Ui said placing a tea cup at Nao’s spot at the table.

“I’m supposed to be properly dressed in my uniform when I address you Hirasawa-Senpai, I’m sorry if I didn’t do as you expected,” Nao replied.

Ui had really become concerned now, this is what Sumire had told her, Nao was starting to live in a horrible fantasy world …she would have to try…

“Naoko, take your purse off and put it on the table and sit properly, you have to sit up straight; at least your legs are together. Let’s go Kouhai, weren’t you taught to obey your Senpais?” Ui said firmly, a ripple of fear went through her body as she said this, she was worried and never had spoken in this way…wait…she did, to Yui…

Nao quickly took off her purse and set it on the table away from them and then sat up straight in her chair and folded her hands into her lap.

“I’m sorry Hirasawa-Senpai, does this please you?” Nao asked quietly.

“No, none of this pleases me Nao-Chan; I did something horrible didn’t I? Ui said with deep emotion.

“No Hirasawa-Senpai; I am your Kouhai, I have to obey you, please do as you wish,” Nao replied.

Ui stood up from her chair and embraced Nao tightly and said, “It’s not supposed to be like this, not with you and not with Yui…Onee-Chan, what have I done!”

“Why did you hurt Miss Yui, Hirasawa-Senpai?” Nao asked.

“It wasn’t her fault was it? It was our parents…always going off on trips, business or otherwise. As soon as I was old enough and found dependable they left my elder sister in my care and went off to have fun while I was left cooking and cleaning and raising my Onee-Chan; how could they do this to me? They were never home and it caused me to worry about Onee-Chan and made me a sis-con…I babied my elder sister and didn’t give her the chance to do things for herself, it was all because of them, THEY made me do it and I took it out on Onee-Chan! What did I do!” Ui said in a tone where Nao could tell she was very upset.

Nao looked up at Ui and said, “You are a good sister Hirasawa-Senpai, you did what you felt you had to, but as you grew older and started to spend less time with Miss Yui, you became aware of what was happening and what had happened for all of those years—however, instead of taking it out on the ones who caused it, you took it out on Miss Yui. Now you both have to heal…and you have to confront your parents, then it will be over. However, all you are looking for is a heart felt apology from them, they have a grand child on the way, which you cannot alienate them from. That’s it, you are my last; I will never do anything that involves my doctorate again…I love you Hirasawa-Senpai, I only want you to be happy.”

“Then why are you hurting yourself? Stop hurting yourself, if you really love me then you’ll be happy…” Ui cried, she finally broke down into tears and Nao held her tightly and whispered, “I don’t deserve to be happy, I’m a horrible, naughty, disobedient little girl…” “Don’t say that, it’s not true! You are wonderful and only care about others, everything you do for others are selfless acts, please stop hurting yourself Nao, please, I beg you, stop!” Ui cried.

“Wipe your tears Hirasawa-Senpai, all that matters is that you and Miss Yui forgive each other, I would never forsake my brothers—I love when they all greet me at the same time, it sounds like a perfectly balanced chorus of ‘Nee-Chan.’ You have to understand Hirasawa-Senpai, I have no one to hurt me, so if I don’t do it to myself, how will I ever learn?” Nao said.

“What is it that you have to learn? I don’t understand!?” Ui cried.

“Many things…I failed in giving my wife children, I am having trouble obeying my Senpais…” Nao began.

“Are you regressing to cope with the loss of your children…?” Ui started.

“Don’t psycho-analyze me Hirasawa-Senpai.” Nao said with a tone of anger.

“What can I do to help you Nao-Chan? What is it that you need?” Ui said.

“I need to be punished Hirasawa-Senpai…The tea was great, thank you for having me, I hope you’ll invite me when the baby comes, I’m so happy for you…” Nao said standing from the table and taking hold of her purse, she headed towards the door and Ui stood frozen not knowing what to do.

Nao took off her slippers and returned them to the shelf by the doorway and took hold of her rubber rain boots and pulled them on and secured them, she then put on her dripping wet raincoat and snapped it up then slung her purse over her shoulders and turned towards Ui who had come into the entrance way.

“Call Miss Yui and tell her you love her, get together and apologize, then confront your parents; after that, everything will be ok, I promise,” Nao said.

Ui stood in front of Nao and tried to smile as she put up Nao’s hood and tied the drawstrings leaving a bow under her chin, she said, “Be careful out there Nao-Chan, its pouring, its not very safe…and I don’t want you to get hurt…OK…”

“Yes Hirasawa-Senpai, thank you…I have very good tires on my car that are made for the rain and all wheel drive with traction control, I’ll be fine. Good-bye Hirasawa-Senpai,” Nao said and left out into the downpour taking her time to get to her car. Ui watched as Nao got in and after a few moments she pulled away. Ui began to cry for her friend, there was really nothing she could do for her, was there?


A few strands of Nao’s black hair were over her glasses on the right side, she thought that maybe she should put one of the gold clips on the right to hold it back. Her soaking wet raincoat was uncomfortable and she turned the air conditioner on low just to get the environment in the car to a comfortable level—the humidity was horrible and she was wearing wet plastic.

Nao thought about what she was going to do when she got home, she would probably take the hand weight to her stomach, soap for her mouth, and there had to be something else, maybe standing herself in the corner for awhile…there had to be more she could do and Nao racked her brain trying to figure out what that was…she started thinking out loud and knew that she showed disrespect towards Ui; what right did she have to tell Ui what to do?

Suddenly a minivan slammed into the right door of Nao’s Ralliart pushing it in a skid…the airbags inflated, but it didn’t matter because of the direction of the impact, Nao’s face made contact with the plastic inner door, she could feel—just for a quick moment her teeth compress against her lips as the side curtain airbag opened too late. The car stalled and the crushed door panel and broken glass were on Nao’s body. Her mouth bled and she looked out to the van that was pretty much a part of her beloved car now as her eyes began to grow blurry—her glasses had survived, so it wasn’t caused by that…Nao fell unconscious, her last words before she went out were, “I hope I die…”

Next time on K-ON!!!!! “Beautiful World” Part 6. The girls come together for Nao as her life changes drastically—and the NEW ‘Hokago Tea Time’ has their first performance. Be here next Thursday!

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