K-ON!!!!! “Beautiful World” Part 6.

From left to right: Jun, Azusa, Ui, Nao, Sawako and Sumire.

Here it is, the last Manga of K-ON! Although I’ve read the fan translation online a ton of times, it’s nice to actually own the book. However, there are some serious translation problems—most notably is that the translator has changed the fact that Sumire’s family comes from Austria to Australia? What the hell? I triple checked the information and came to the conclusion that they want to hide that Sumire’s family was probably against the Nazi’s and were taken to Japan by the Kotobuki family who were also probably against the Nazi’s and had their family name changed from some unknown German style to ‘Saitou’ to hide them—either that, or they were Nazi supporters in World War II and before the allied forces got them they were taken to Japan to hide out??? I highly doubt that though. This is once again an example of dumbing it down for those living in the U.S.—Gee, thanks…
On the plus side, I now have names for Nao’s 4 brothers even though it is meant to be a joke on a side page, its good enough.
I guess this is the end of K-ON! But, that is why I’m writing this Fan Fiction, so the story never dies!

Last time on K-ON!!!!! “Beautiful World” Tsumugi allowed Ritsu to have her Yamaha Hip Gig drum kit back and Nao met with Ui to convince her to repair the damage between sisters. The horrible rainy season however has caused Nao’s beloved car to become destroyed and for her to get injured.
Now, Nao wakes up to another down side of her life and the NEW Hokago Tea Time has their first performance in:

K-ON!!!!! “Beautiful World” Part 6.

She could hear voices as she came out of unconsciousness, one was familiar, it was Maki and one was not…

“How many years?” Maki asked.

“Three, maybe more, she hit the side panel of the door pretty hard…hard enough to crack it,” the other person said.

I don’t think Nao is going to like this, but I have to admit that the swelling went down to just about nothing, that’s pretty amazing,” Maki said.

“All she will have for a bit will just be a cut on her lip, she is very lucky, that van hit her pretty hard. I heard that besides the right doors that the car was totaled,” the person said.

“Naoko loves her car, but I got her something nicer, after you’re done she’s going home right?” Maki said.

“Absolutely, I just have a few cuts to make and that’s it. It would have been a long two days for her—if she was awake throughout all of this. So, the van just skid into her at the intersection? Too bad she couldn’t react,” the person said.

“That’s right, so Naoko isn’t at fault…Oh! Naoko, you’re awake!” Maki said noticing Nao opening her eyes.

Nao was tipped back in a dental chair with her mouth held open wide, she could feel the slit in her lip burning with discomfort as the dentist worked with her tools inside Nao’s mouth. Everything the dentist was doing was familiar, it was the end of elementary school all over again and she was almost 25—this wasn’t fair.

“Naoko, be still, you are getting braces, its nothing to worry about…but, your car is shot, I’m sorry, I know how much you loved it, but I was able to get something for you to replace it. Mugi and Sumire were really able to help me with it—connections and power are really nice…It took, what? Three weeks for you to get your car even though it wasn’t new, new. I’ll tell you, we need to have dealerships like most countries and not have to get something made from scratch every time…the waiting is the hardest part!” Maki said.

Nao looked at her wife and tried to talk, but her tongue was held down, so she became silent. Nao wore a gown and was covered with a blanket because the air conditioner had made it pretty cold in the room. She knew she was in a hospital and remembered what happened; too bad…she didn’t die…

The dentist removed the device that held Nao’s mouth open and Nao finally closed. She reached up and rubbed the cut on her lip and then felt the braces on her teeth—all though junior high, this wasn’t fair…”I don’t want to wear braces again, take them off, you didn’t have my permission,” Nao said in a whining voice.

“I gave them permission, you’re lucky you didn’t break your jaw on the door panel, don’t complain, she said it’ll be just three years, maybe a little more, relax, you wore them before. You could have been killed, so be thankful—or is that what you wanted? Did you want to die Naoko?” Maki said angered.

Nao ignored Maki and said, “Is there blood on my clothes, are they ruined?”

“No, there was blood on your raincoat and it just washed off, your seifuku is fine, I can’t believe you kept it and actually wore it…just think, when you get dressed you can go look in the mirror and smile and it’ll be junior high all over again. Your braces are green by the way, you always wear green and have green in some way, so you should be thankful that I pay attention to what you like,” Maki replied.

Nao stood up from the chair once the dentist straightened it and wrapped the blanket around herself, she said, “I want to go home, where are my clothes?”

“In the closet in your room. Here, we can all go back together, but first I have to give you this…” The dentist said as she handed a plastic pouch to Nao.

Nao took it and squeezed it feeling a hard metal wire inside along with something that was more pliable.

“NO! I’m not wearing headgear! I’m not a kid!” Nao pouted.

“Well, you sure are acting like one, just do as you’re told, you hit the door panel with your mouth, the braces are keeping your teeth together and that thing is to realign your jaw; stop acting like a baby Naoko!” Maki said firmly.

“You don’t have to wear it all the time, just to bed and when you don’t think you’ll be leaving the house if it embarrasses you. Also, your partner told me that you sing in a band, the braces will not affect that, so think of it as jewelry for your teeth,” the dentist said gently.

“Fine, let’s go already,” Nao said.

The three returned to the room that Nao was given which was occupied by many others; she ignored the other people and drew the curtain around her bed with just Maki and the dentist inside. Nao stripped off her gown after dropping the blanket on the bed and went into the small closet and saw her seifuku on a few hangers, her raincoat on another and her boots on the base of the closet. There was a bag that had her underwear which she took hold of and pulled out her panties and put them on and then her bra. Nao pulled on her thigh high socks and then took the gold and white skirt off its hanger and put it on; at this point the dentist left the curtain and Maki watched Nao as she put on her top and fixed the scarf. Finally, Nao put on her knee high rubber boots and took hold of her raincoat and held it over her arm.

“Where’s my purse?” Nao asked.

“In your car, we really need to talk Nao…here, put your glasses on, “Maki said handing Nao her glasses which she had been holding, she lifted the plastic pouch that contained Nao’s headgear from the bed and held it while her wife put her glasses on.

“I don’t have a car anymore, it’s gone…” Nao said.

“I’m sure you were listening, I got you a replacement, come on, let’s go. Put your slicker on, it’s raining a little and I don’t want people to see you wearing your uniform, its embarrassing,” Maki said.

Nao put her raincoat on and snapped it up to just below the top snap, she then drew the curtain away and started out of the room with her boots making a clumping sound on the tile of the hospital room; Maki followed, she had a very angered and upset look on her face.


When Maki and Nao left the hospital and made their way towards the parking garage, Nao put her hood on but, left the drawstrings hanging over her shoulders. The rain was light and it was humid.
Maki wore an orange pull-over and was holding back her long black hair with her right hand, it was the kind of summer weather that was just too uncomfortable and the girls both felt it even though their attitudes at the moment were full of tension.

Maki and Nao both were visibly angry and it wasn’t just on the surface, it had been something that had been feeding off of them for a while now and with this incident it started to come out to the point where they didn’t want to talk to one another.

When they entered the parking garage, Nao took the hood of her raincoat off and started to quicken her pace and Maki said, “Do you even know where I parked? Or what the car looks like?”

“It’s your Ford GT right? I’m sure I’ll find it eventually,” Nao said.

“No, it’s the car I got you to replace your Ralliart…Nao! Stop and listen to me!” Maki yelled.

Nao stopped suddenly and turned around to Maki with tears in her eyes. Maki looked at Nao with scorn and grabbed hold of her left arm and led her through the parking garage to where she parked. As they came upon a line of cars, Nao could see her ‘G707’ license plate on a black Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR with a very large spoiler on the trunk deck and duel exhaust pipes coming out from under the bumper.

“Well?” Maki asked.

“Thank you Maki, I’m sorry…” Nao said looking at the car. It was from 2008 but appeared to be in new condition.

“Six hundred miles…less than your Ralliart; way less. Everything is perfect; it was used just for display. Mugi knew the person and I got it for a great price. It has three hundred and forty horsepower, paddle shifters like your Ralliart and every speed modification you can think of to still keep it legal on the streets. There is nitrous in the trunk, a great sound system with many speakers and a sub-woofer. The head unit is all touch screen like your Ralliart except it’s a bit more advanced. The physical body, wheels, spoiler, ported hood, and such are all stock…” Maki said, she pulled out a pair of ‘Fast Key’s’ from her pocket and handed them to Nao who took them and Maki said, “Here, go ahead, open it up.”

Nao went to the right door and looked inside through the red tinted windows, she could see her pink, translucent, vinyl back pack style purse in the back seat; she then touched the inside of the handle and the alarm chirped and the locks opened, she pulled out the handle and the door opened out but then pistons directed the door upwards like Sumire’s car, Nao looked at it in awe and even Maki forced a smile.

Nao looked at the inside, it was almost the same as her Ralliart was, but it had a bunch of improvements and extras—oddly, instead of regular seat belts, there were harnesses through the upper half of the ‘Recaro’ seats.

“I’m hoping that you won’t move around if anything should happen again, however I did have a Shinto Priest bless the car…I don’t know if you believe in that, but it would make me feel better…” Maki said.

“Thank you Maki, I really love it,” Nao said with a braces laced smile.

“I’m glad. Come on, let’s take a spin, we’ll get on the highway. The tires are like the ones on your Ralliart, good for speed and wet conditions, but its not really raining enough to care,” Maki said opening the left door which opened the same way as the right and got in. Nao sat in the drivers seat and pulled down the door and closed it as Maki did the same, she then pocketed the 2 keys and started the car to a muscular roar.

Nao took the Evo X out to the street and could feel its power as it quickly took the entrance to the highway, the harnesses were kind of uncomfortable, but Maki was too concerned for Nao’s safety to care. Using the paddle shifters Nao passed many cars as she got up to speed and beyond, she was careful however because the traffic safety police were always out, she just couldn’t resist having fun though.

As Nao had the car at a continuous speed with the hum of the exhaust in the background Maki spoke up. “You want to die don’t you Nao?” Nao kept looking at the road and didn’t answer.

“It’s been like this for a long while now, you are in a depression that you can’t get out of aren’t you? I had to go home when I got in from China because I had to get a few things for you before I went to the hospital—and I went into the guest bathroom, something told me to…I found a hand weight in the back of the sink cabinet, so I’m guessing that explains the big bruise on your stomach? It didn’t happen in the crash. I also found a soap case…there were teeth marks in the soap; I can’t imagine why you would do that to yourself…I know your mother never did that to you, so I asked Sumire. Apparently, that was something they did in the Lit club in Jogakuin—I wonder what kind of literature books those girls were reading…Ritsu tells me that they had to fix your hair the night they all came over because Sumire told me that you chopped it off—another thing they were doing in junior high…” Maki said.

It was quiet in the car for a few moments; Nao continued to watch the road and not answer.

“Nao…” Maki started.

“You can’t imagine what it was like…they held me down and cut off my hair; I had such pretty, long and silky black hair all through elementary school and they took dull scissors and cut and cut and cut…one of the girls would keep me quiet and the rest would torture me—punching me in the stomach, stuffing a bar of soap in my mouth, hitting me, hurting me…touching me…and then after just barely surviving that, I went to Sakura—I was beaten up a few times, but I met Sumire and she protected me…Azusa, Jun and Ui were always so good to me, they were so strange sometimes, but I was really strange, doing nerdy things all the time—breaking free from the years of pain that I endured. I didn’t get to properly mourn my father, I had to take care of Tarou, Hanako, Saburou and Jirou while mother worked…I was always polite, respectful and obedient, even if I did weird things, I knew deep down that I could never be free from what had happened to me—no one cared, I was all alone with the weight of the world on my shoulders.
I gained so much because of my intelligence, but I can’t stand hearing about everyone’s stupid and pointless problems anymore. I’m very intelligent Maki, I learned how to read people through my career training, what’s going to happen between us?” Nao said.

“I’m sorry Nao, I fell in love with you the moment I saw you…I prepared a home near where you used to live so you won’t be too far from your family or the ‘Tea Time’ girls, I’m giving you half of all my finances; but I can’t part with the house, its important to me. The car is a gift…you can see through your tears, right? I don’t want to hit a wall at this speed…” Maki said sadly, but firmly.

Nao nodded yes and wiped her tears quickly and continued to focus.

“The house is nice, there is a pool, a full recording studio with stage, almost like mine…Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a bunch of rooms, a garage that can fit two cars…There is even a little workshop for you…fully furnished top to bottom, you’ll have to make it your own style. The address and keys are in the center console with the deed, so you own it, it’s in your name, so is the car, the title is in the console too. There is a safe in the studio room and the combination is with the other papers here in the car; half of my yen and other holdings are in there, you won’t have to work if you don’t want to, but I know you are focusing on the band. All you have to do is sign the divorce papers and everything is legally and officially yours. I’m sorry Nao, but I’m so horrified that you are going to kill yourself that I can’t handle being married to you anymore; I don’t want to be with you when that happens…IF, that happens. I’m not mad at you for having the miscarriage, I feel so sorry for you actually…I’m not mad at you for anything, you were wonderful, but you are going to kill yourself, even though you scolded Azusa for almost doing the same, I know its what will end up happening and I can’t watch you die as my wife and partner; I’m so sorry Nao,” Maki said sadly.

Nao took the exit closest to where the house was to take Maki home, this was it, the marriage was over, and all she had to do was sign the papers…

“One day, I’ll pay you back everything…if I don’t die before then; I have to collect my things don’t I?” Nao said.

“No, I had moved everything; from your closet, to your instruments, over to your house, I did it myself the two days you were unconscious in the hospital. I took everything over and put it where you can find it easily. I filled your closet and staged your instruments. Everything you came in with and got after is now in your home; if there is something missing, just tell me and if I find something I missed I’ll be sure to return it to you,” Maki said as Nao pulled into the driveway.

Maki opened the center console between the seats after removing her harness and took out a folded envelope and pulled out the divorce papers, she handed Nao her seal stamp and a pen and watched as Nao filled it out and read it at a rather quick pace—her photographic memory allowed her to look at a page and read and understand it almost instantly. After affixing her seal, Nao returned the paper to Maki who gave her a copy and then pushed it into the envelope. Maki then started to hand Nao other papers such as ownership of the car, the house and the final documents and Nao put her stamp on them and after Maki gathered what she needed she placed the plastic pouch with Nao’s headgear in her former wife’s lap and said, “Please wear it, its for your own good.”

Nao nodded yes with tears in her eyes and Maki gently placed her left hand behind Nao’s head and with her right she squeezed Nao’s cheeks. Maki leaned in and kissed Nao on her mouth for the last time and said, “I’m so sorry, I really did love you.”

Maki let go and opened the left door and taking her paperwork, she got out and closed the door and waved to Nao as her former wife left. Maki went into her home and began crying, but she just couldn’t watch Nao die, it was just too much for her to handle.


Although Mio and Ritsu spoke with Maki due to their old friendship, they mentioned nothing to Nao or ever spoke about her in Maki’s presence. Maki was still touring, she had left China and was in Europe, so she was nowhere near any of them as it was.

A week had passed since Nao had moved into the large home and she spent most her time silent as she held back her extreme pain. Nao ate very little, but she wasn’t ready to give up entirely just yet, there was still a show tonight at a Live House and she wasn’t going to let down any of the girls.

Sumire and Tsumugi had spent a lot of time with Nao after word of the divorce came to them; Maki had actually asked all of the girls—calling them one by one—to go be with Nao in hopes that it would lengthen the time it would take for Nao to finally take her life—Maki truly believed in her heart that Nao was going to kill herself.

The girls were preparing for their show by changing the strings of their guitars, to polishing their instruments. Ritsu was changing out the skins to her drums which she adored having again and Tsumugi was checking the programming in her keyboards memory banks, she had also changed the vacuum tube in the upper left.

The girls had decided to take a few cars in order to get everything to the club without any issue; however, Nao refused to share her space because she had fallen in love with her Evolution X and didn’t want to use it as a gear hauler; except for her guitars and equipment.

Although it was pretty tacky, Mugi had a decent sized van for them to haul everything and Mio had been chosen to drive. Ritsu offered, but she didn’t have a license and Mio pretty much punched her in the head over it.

The girls loaded up and although she would have liked to stay with Tsumugi, Sumire rode with Nao to keep her company. Yui, Mio, and Ritsu took the van and Tsumugi rode alone in her sports car; she just couldn’t bring herself to be one of the van riders—when she was younger she would have loved it, but now, things were different, and she had to put on an elegant image.

The girls had arrived and began the setting up of their equipment. Nao wore her green and pink translucent vinyl corset and skirt outfit while the other girls had matching black bikini bra tops with color-coded faux fur jackets over them. Ritsu wore a faux yellow fur, Mio a blue, Tsumugi a purple and Yui a red. Their bottoms were all shorts which matched the color of the fur and they all wore knee high black boots that matched. Nao was the only one who stood out because she was the leader.

Once the girls were set up they were given instructions for their start time as the crowd began to file in. With their Stage Passes hanging around their necks, the girls all gathered in the back where the other bands were waiting too. Yui and Mugi had easily gotten the other groups to come together and they all were talking while Sumire tried to get Nao to join in.

Sumire wore a black with white suit and pretty much showed that she was the representation for ‘Hokago Tea Time.’ She carefully monitored her own actions because she knew that she had to be professional at all times.

Nao looked over the song list away from the other girls and groups; they had decided to start with ‘Singing’ which Mio would do the vocals for. From there, Nao would sing ‘Over the Starlight’ and then ‘Answer’ and Mio would sing ‘Don’t Say Lazy.’ It had been decided that Tsumugi needed to revive herself live so she would be leading ‘Honey Sweet Tea Time’ almost as a solo, but altered with the others involved. The final song would be ‘Fuwa Fuwa Time’ sung as a duet with Mio and Nao.
Nao knew to be prepared for encores, even with a set play time, encores were allowed because it was about keeping the guests happy. Nao had decided to cover “Boys of Summer” because it had become a prominent song she would sing on the side and then they would finish with ‘No Thank You’ which Mio would sing. If there was a second encore, Nao had a list and they would just choose. Performing a cover song live in a small venue was something that Nao didn’t really want to do, but she wanted to do something where people would take notice—there was the possibility that she would scrap the cover song and do something like ‘Cagayake! Girls’ just to keep it with-in their own catalog of songs—Nao had hundreds of songs in which she had written and there was still so many that Mio, Tsumugi and Yui wrote that there was no reason to perform a cover, but Nao was curious about the reaction from the crowd—doing an English song would really throw people through a loop—she would decide at the last minute if they would perform it or not.

It was time and the girls got prepared, the other bands wished them good luck and Sumire too and they took the stage. The club was filled and Mio could feel her old nervousness start to overcome her, but she looked to Nao who was clamping her large, green headphones on and knew that if it wasn’t for Nao, she would still be in her apartment wearing her robe, smoking her Kiseru at the Kotatsu.

Nao checked her settings and hit a chord on her Roland G-707 and after she was satisfied she removed her headphones and let them wrap around her neck and stepped up to her mic and said, “Good evening, we are ‘Hokago Tea Time!’ I’m Nao Okuda and I am lead guitar and Synth, I also share in the vocals; however, I’m not the one who is going to be ‘Singing’ the first song…Take it Mio!” Nao quickly put her headphones on and began the opening guitar, Yui then joined in with her Mustang and Ritsu and Mugi added their tones. Mio’s voice was powerful and the crowd was getting into the awesome rock song in which she wrote with Tsumugi’s help. Mio’s bass playing was quite skilled even though Ritsu had a concern that she and Mio were not up to par with the rest. ‘Hokago Tea Time’ was back and the crowd really loved them. Nao kept stomping pedals on her synthesizer to handle some of the changes and Yui was keeping up with the rhythm. Ritsu was impressive with her drumming and it was probably caused by having her Yamaha Hip Gig back. The crowd was rocking out and they came to the end of the song to cheering.

Nao took off her headphones and lay them on the workstation with her computer, behind her Sumire took the Roland from her and switched it with the Gibson SG which Nao slung around herself; she said out to the crowd, “Thank you! On bass and vocals, we have Mio Akiyama!”

The crowd cheered and Mio blushed, she couldn’t believe that people were cheering for her after just one song, she stepped up to the mic and said, “Thank you very much, it is a privilege to be on stage again after so many years; its all thanks to Miss Okuda. ‘Hokago Tea Time’ was formed when we were in high school and continued into our college years, we had a few changes in members but the band survived mostly in tact. We recently lost our original fifth member to the well-being of humanity, but we are joined by our new leader Nao Okuda who has helped us all. Next, she is going to sing a fun song for you, ‘Over The Starlight!’

Nao started into the song and Ritsu joined in first followed by the rest. Nao’s SG hummed brightly as she played, it was so perfect and gave an awesome sound as she sung the upbeat ‘Over the Starlight.’ Yui and Mio moved in close during the musical break from the lyrics in an attempt to give stage presence. Mugi’s added Keyboard in the background was amazing and then Nao went into her guitar solo with Yui coming in every so often. Although the song was fun, it was built on a rock and roll sound of heavy guitar riffs and rhythm. Nao performed her second solo and Yui joined in with Mio holding the bass line and Ritsu and Tsumugi jamming along as the song came to an end, Nao pulled a heavy grind on her strings and the vibrato rang with great sustain of the sound. She then let it ring out just a little longer as the crowd cheered and placed her hand over her strings.

After the cheering, Nao said, “Thank you, I wrote that one for my Senpai Azusa Nakano, she is of course the one who chose to serve humanity and leave music behind; her guitar however joins us on stage—Yui Hirasawa, our rhythm guitarist!”

The crowd cheered and Yui called out from her mic and waved her hands to get the crowd in a mini frenzy—she didn’t want a riot! “Ya-ho! Thank you, thank you, this is Muttan, Azu-Nyan’s guitar, an awesome Fender Mustang—and even though she isn’t here with us anymore, a part of her is and Muttan will always be our Azu-Nyan! It’s great to be back on stage! I’m a teacher at Sakura High and mentor the Light Music Club there; be sure to look out for ‘Wilted Sakura’ they are awesome!”

The girls continued their performance and by the sound of the crowd, they had become popular with the guests at the club. Sumire kept serving the girls as best as she could, but most of her attention had to be given to Nao who had to keep switching instruments depending on the song.

After ‘Don’t say Lazy’ finished, Nao said, “Thank you very much, I’d like to introduce Tsumugi Kotobuki, you may remember her from such performances in Tokyo such as being booed off the stage—she is a wonderful Keyboardist and we are honored to have her experience with us—so for shame to those who ended her career…However, look at her now!”

“Thank you very much, yes, its true that my emotions got in the way of my professional performance, but in reality, this is what I’ve always wanted, to return to the stage with these girls, of ‘Hokago Tea Time’—my thanks goes to Nao for all she’s done and gone through,” Tsumugi said to a positive response.

Mugi began performing ‘Honey Sweet Tea Time’ with a piano solo at the beginning and the other girls joining in as Mugi sang the lyrics to her own song. The crowd cheered and Nao once again made introduction, “Finally, our awesome drummer, the one who started the band in high school at 15 years old, she was the president of the Light Music Club at Sakura High for three years and brought these girls together to make history; Ritsu Tainaka!”

“Thank you everyone, people go through hard times and we are just normal girls who happen to play music, I think we were lost for a bit, but now we have found our way; and it really is all thanks to Nao-Chan, we owe you, please lead us, you are the best!” Ritsu said and the other girls chimed in their thanks.

Mio and Nao finished with ‘Fuwa Fuwa Time’ the bands first song from when they were just 15 and the show for them ended.

Nao had made sure that they had recorded a CD of ten songs in her home studio and pressed them herself on the long nights in which she couldn’t sleep. Nao had spent many nights falling asleep at the CD recorder, it was the only way for her to survive her pain, to stay up and keep busy with the band until her body forced her to stop; causing her to usually pass out where she was.

Thankfully, they were called for only one encore because the club didn’t want them to go over the other bands time slots. Nao performed ‘Cagayake! Girls’ in a quick decision over “Boys of Summer” and Mio finished with ‘No Thank You.’ With that, the night was done and the girls quickly collected their instruments, even Ritsu’s drum kit and cleared the stage for the next band.

Sumire went out into the crowd to sell CD’s and Tee shirts that Sawako had made for them and returned backstage empty handed which was a great sign. The girls took a break and freshened themselves up and went out to the club floor as the next band was setting up. ‘Hokago Tea Time’ was converged on by the people in the club to sign their CD’s cover and even their Tee shirts. This was an even better sign and Sumire kept crowd control so everyone was taken care of.

The girls had done it; they made a debut or maybe a return to the music scene and were successful.

When they parted, Sumire joined Tsumugi leaving Nao alone, it had started to rain and Nao put her raincoat on which she had in the trunk near the nitrous bottles. After snapping it up she got in and put her harness on and left the club. The other girls hoped that they would see her again for another show.

Nao looked out the windshield of her Evolution as the wiper blades swayed back and forth and thought to herself that the show was a lot of fun. Suddenly, she came up to the local park and stopped in the parking lot and got out as she put her hood on. Nao walked the path from her car for a bit and then settled on a bench that was wet, but it didn’t matter, her pleated mini skirt was water proof and so was her jacket. Nao’s eyes were starting to fill with tears and she sat listening to the background noises of the tent city where the homeless lived. Most of these people didn’t choose this life, a lot were elderly and couldn’t get jobs, some lost everything and others DID choose the life.

Nao listened to the pitter-patter of the rain on her hood as she heard footsteps approaching her; she looked up seeing a teenage girl wearing a dirty yellow plastic raincoat and muddy, scuffed rubber boots. The girl had her hood on and her long black hair peaked out from under it. Nao also noticed that she was squinting.

“You look really sad Ma’am; may I please sit with you Ma’am?” The girl said in a soft voice.

Nao nodded yes and the girl sat down next to her on the bench. They sat quietly as the rain fell from the sky…

Next time on K-ON!!!!! “Beautiful World” Nao and the teenage girl talk, about what? Find out next Thursday in part 7, be there!

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