K-ON!!!! “Dust In The Wind” Fan Fiction. Part 10.

Very official and from the original Manga Magazine, it’s K-ON!  Featuring on top: Tsumugi, Yui and Mio, bottom: Ritsu and Azusa–I love the original artwork by Kakifly.

Last time, Nao and Mio rebuilt Elizabeth, Mio’s old left-handed Bass; the cost was Mio stepping outside of her apartment for only one minute; she made it for the duration, but not as well as she could have. Ritsu brought her old friend Maki over to meet Nao—all to a very promising conclusion.

Now, all of the groups of characters get their own scene on stage in this…

Keion!!!! (K-ON!!!!) “Dust in the Wind” Part 10.

Nao and Maki:

The months flew by like days and Nao and Maki found themselves in a beautiful restaurant one night dressed in finery and although Nao didn’t drink alcohol, she was buzzed just being with Maki in such a calm, quiet setting. When they got to dessert Maki said to get whatever her Naoko-Chan wanted and while they waited, Maki removed a small, square box from her purse and said, “I was in a music store the other day and I found something really cool that I think you may like, so check it out Naoko-Chan.”

Nao took the box from Maki and smiled her thanks, she opened it and laughed when she saw a package of lime green strings that would fit her guitar, she took them out and below them was a white gold ring with a pretty large diamond attached in a rose gold setting. Nao looked at the ring in shock and looked at Maki with bright red cheeks and dropped the guitar strings in her lap and removed the ring from the box.

“You know what that is right?” Maki asked moving closer to Nao and taking hold of her hands. Nao nodded and Maki took the ring from her girlfriend and said, “Naoko, will you marry me, so we can be together forever? I know its only been a few months, but neither of us is getting any younger—well, you are younger than me, but still, I wanted to start a family and all that stuff and…”

“YES! YES MISS MAKI! I WILL MARRY YOU!” Nao said excited.

“Oh, then I guess I’m supposed to put the ring on your finger?” Maki said as she slid the ring onto Nao’s finger, it fit perfectly and as Maki went to hug and kiss Nao she said, “It’s gonna be so hot having my wife call me ‘Miss,’ we should fuck on this table while the wait staff watch…”

Nao giggled as she embraced Maki and they kissed, they pulled away for just a moment and Nao said, “I love you so much Miss Maki!”

“I love you twice Naoko-Chan!” Maki replied.

Yui and Ui:

“The apartment is a mess Onee-Chan, I can’t stand living like this anymore, you have to keep it neat, I work too you know!” Ui said full of anger as she picked up Yui’s mess.

Yui became a little nervous, this was the fourth time Ui had become angered at her; it was always after playing in a club too?

“I’m sorry Ui, let me help,” Yui said as she tried to pick up her own things, Ui replied, “No Onee-Chan, you’ll only get in the way.”

Ui was strained, it was either from over working herself between the low paying concerts and teaching and the poor release of “The Wakaba Girls” album. The first week failure wasn’t just a band failure, it had affected Azusa—as leader, she took responsibility for the poor sales of each of their items and had fallen into depression. Jun was now troubled by the whole thing, but Ui was somewhat relying on it to give her friends a better life.

The box set that everyone received a copy of was actually on the Kotatsu in the center of the room and looked great, there was a group shot on the front, the Nao pose on the back, the description was perfect, the band logo was just as good and it was a neat cigar box so getting to the CD’s and book was easy. Also included was a guitar pick key chain and a signed photograph, something that each of them did by hand. Ui just didn’t understand, how the hell could the album not do well?

“When are you guys playing again?” Yui asked noticing Ui looking at the CD set.

“Oh, I don’t know, it’ll be another dive somewhere, so does it really matter? Hey, how would you feel if I got Mother and Father to arrange a Marriage Meeting for me—maybe you too?” Ui said.

“I don’t want to get married right now, I like it being the two of us,” Yui replied.

“Well, I don’t, I want to get married Yui, I’m tired of being alone, I’ve hung onto you for too many years, I think its time for us both to grow up,” Ui said.

Yui was in shock, Ui never called her by her first name, it was always Onee-Chan, was it just a slip?

“We have to get ready for bed Yui, we both have work tomorrow, I’m sure even Sawako doesn’t stay up this late,” Ui said leaving the living area and heading to her room. It wasn’t a slip; Ui had stopped calling her Onee-Chan, big sister…

Tsumugi and Sumire:

They were backstage at the concert hall in Tokyo, the big time; it was just as well Tsumugi’s stomping grounds for she had played her piano for the masses in sold out halls for years. A genius at only 4 years old, she could play the piano so easily and she could now make a living off of it by doing what she loved, however at this moment she was on her phone talking business as her partner Sumire was fixing her hair and dress for the concert she was about to perform.

Tsumugi was oddly calm on the phone; she was having trouble with getting a business that was hurting back on its feet for her father which meant that she was usually yelling like a child. Mugi had decided on kindness in her business ventures to ensure that her salary men would get the job done without any hatred towards her in the end.

Tsumugi finally put the phone down and said, “It doesn’t seem to be working out, we had a product issue and now the damn company is crashing down—if I fail my father, he’ll take away the larger companies that I control in order not to be worried about losing them…when he found out I was serving in the Light Music Club in high school he got really mad at me…when we got married, he was in the middle…I just don’t understand?”

“It’s ok though right, we’ve been together for years, so it can’t be all that bad?” Sumire said.

“No, probably not, I think the businesses and money are more important, it was the servants—I’m sorry, really sorry…Father-in-law who really took care of me, you too Sumire—thank you…” Mugi said a bit flustered and apologetic.

Sumire laughed and finished with her partner’s hair and said, “There, you’re perfect as always, now just a few months of shows and everything will be great. I’ll have to leave a few nights to play with the girls, but I will of course be back afterwards, I wish you could come, but what is it, five months of concerts, I hope you can balance that and the businesses at the same time?”

“It should be fine, I hope? Most of the businesses are here in Tokyo except for 10-GIA and the Café, but they are always self sufficient, they can call if they need help. I made Ritsu a sales person; she is in the percussion department of course, who would know better. Does Nao have enough to take care of her finances now?” Tsumugi said.

“Yes, she’s fine, but when she got together with Maki, she started balancing out, they are moving fast and already started living together, she had her mother and brothers move into her house so they could give up that apartment; finally,” Sumire replied.

“Good, I’m glad, I know she was giving Yen to them, so I’m glad that everything is good…I must be nervous about something, I’m repeating myself…?” Tsumugi replied.

“Its fine, oh, you’re on…” Sumire said as an assistant came into the room and helped Tsumugi out to the stage, it was show time and the girls kissed quickly and Mugi followed the guy to the entrance.

Mio and Ritsu:

Mio stood nervously at the door to the apartment, she could do it, Ritsu was right next to her—it wasn’t a fluke that Nao had gotten her to step outside, was it?

“Come on Mio, I have a ton of school work to do and I have to be up early, its late and no one is out, I’m sure there wont be any cars or anything to overwhelm you,” Ritsu said as she opened the door, she wore her light pajama pants that were yellow and a blue camisole with a yellow sweater over it just for this moment, it was too cold to simply walk outside. The socks on her feet were multi-colored and probably too thin, but she just wanted to get this over with for Mio. Ritsu had her long brown hair over her shoulders; which was rare for her not to have it put up in some way.

Mio pulled on her robe, she had slippers on her feet that were very basic blue and her black hair was in a bun with a few strands of bangs over her shoulders. She held Ritsu’s hand tightly and she said, “On the count of three…”

“On the count of three…one…three!” Ritsu said quickly as she pulled Mio with her out the door onto the cement landing. A tremor rippled through Mio’s body as she realized that she was no longer in the safety of her home and she stared out into the parking lot with wide eyes and took a deep breath in but didn’t let it out.

“Breathe Mio, relax, its just the outside world, lets walk slowly to the railing, you have a nice view, come now, you can do it, I’m with you and wont let go, I promise,” Ritsu said leading Mio forward keeping the door open even with the cold air getting in and the heat escaping, it was a sign of safety.

Mio exhaled and walked slowly to the black iron railing at the edge of the landing, she continued to look out into the parking lot breathing in puffs like a pregnant woman giving birth. They stopped and looked out across the parking lot and Ritsu said, “Its calming isn’t it, the light Fall chill in the air and the starry night’s sky? You remember all of this; it used to be nothing to you…”

“I also remember this!” Mio said with a shaky voice and she smacked Ritsu in the head and quickly walked back into the apartment saying, “You have homework to do…”

Ritsu cried out from the impact, if she were a cartoon character, a giant lump would appear or a bandage in the shape of an ‘X’ so Ritsu smiled—Mio hadn’t hit her in years, it meant that she was getting better.

Azusa and Jun:

Jun stood at the counter in the kitchen dancing in place while preparing dinner as Azusa played her guitar in the living area. The amp volume was low to not bother their neighbors, but it was audible enough.

After a while of playing, Azusa looked around the room and saw something new, it was the pink duffel bag that Jun kept in the van so Azusa said, “What’s in the bag?”

Jun put a pot in the sink and turned around and walked over to Azusa and said, “It’s something I wanted to get out of the van for a while, I guess you could say that I keep my heart in it—it’s nothing.”

“I see, well, I was just wondering, but, you say that your heart is in it?” Azusa asked.

“My past life, it’s not important…Dinner is ready, everyone’s favorite, Yakisoba! I have to say, getting Ui to teach me to cook was time well spent. I’ll now take you to the table madam and we can partake in noodle-ly goodness!” Jun said as she pushed Azusa to the Western style dinner table, it was so much easier than having to sit on the floor.

While in the middle of their meal, Jun’s phone rang, it was a small and cheap phone, but it worked nonetheless, she picked it out of her pocket and looked at the caller ID and said, “It’s Sumire, I wonder if she’s ok?”

When Jun answered the phone Sumire’s voice came over quickly and full of excitement, “Jun! Is Azusa there with you?! Put me on speaker phone!”

Jun hit the button for the speaker and Sumire said, “Guess what! Maki asked Nao to marry her! They are going to get married, isn’t that great!”

Jun and Azusa were surprised and both said how happy they were and then Azusa said, “So, when is the date?”

“In a week…I know, very fast, but Mugi arranged for the person who married us to do the ceremony, it’s going to be pretty small, after all a marriage like this is frowned upon so its probably best to keep it small. I hate to say it, but the ceremony will just consist of a few people and the reception is going to be where we can all get together,” Sumire replied.

“So, what you are saying is that we aren’t invited?” Jun asked and Azusa laughed.

“Well, the ceremony will be Nao, her mother and brothers and I’ll be her witness and Maki will have her parents and Ritsu as her witness, so very small. The reception is at…well, you might not like this, but it’ll be at Mio’s—these arrangements were made pretty quickly, that’s why I’m calling around for Nao and Ritsu is calling around for Maki. We’ll have a bunch of guys there so one of them can help Azusa up to Mio’s apartment,” Sumire said.

“It’s all right actually, I’ve already carried her there…” Jun said.

“I know, I heard from Ritsu that you did and Yui took her down. We’ll let Satoshi do it, he’s probably the strongest; it’s ok right?” Sumire said.

“Of course, so why aren’t Maki and Nao making the calls?” Azusa asked.

“Well…Maki kind of wanted to…well, you know, have alone time with Nao…Oh, I have to go, Mugi is finished her show, I’ll get back to you both,” Sumire said.

“We are very happy to hear that Nao is getting married, its quick, but I guess we can understand. Bye, bye, Sumire,” Azusa said.

After closing off the phone, Jun excused herself and went into the bathroom, she called out to Azusa who turned the wheels of her chair towards the pink bag and struggled to scoop it up while holding on to an arm rest on the chair; Jun was telling Azusa how happy she was for Nao, but Azusa hardly listened, she opened the bag and looked at what was inside—Sake, a frame and a photo album, she couldn’t believe it! She looked at the frame and knew who was in the photo, so she quickly flipped through the photo book and found the ring in the back pocket of the cover, she couldn’t believe that this bag really did keep Jun’s heart…Was she really happy for Nao, or was she in the bathroom crying…?

Azusa quickly returned everything to the bag as it was and replaced it on the floor as best as she could, she peeked, but it was more than just peeking, she touched Jun’s heart.

The failed album, stealing Jun away from Koyomi, being physically damaged as she was, not being able to walk, and now a minor jealousy of Nao getting married to Maki—she was jealous for the act of marriage, not for whom she was marrying…and now Azusa could hear it, Jun was crying, for the same reason she began to; it was the act of marriage that hurt both Jun and Azusa, they were very happy for their friend and band mate, but at the same time, they were hurting inside…

Next time on K-ON!!!! “Dust in the Wind,” Nao and Maki are wed and a large group celebrates with them! Next Thursday, be here!

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