K-ON!!!! “Dust In The Wind” Fan Fiction. Part 11.

By now, you know what Nao looks like, but what about the woman she’s marrying? In this screen capture from the Anime, Maki is on the left and Ritsu on the right. This takes place in high school, so it could be a memory photo?!

Last time on K-ON!!!! “Dust in the Wind,” the girls each had their own time on stage as things seemed to be good for some and bad for others. Now, like a soap opera, the wedding episode of Nao and Maki…!

Keion!!!! (K-ON!!!!) “Dust in the Wind” Part 11.

Although she had prepared the arrangements for their wedding, Tsumugi was at Mio’s setting up the reception while Nao and Maki had their family and a witness each at the beach front of Maki’s home in a private ceremony that would mean pretty much nothing to little to the Japanese government, however, it was a nice western like tradition and would be “legal” in some sort of way as was Tsumugi’s and Sumire’s wedding.

On Maki’s side which was traditionally the “grooms” side were her parents–her father dressed in a fine suit with a gold tie and blue vest and her mother, an even finer Kimono that was blue with a gold sash. With them was Ritsu who wore a blue dress made of satin with embroidery throughout and a speckled, yellow, faux fur cape with a hood that she had down, it was cold in the winter air and her dress—which Maki bought for her—did next to nothing to protect her from a wind swept private beach. Ritsu had her long brown hair up with parts down the sides in the front that blew in the wind. Ritsu looked very pretty and she carefully stood properly and watched that she used feminine speech patterns especially in front of the woman performing the ceremony.

Maki wore a blue pants suit with a faux blue flower in her long black hair and black high heels on her feet, she looked really pretty as Ritsu did even if she was taking the masculine roll, she was never very girly, so it was only natural.

On Nao’s side where the bride stood were her mother–a tired-looking woman with short black hair and wearing a white with gold Kimono, she was smiling knowing that her daughter would be happy with Maki—after all, she did bow to Sumire the first time they met, she was always grateful to those who became close to Nao, her little girl meant the world to her.

Nao’s four brothers, the quadruplets were dressed in the same white suits with gold ties and had their hair in the same short style, they stood in a line beside their mother and were happy for their big sister finding a special someone to share her life with.

Sumire wore a very expensive Kimono in white with a gold sash with gold thread embroidery throughout, her long blonde hair was up in almost the same style as Ritsu’s and she had solid yellow gold chop-stick style hair pins holding it together. Sumire’s blue eyes appeared to be glowing as she looked to Nao happily, her closest friend was finally going to have someone and not be alone anymore; she was getting worried for Nao and was probably almost as excited as she was.

Nao stood close to Maki with red cheeks and a shy smile, she was excited to be getting married, even if the whole relationship was being rushed, it was exactly what she wanted. Nao had her short, shoulder length, straight black hair half way back and held with a pair of gold flowered clips and she had swapped her red half-rimmed glasses for gold oval frames. She wore a gold blouse with a white buttoning sweater closed at the first three slots at the top at her chest. The sweater had gold trim and even the buttons were gold which was mostly noticed on the open bottom portion. Nao wore an above the knee pleated skirt with two gold stripes across the bottom and gold thigh-high socks with glossy white vinyl high platform Mary Jane shoes on her feet. Nao held a bouquet of white roses with a few red and golden flowers mixed in, it was wrapped in gold cloth and she held it close to her chest.

With everyone gathered, the ceremony commenced with the exchanging of rings, vows and a kiss in front of everyone causing Maki’s Father to turn away and for Nao’s brothers to make a fuss.

Photos were taken in the background during the ceremony and before the final photos were to be taken; those gathered began in conversation, especially Nao’s mother and Maki’s parents.

Ritsu and Sumire were very happy for their friends; it was about time that they each had finally found someone. Maki had spent too much time with her band “Love Crisis” and didn’t even consider a relationship—after touring, she would return to her single life in her large home until heading back out on the road. Maki wasn’t exactly alone all the time, her band mates Aya and Shiho were usually over because they could either party or use the recording stage and studio in the house to make another album or Jam if they wanted to.
Nao on the other hand had become almost a part of Mio for months working on getting her out of the apartment while Ritsu was at work and school, so because she gave so much of her time to others, Nao deserved to be happy more than anyone. However, Nao was also performing with “The Wakaba Girls” so she was pretty busy all the time too.

The group had the last of their photos taken and Maki took care of everything with the photographer and the woman from the shrine who performed the ceremony, she wanted to “donate” a bit extra even though Tsumugi had taken care of the fee.

The Wedding Party then made their way to a long white Limo and the driver took them to Mio’s apartment where they would have the reception.


The small apartment was somewhat packed, there probably were more people than could fit, but it was a sacrifice that everyone agreed to and Mio was thankful. At the moment, Mio and Satoshi were smoking on the entrance landing near the door which was actually closed. Mio was nervous, but Satoshi held her and they shared warmth if anything while Mio nursed her Kiseru and Satoshi lit up another Lucky Strike.

So, Mio; are we out here to be the first ones to greet the happy couple or did you want to talk in private?” Satoshi said, he took another drag of the strong cigarette and Mio replied, “I just thought that we probably shouldn’t smoke around your child and the place is kind of packed. Thanks for helping Azusa up, you didn’t get a bit freaked did you, I think she has metal plates holding her bones together and you can feel them through her skin?”

“It’s ok, its funny, I remember when all of you came over that one time when I was younger, she was really pretty…actually, and don’t let my wife know I said this, but Azusa is still pretty, her face is just like a…” Satoshi started and Mio finished, …Japanese doll, she really is something, we all love Azusa so much, its very hard for me to see her like this, but Jun takes very good care of her.”

Satoshi nodded and took a last hit from his ‘Lucky’ and put it out in the small ash tray that he had taken from Mio’s apartment.

Inside was a large group of people, Azusa and Jun were in a corner talking with Satoshi’s wife as she looked after their daughter. Tsumugi, Yui and Nao’s brother’s girl friends were setting up with Ui working in the kitchen with Sawako, Aya and Shiho. Aya was about Ui’s height with short brown hair and Shiho was a bit taller with dyed green hair that was in braids. Everyone gathered was dressed nicely, if not somewhat casual.

Tsumugi turned to Yui and said, “Is Nodoka going to make it?”

“She can’t, there is a big vote that she’s stuck with, I’m really disappointed, I wanted to see her again, ever since she became Mayor I don’t see her anymore,” Yui whined.

“It can’t be helped, how about our special guests?” Mugi asked.

“They ARE coming, but they had come in late from their tour, so probably soon, I’m guessing…” Yui replied.

Mugi nodded her reply and continued working.

“What’s going to happen to Ritchan?” Yui asked.

“Don’t worry, no one is going to beat her up, she is Maki-Chan’s best girl, so I’ll even treat her better than I usually do,” Tsumugi replied.

“Why do you make Ritchan call you Sama?” Yui asked.

“You know why…” Mugi said.

The door opened suddenly and in walked Mio who looked like she was relieved to be in from outside. Satoshi did not join her, he was still outside. Mio joined the group in the kitchen to help them in preparations after laying her Kiseru on a shelf in the living area with her tobacco kit.

Outside, Satoshi stood in the cold finishing up his cigarette, he could see a long black car entering the parking lot, however it was not the one that picked up Ritsu in the morning; it was also a different color from the white wedding limo.

The car stopped and the driver opened the door for a triplet of women. The shortest of the group wore an expensive design and had her shoulder length bleached blonde hair laced with a few bows that matched her outfit.
The tallest of the group wore a dress in an emerald green color and the woman of middle height was wearing a black short dress with her long, straight black hair over her shoulders.

Satoshi looked over the railing seeing for the first time in person ‘Gang of Girls,’ Akira looked up to him and waved, she was followed by Ayame and Sachi—the three made their way up the steps and when they got to the landing Akira said, “I remember you—Satoshi, Ritsu’s brother?”

“That’s right, a little older, a little everything for that matter. Why don’t the three of you go on in, I figured that the least I can do is watch out for the newlyweds and for a moment I thought that you were them,” Satoshi said.

Akira smiled and said, “I hope that everything went well with the ceremony, I’m looking forward to seeing Maki again, its been a few months since we were on tour with ‘Love Crisis’ and we only talked with the three of them briefly after the last show we had.”

“Well, I have good news, Aya and Shiho are inside, don’t get in their way unless you want to help,” Satoshi said.

Ayame smiled and said, “Are you out here because you are the only guy?”

“You got me!” Satoshi said with a laugh.

“Aw, but he’s married, is your wife inside?” Sachi said.

“My wife and daughter—go, go, I’m sure they will all be happy to see you three,” Satoshi said, he then opened the door and held it for the girls.

Yui was first to see them and she cried, “Akira-Chan!” And ran to Akira and hugged her as she used to hug Azusa.

“Oh come on! Let go of me you!” Akira said trying to push Yui away, but to no avail, Yui had her arms wrapped around Akira so tightly that she wasn’t going anywhere.

Once Akira was able to escape and after Yui performed her ‘hug-a-thon’ the girl’s joined Azusa, Jun and Satoshi’s family in the corner, as to not get in the way of everyone else.

“How have you been these days Azusa?” Akira asked as she sat.

“I’m still rolling my way around, I think the pain has become the worse part though—I’ve also hurt Jun in unspeakable ways…” Azusa replied.

“I’m fine Azu, so I don’t think you hurt me in any way, especially unspeakable ways,” Jun said.

“You really think you hurt Jun—it’s nice to meet you, we never really got introduced. I think the only time any of us met you was when you came with Azusa to collect her belongings from the college. I’m Akira, this is Sachi and also Ayame,” Akira said pointing to her band mates.

“I’m Jun, I’ve been friends with Ui forever and I met Azu in high school. It’s really cool to have a bunch of rock stars here, you girls and Maki’s girls, it’s kind of amazing,” Jun replied.

“We were under the impression that you were getting famous—‘Wakaba Girls.’ You had our recording company’s people set you up with a disk and such, I see Mio’s box on her shelf with her pipe,” Sachi said.

“It didn’t sell very well and we don’t get much in sales after or during shows. Right now Yui; and when she’s free, Maki, help us with that, but for some reason, we just aren’t getting anything. It’s very disappointing and I feel like I’ve failed my girls because of it,” Azusa said.

“That’s kind of strange, you haven’t been playing anywhere good lately have you,” Ayame asked.

“No, and it seems Ui is the most upset. Sumire, Nao, Azu and I are just happy to get a show, but Ui…she is getting a Marriage Meeting set up and she’s really at odds with Yui—none of us have ever thought that would happen, so we are worried,” Jun said quietly.

The conversation would have continued if Satoshi hadn’t come in and said, “They are here! Want to greet them surprise party style?”

Everyone in the room laughed and gathered around, there was a knock at the door and Ritsu could be heard saying, “Just open it,” with a laugh on the other side.

The group came in to a loud ‘congratulations’ from all assembled and Nao couldn’t help but to blush again—her surprise and joy didn’t hold on long because Yui was on her as quickly as she was with Akira and rubbed her face against Nao’s and said, “Squishy, squishy! Nao-Chan is a blushing bride!” Nao didn’t fight against Yui like Akira and Ritsu looked around seeing everyone who had gathered. Akira pulled Yui away from Nao and said, “Enough of that already, she’s a married woman.”

Yui made a disappointed face but then smiled and greeted Maki happily as everyone gathered around the couple and greeted the family.

Ritsu stood in front of Akira, the last time they were this close, Akira had hurt her, she said, “Ritsu, I’m sorry for what happened in college, I made a mistake and I hope you can forgive me.”

“You didn’t make a mistake, I did and I’m used to being beaten up by Mio, so its ok,” Ritsu replied.

The girls hugged to cement their making up in stone and joined everyone as they began their party. Many photos were taken and a lot of fun took place. Every now and then Satoshi and Mio would take leave to the landing outside to smoke and Nao was happy that Mio was finally getting out of the apartment even if it was just directly in front of the door.

This was a happy day for both Nao and Maki, it was wonderful to celebrate with all of their friends, new and old and to have their parents with them—also Nao’s brothers.

The guys had gathered together to make way for the massive amount of females and they watched as the bands sung songs and had fun. It was a different kind of wedding, but it was a wonderful one, something that all gathered would remember.


Sumire lay with Tsumugi in the large hotel bed as her cell phone rang, she looked at it and saw Nao’s name upon the screen with a photo of both of them side by side at her wedding, she quickly answered it and Mugi looked at her with a smile.

“Hi, Nao-Chan, how have you and Maki been doing? It’s been about 2 weeks since your wedding, so it must be paradise!” Sumire said happily.

“Sumire, I have news…I’m pregnant…” Nao said straight forward.

“So…Maki actually is a guy???” Sumire replied just as straight forward.

“Su-Mire! No, I got artificially inseminated, come on, I don’t say Miss Tsumugi or you is a guy, it’s not funny! Nao replied.

“I know, I know, but you were so serious when you told me that you are pregnant that I figured that you wanted to ‘drop the tub’ you know I’m so happy for you!” Sumire said.

“Nao-Chan’s pregnant; tell her I’m so happy for her!” Tsumugi said.

Sumire nodded and said to Nao, “Mugi says she’s so happy for you. Is there an approximate date?”

“Not yet, they are waiting until my next appointment. So, are Miss Tsumugi’s shows going well?” Nao asked.

“Yes, she gets called for encores all the time, but this time it’s about you, I can’t wait to see you again, we have a show in a week and a half, so that should be great! I’ll get all the girls together to shower you with presents when the time is right,” Sumire said.

“That sounds nice, I’m really excited, I hope he or she will be interested in music, I’ll have to ensure it, but…I can’t force a child to do something that they aren’t interested in, who knows, it’s what they will grow up surrounded by, so it has to be possible,” Nao said.

“Absolutely, I guess you have many others to call, so we’ll be rooting for you and when I come back into town for our show, I’ll shower you with love and you can tell me more,” Sumire said.

“Shower me with love…? Well, I hope not the kind I’m thinking of, we’ll have two unhappy partners now won’t we?” Nao replied.

Sumire laughed, she was so happy for her friend and she couldn’t wait to see her again.

Next time on K-ON!!!! “Dust in the Wind,” Nao and Mio put an end to her agoraphobia and…Thursday in part 12, be there.

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