K-ON!!!! “Dust In The Wind” Fan Fiction. Part 8.

Jun and Azusa…In this screen capture from late in the second season of the Anime, the girls are in a convenience store picking up supplies for the café that their class is doing for the school festival. In this “photo” the girls are 17…who knew that years later their friendship would come to this…

WARNING! The second half of the story has a very graphic situation, reader discretion is advised!

Keion!!!! (K-ON!!!!) “Dust in the Wind” Part 8.

Still at the apartment that Mio and Ritsu share, the guests Yui, Jun and Azusa are going to talk before Jun and Azusa have to leave and settle in for the night. Yui might be harder to get rid of; that is if Ritsu can muster up enough energy to stay awake.

“Please don’t say ‘You are lazy’ datte hontou wa Crazy…” ‘Don’t Say Lazy’ “Hokago Tea Time,” Mio Akiyama.

“Azu-nyan!” Yui cried as she ran towards where Azusa lay on Jun, but she was quickly stopped by Jun who said, “Please Yui, not tonight, Azu is tired and so am I.”

Yui stopped dead in her tracks and said, “Awww, but I wanted to hug my Azu-nyan!”

“Don’t be a baby Yui, come sit at the Kotatsu, you too Ritsu,” Mio said motioning for the two of them to take a pillow. Ritsu urged Yui to the low table and they took a seat. Ritsu handed the Lawson Station bag to Mio and said, “It’s for you, Yui-Chan bought them, so enjoy.”

Mio looked in the bag and saw the meat bun and Pocky and said, “Thank you Yui, it looks good.”

Yui smiled and said, “It’s amazing that we are all together like this, if Mugi-Chan was here the whole band would be together—with Jun-Chan as extra, I’m not trying to leave you out Jun-Chan”

Jun looked over to Yui and said, “I know, this is interesting though…so the two of you are talking?”

“I will always talk to Ritchan, she’s my friend, it was such luck to run into her, I really thought I’d never see either Ritchan or Mio-Chan again,” Yui said happily.

“Well, I don’t think that Tsumugi really cares for me—or do I call her Kotobuki-Sama even if she’s not here?” Ritsu said laying her head in her arms on the table; she yawned and closed her eyes for a moment then opened them and looked at the ashtray in which Mio’s pipe was burning.

“Mugi makes you call her ‘Sama,’ just because you work for her?” Yui asked.

“No, I think its her way of punishing me, she is trying to be my friend, but not…its something like with Nao or the whole Senpai/Kouhai thing…thinking back now at our age, why did we need to be so respectful to someone a year older or whatever…” Ritsu said in a sleepy voice.

“I spent 2 years plus calling all of you Senpai and you’re bringing this up now Ritsu…Senpai?” Azusa said.

Ritsu laughed a little and said, “You’re right Azusa, you weren’t just our junior, you were and still are our friend—well, I at least hope that you forgive me? Do you?”

“Of course I forgive you Ritsu, but it’s just hard to fathom how stupid it was for you to cheat. Did you know what happened to the band afterwards?” Azusa asked.

“Not really, I thought you guys and ‘Gang of Girls’ combined?” Ritsu replied.

“That’s right, so you know a little. Without a drummer and a rhythm guitar—being me, I couldn’t even finish college because of what happened to me–Ayame took over the drums and Akira took over rhythm while Sachi had to leave for her special classes that Mio later had to take…” Azusa began to say.

“I was voted out as lead by the band and Akira was given the front position…” Yui said sadly.

“You were voted out as lead because you were failing Yui, do you really think that we would forsake you—shit, why don’t you ever listen or pay attention!?” Mio said lighting up her pipe because it went out from neglect, she took a drag and filled the room with smoke which the fan and air conditioner took care of quickly. Mio continued, “After I had to leave for the special classes and Sachi took over Bass, Akira let you return to the front after your grades got better and she began taking care of me. Yui, NEVER, EVER, think that any of us would ever forsake you, we love you very much and anything that was done in the past such as taking the lead away from you was in your best interest. ‘Gang of Girls’ really helped us out and kept ‘Hokago Tea Time’ in existence because of their sacrifice—but sadly, after college it ended. Did you know that Akira was vying for the position of president of the Light Music Club? She couldn’t take it because she was taking care of me and because of that, one of the other bands leaders took it over after the seniors left.”

Ritsu raised her hand high still laying her head on the Kotatsu and said, “That’s another thing that’s my fault, I fucked Akira and everyone else over with my actions…I guess I’m lucky that both Azusa and you forgive me. Jun, do you have a view on this?”

“No Ritsu, as long as I don’t have to call you Senpai, I don’t care, you hurt yourself but eventually a real friend will give forgiveness. I didn’t even go to the same school as all of you and ‘The Wakaba Girls’ were broken up as soon as Azu, Ui and I graduated—until now of course, having Sumire and Nao with us again is just unbelievable, you can’t imagine the feeling…if you ever reform ‘Hokago Tea Time,’ don’t even think of trying to recruit Naoko-Chan from us, we won’t let her leave,” Jun said.

“Naoko-Chan?” Mio asked.

“We call her that because she’s so obedient and overly respectful, it suits her better than the ‘honesty’ of Nao…of course, its just a joke between friends, because either Sumire will deck us all or we’ll lose our song writer, so in the end it’s a loss if we really meant it—Ui seems to enjoy it the most, but that’s her loving side showing,” Azusa said, she then yawned and looked up at Jun, it was time to go.

“So…Yui, you wanted to hold Azusa, how about carrying her down three floors to the van…?” Jun said slyly.

Yui was about to agree but Azusa quickly said, “No way! She’ll drop me!”

“I think because Yui has been lugging that heavy Gibson Les Paul for so many years that Azusa might not be so heavy to her and I don’t think she’ll drop her…Here, why don’t the three of us work together, I promise I’ll wake up just long enough to get Azusa down in one piece,” Ritsu said standing up from the floor with Yui following suit.

Mio watched, she didn’t say anything at first—she wasn’t going to leave the apartment, so she said, “I have your number now Azusa, I promise to call you often.” Mio stood up leaving her Kiseru behind on the table and knelt down to Azusa and kissed her cheek; she said, “I love you and I promise not to disappear again—no more ‘duh’s’.”

Azusa smiled and said good night to Mio, everyone then assisted in getting Azusa on Yui’s back without any complaint from her for once; Yui even had a serious look on her face. Jun and Ritsu assisted with supporting Azusa carefully and once they left the apartment after giving farewells all around—Yui was going to head home too by catching a ride with Jun and Azusa—Mio stood alone after Ritsu had closed the door, she stared at it then absentmindedly took hold of her Kiseru and lit it, she smoked and her hand shook…so many people…and now the door was unlocked…Nao had taught her to calm herself and to know that it was safe, Ritsu was close by and so was Yui—everything was fine…Right?


WARNING!!!! The following is very graphic, reader discretion is advised!

After Jun pushed Azusa into their bedroom, she locked the wheelchair next to the bed and began to help Azusa into it after pulling back the blanket and top sheet. Once Azusa was lying in the bed, she pulled herself up with her arms to lean more comfortably against her pillows.

Jun unlocked the wheelchair and spun it to where Azusa could get in it herself if she needed to and then locked the wheels again, she then sat on the bed next to her and said, “I bet you are beat! It was a long day, but the album is done, we are going to be…like so famous; ya dig!” Jun giggled a little as she copied Shinbo the photographer; she really liked him, so nice!

Azusa smiled and then her face saddened a little and she said, “Jun…please?”

Jun sat and looked at Azusa and knew what she was asking for, she took a deep breath and let it out and said, “OK…just remember, it means nothing, it’s just to make you happy and that’s it…I should take some of your ‘coke’ just for doing this…”

“I’m sorry, I really am, I’m begging you…” Azusa said and Jun interrupted after standing up and starting to take off her top and fishnet, she said, “I carry you up three floors on my back, I change your diaper, give you your medicine…” Jun took off her shoes, shorts, socks… “I guard you from Yui Senpai, push you, lift you…” Jun stood in front of Azusa naked, her small breasts were what Azusa looked at first then looked down to her vagina and then away towards the wall and said, “It doesn’t mean anything, I know you were in love with a man and I don’t like to be sexual with a woman, I took down Yui with an elbow to her stomach in England all those years ago just because I thought she was coming on to me—turns out she just wanted to hug her Gita, how was I supposed to know…’Azusa Love’…that was written in her notebook, it was just a possible song title.”

Jun sighed and began undressing Azusa, it was hard to do because she was so tired, but she finally got her out of her clothes, leaving the diaper and plastic panty on and sat down on the bed next to her and began to massage her mostly flat chest and said, “Yes, I was in love with a great guy and I might still be, but he moved on, got married and had kids, he is a doctor now, not a nurse like me, he had really moved on—probably to get away from me. But, I gave myself to you Azusa, I made a promise to take care of all of your needs, including this—however, if you EVER tell anyone, I will…I don’t pity you Azu, I love you as a sister and that’s all, and this is what a sister has to do sometimes, give up her life and take care of the one she loves—your parents are always so grateful, they constantly tell me to bring you home, but I won’t. Taking care of you is the least I can do, I took the profession to take care of people and I chose to take care of you alone…”

Jun began to kiss Azusa on her mouth as she rubbed her friends erect nipples. Azusa began to moan with a little bit of pleasure and Jun began to get a little rough to ensure that Azusa could feel everything she was doing.
At this point, Azusa wrapped her arms around Jun and began to rub her back, but Jun pulled away and forced Azusa to release her and said, “Don’t touch me, this isn’t sex!”

Azusa’s face turned red, it wasn’t why she held onto Jun and she whispered an apology, then Jun began again. Azusa’s lips were so soft and her tongue wet and tasted like strawberry. Her skin was rough and in some places the plates and screws could be felt that held her bones together, however, her very small breasts were soft and her little nipples hard, meaning that Azusa would probably cum but not feel it, how horrible…That was why Jun left Azusa’s diaper on, there was no reason to take it off, plus she dreaded looking to see if she was still bleeding—Azusa had an infection and she would have to care for it, but for now, Jun was performing her chosen duty of taking care of Azusa’s sexual needs, it was really embarrassing for both of them, but it felt good to Azusa, she knew no man would ever want her and the first time she asked Jun to do this it was performed out of pity, now Jun felt it was her duty.

Jun took hold of Azusa’s smooth, straight, black pigtails and pulled her head back and they kissed hard as Jun caressed Azusa’s upper body running her hands over all the scars and it didn’t take very long this time for Azusa to climax—sadly it was also enough to force Azusa to soil her diaper and after a few gentle kisses to Azusa’s lips Jun pulled back and lay her friend down to change her.

Jun felt nothing, she was naked probably for no reason, but it was easier this way. “Better?” Jun asked. Azusa nodded quietly, her face was bright red and Jun figured it was because of the multiple embarrassing things she had done besides the intimate fondling and kissing.

Jun changed Azusa, cleaning her and administering another medication to her urethra; she powdered Azusa and put a fresh diaper on her and then the plastic panty. Jun took the trash and put it in a bin and then prepared a needle of Morphine and a small dose of a good sleeping medicine and injected it into Azusa, she bandaged the area and helped her to dress in a camisole and cotton shorts and made her comfortable to put her to bed.

“Jun!” Azusa said quickly after being quiet for so long. “Yes Azu?” Jun replied softly. “I’m so sorry, but…thanks, I feel safe with you, and I want you to know that I appreciate everything you do for me whole heartedly. You are my sister and always will be and I’ll never ever forget any of this,” Azusa said sadly.

“Yeah, I know, get some sleep Azu; I think you know that I love you—it’s funny, if we were sisters, who would be the Onee-Chan, after all, we are the same age?” Jun replied.

“Well, isn’t it obvious, you would be…” Azusa said, she was groggy from the sleeping medication and the Morphine. Jun watched as Azusa fell asleep, she checked to make sure she was positioned comfortably and then put on a tee and shorts. Jun slipped her feet into sandals and then went outside—Azusa would sleep through the night without issue.

Jun walked to the van and then opened the rear hatch and lifted up a storage flap from behind the rear seat that the wheelchair ramp sat in front of. Jun moved a few bags and such out of the way and pulled out a pink duffel bag and unzipped it, she took out a bottle of Sake with a very high alcohol content and opened the screw cap and took a drink right from it. As she swallowed, Jun looked around for anyone, but it was silent out in the dark of late night. She pulled out a frame from the bag and looked at the image of a young, handsome Japanese man with black hair and intelligent eyes, he had a smile that would make any girl swoon and Jun smiled, she then dropped down the panel and sat off the back of the van and continued to drink looking at the photo.

Jun then pulled a small photo book out of the bag and flipped through it as she continued on her bottle. The little book was filled with 4X6’s of her and the man in the framed photo—the two looked happy together. There were photos of them by their ambulance, in the hospital lunch room, hanging out and many others. The back of the book had a pocket with another photo and a bulge at the bottom center of it; Jun pulled out the photo and then pulled the object that made the bulge in the pocket. It was a golden ring with a large diamond in the center, Jun looked at the inside of the band in the dim light of the van and read out loud ‘My Love For Jun, Forever’ then put the ring on her finger, she then looked at the photo of the two of them together, it was at a festival during the summer and Jun was holding a water ice and so was he. Jun turned the photo over and read what was written on it; “The Two Of Us Together, Forever. My Love To Jun: Koyomi…

Jun took another hit from the bottle and began to cry…

Next time, Nao and Mio begin working their way out the door to the apartment, a very difficult task. Ritsu brings over a friend that may change Nao’s future for the better. Be here next Thursday for part 9 of K-ON!!!! “Dust in the Wind!”

pixel K ON!!!! Dust In The Wind Fan Fiction. Part 8.

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