K-ON!!!! “Dust In The Wind” Fan Fiction.

Taken from the Manga by Kakifly. From left to right are Ui, Nao, Azusa, Sumire and Jun–The Wakaba Girls!

The fan fiction…there are so many out there, but this one is mine. A fantasy written by a fan of a show, character, book, etc… How would I see these characters? This is what the writer of a fan fiction would say before they put pen to paper.
The intention is not to break copyrights or piss off other fans; it is to let the fans share their own ideas or fantasy of what they would do with their favorite characters—its also great free advertising for the owner of the property!

With that said, this is my Fan Fiction of K-ON! which takes place a few years after the college story. The Anime and Manga are known for being part of the “slice of life” genre, but sometimes reality needs to set in—somewhat like a “what if?”

To those who don’t know what K-ON! is, it is a story about girls who start a band at an all girls school within their Light Music Club. Ritsu, Mio, Tsumugi and Yui make up “Hokago Tea Time” or “After school Tea Time.” They are later joined by Azusa who was a year behind them as their junior. When the four graduate, the Light Music Club is left to Azusa who is joined by her close friends Jun and Ui who is Yui’s sister. Azusa then recruits Sumire who is a childhood friend of Tsumugi and one of her wealthy family’s maids in training. They are also joined by Nao who ends up becoming good friends with Sumire. Both Nao and Sumire are actually 2 years younger than Azusa, Jun and Ui and after the college Manga, the rest is left up to the imagination.
During the story, Azusa’s band is called the Wakaba Girls or Fresh Leaf Girls which pertains to the sticker put on a car of a new driver in Japan.

This story begins after all have graduated from their schooling and has the main girls being between 27 and 29 (I’m never specific) with the others just steps behind. Supporting characters such as lightly used family or friends in the Anime and Manga are included to broaden the story.
Also used are Japanese terms like “Onee-Chan” (Big/elder Sister), “Chan” (Affectionate term/Little), “Obaa-Chan” (Grandma) and others. “San” is dropped in favor of (Miss) and everything else is either fantasy or as close to the original story as possible while trying to keep it my own.

This fan fiction goes out to EVERYONE who created, worked on, voiced and merchandised K-ON! Thanks for such a great interest for me to spend my hobby time on!

The characters are older; they have changed and matured, the slice of life has become…

Keion!!!! (K-ON!!!!) “Dust In The Wind”

Try to think of the “Kansas” song of the same name…

“I close my eyes….only for a moment and the moments gone…all my dreams…”

In a dark club in the middle of Tokyo the sounds of a remixed Fuwa Fuwa Time with a strong electronic edge to it could be heard out onto the street where people were walking by commenting on how cool the live show sounded and some had minor regrets of not knowing about the show in order to be a part of it.

The stage inside was laid out with Sumire in the rear pounding on a large white Yamaha drum kit with her blond hair in multiple tails and her blue eyes and magical smile brightening up the song. The German Sumire wore a pink camisole and white cotton shorts, with low socks and white sneakers on her feet that thrust the bass pedal to the beat of the song.

To the right front was Jun picking her Fender Jazz bass which shined in the lights of the stage with a bright blue body and the amp cable swinging every so often as she moved. Her brown hair was in a pair of long shoulder length pigtails and she wore an off the shoulder green top and a white pair of glossy vinyl shorts with a golden chain belt hanging to the left of her thigh. Jun had green striped knee socks and black calf boots with cell phone charms hanging from the laces. She smiled big as her eyes often looked to the center of the stage with a slight thought of concern and worry, but that didn’t hinder her ability to keep the beat.

To the far left was Ui playing her new Gibson Les Paul—her own Gita and over all the other girls her smile brightened the room as she played exact to her Onee-Chan Yui. Ui’s long brown hair was over her shoulders and down her back with a yellow bow holding a tail down the center. She wore a white baby-doll tee with a yellow camisole on top and brown short, shorts with thigh-high socks in yellow and multi-colored sneakers. As Ui grooved to the tune, her Onee-Gita’s cable rocked in the air and she looked out to see Yui cheering for her as she backed up the vocals on the song sung in tribute to “Hokago Tea Time.”

To the rear near Sumire but closer to Ui was Nao, she had finally entered the stage after spending so much time in the background. Nao’s talent with computing and mixing on the go had allowed her—in time, to take up a very vintage instrument which was a Roland G707 MIDI controller electric guitar with a Roland GR 700 Guitar Synthesizer sporting 11 pedals and a digital read out at her feet. The G707 was attached to a large amp and she had other wires in which she had to watch out for including the pedal set-up; on top of that, Nao wore large red and white headphones over her ears which allowed her to privately handle the alterations of the sound “The Wakaba Girls” were producing live on stage. Nao’s glasses were forward on her nose and her shoulder length black hair swung about as she moved.Nao had a lot on her plate, but she loved every second of it and by her extra efforts the band had sounded amazing.
Nao wore a red baby-doll top and a glossy vinyl black and red corset with red satin ribbon lacing across the center of the front and back tied at the tops in large bows, she also wore a glossy black vinyl pleated mini skirt that rocked when she did. She had fishnet stockings in red and knee-high black vinyl boots with clear soles with glittered stars embedded inside.
Although she wasn’t smiling like the rest of the group, she still loved being with the girls, she just had too much to concentrate on, so she remained positioned behind and off of Ui so she could work her Roland G707 and GR 700 pedal box without much issue.

The front woman was Azusa, once a member of “Hokago Tea Time;” she had continued to lead her “Wakaba Girls” after their graduation from high school and their run through college. Azusa sat in a chair at the front of the group playing her aged red Fender Mustang, her once beautifully long black hair was now neck-length braids and she wore a pink top with three-quarter length sleeves and had a long green skirt covering her legs with her shoes barely visible. The chair was padded and looked comfortable, there were no arm rests to get in the way of her guitar and playing, and her microphone was low in front of her as she sang her former Senpai’s or senior’s words.
Sadly, Azusa could hear Yui screaming for not only Ui, but she could hear Azu-nyan, Azu-nyan, over and over again—she wished Yui would stop calling her that.

As the song came to an end, Nao pulled the last string beat and grabbed the black handle that spanned from the top of the neck to the body of the G707; she touched a panel on the body of the guitar and stomped a pedal on the floor and that was the end of the song.

The crowd cheered loudly and Azusa thanked the audience slightly bowing in her chair using a free hand to grip the seat at the same time. The rest of the girls bowed with Sumire standing from her throne and following suit as she looked out to a beautiful woman of elegance who stood by Yui clapping her hands with a cheerful smile. Tsumugi and Sumire had wed a few years ago, they were both quite happy, however it was rare for Mugi to come to one of “The Wakaba Girls” shows because she was more often than not on the road herself.

As the audience began to disperse, Jun put her bass in a stage stand and turned off the amp; she then left to the side of the stage quickly behind a curtain. Nao removed her headphones letting them wrap around her neck and fluffed her matted black hair; she then put her Roland in a stand and shut down everything before pulling the plug on her headphones and flinging the cord around her vinyl clad body, she then quickly walked to Azusa while waving to her four brothers—the “clones”—each of them had a girl with them, their Onee-Chan meant a lot to them so they made just about every show–on occasion one or two couldn’t, but they did their best.

Nao knelt down to Azusa taking the Fender Mustang from her and putting it into a guitar stand near the chair and said” Doing OK, Miss Nakano?”

“Just my back hurts, I’m fine, a few pain killers and everything will be peachy—keep Yui-Chan away from me ok Nao-Chan, be my bodyguard until Jun comes over…” Azusa smiled and giggled.

Nao gently massaged Azusa’s back carefully holding onto the front of her, she instructed Azusa to lean on her arm and continued to rub as Jun arrived with a pink wheelchair with a white seat and pink arm rest pads and rear rubber coated handles. The wheels were tilted on angles towards the top. Jun rolled the chair next to Azusa and smiled at her, the smile faded quickly followed by sadness appearing in Jun’s eyes. Nao looked at Jun then to Azusa and said, “Miss Nakano, do you want to do it yourself or should Miss Suzuki and I assist?”

Azusa thought for a second, her back was really hurting and she was tired, so she raised her arms and said with the tone of an old woman, “Help Obaa-Chan darlings,” and Nao and Jun quickly took hold of her and helped her into the wheelchair. Once she was in it comfortably, Jun said, “Azu, I’ll take care of Muttan and we’ll get on our way. Thank you Nao-Chan,” then began packing up the Fender Mustang or Muttan as Azusa called it. Nao smiled and bent forward feeling the compression of her corset in her ribs and hugged Azusa and said, “I think this was our best show yet.” “It was, you really have become amazing, and I’m glad that you’ve been joining us on stage. It really took a lot for you to learn to play your Roland, thank you for always being there,” Azusa said happily, the girls kissed each other on the cheek and Nao looked out to the back of the room seeing a small woman by the door holding a small bottle of Sake, she was waiting, probably for her, so Nao excused herself from Azusa and left the stage and went towards the door.

At this point, Jun had returned with her bass and Azusa’s Mustang in their gig bags, she had everything packed up and over her shoulders. Azusa offered to take her Mustang over her lap but Jun wouldn’t have it. Jun took hold of the handles of the wheelchair and started pushing Azusa and they made their way to a cluster on the left side of the stage where Ui, Sumire, Tsumugi and Yui had gathered and were talking. Azusa hated when Jun made herself a pack mule and pushed her too, it wasn’t right, but she wasn’t going to fight with her over it. On top of everything, Azusa was sure Yui wanted to talk to her, so she couldn’t disappoint, she just hoped that the hugs would be less this time, she really was tired.

Nao greeted her brothers and their girls and excused herself for a moment and went towards the door where the small woman was leaning.

“Miss Tainaka, hello…Apple Sake I take it? We talked about this; you can’t drown your problems in rice wine—the “HTT” song was…’rice is a side dish,’ right…” Nao said.

“No, it’s a main dish, that you can have with a little curry…I think she’s getting worse, the last time I was there she…I can’t keep holding back my pain every time,” Ritsu said sadly, she then finished the small bottle in which she held and dropped it in a trash can near her.

“Are you sure that it is about HER, or is it about you?” Nao asked softly.

“Satoshi takes good care of me, I’ll repay him and his wife one day, I’m sorry that it had come this far, you don’t ask your younger brother for help, especially when he has a family,” Ritsu said.

“Its just for now, you two ARE family, and he always looked up to you, so don’t worry about it, its not like he is going to put you out on the street, you don’t cause him any trouble right? So, everything is fine. You told me you cook often, and you pay him something for living there—something that he usually doesn’t like to accept, but he takes it because that is what his Nee-Chan wishes. Miss Tainaka, its only temporary, it’ll be ok,” Nao replied,

“I’m almost 30, and I’ve failed in everything, I really thought if I tried hard I would have a chance, but everything went wrong…I wish I was back in high school, that was when I had my slice of life, now I just get crumbs and partially live off my brother and his family, how sick,” Replied Ritsu, she pulled on her blue shorts and straightened her orange baby doll tee, her long brown hair hung in a few tails to restrict it and her bangs hung to one side with an old clip. Ritsu’s sneakers were old and worn and her white socks were dulled from multiple washes.

“We all have to move forward Miss Tainaka, we should talk at my office, no charge of course, or if you want to come to my home, it may be more comfortable?” Nao said.

Ritsu turned to the door and said, “Sure, we’ll talk, I’m…I’m going to go see her, maybe she…”

“She won’t, she isn’t ready, you have to understand Miss Tainaka, this is serious, there is a way out and a way to help her, but it can take time, just spend time with Miss Akiyama, she’ll appreciate the visit, especially from you,” Nao replied.

Ritsu stared at Nao for a moment trying to make a decision on what she should do, she then looked Nao up and down and said, “It’s hot out, you should dress lighter, all that plastic on you must be uncomfortable…but at least you aren’t so shy about performing anymore…for being a psychiatrist you seem to have internal problems of your own.”

“Well of course Miss Tainaka, we all do, the slice of life is what you make of it—all we are is dust in the wind…wherever we land, we must make the best of it, our hopes, our dreams…We all miss you very much Miss Ritsu, you and Miss Mio are very important to all of us. Miss Azusa can’t walk, among other things, but she hasn’t given up. Miss Jun takes good care of her and I really look up to her, so I do what I can too. However, I understand what you are going through, so go see Miss Akiyama and tell her we all wish her well,” Nao said and then took hold of Ritsu and hugged her tightly, she said quietly, “The outfit gives me a sense of security on stage, but, on top of that, the corset is good for my back because of all the equipment I have to handle.” “Your headphones are digging into me…” Ritsu said pulling back from Nao.

Nao watched as Ritsu left, then turned to the stage and went over to join the group, she still had to put her Roland away and get prepared to leave with the others, the club was closing soon for the staff which meant that they had to hit the road too.

Nao looked back to the doorway one last time, she was worried about Ritsu, she was once the happiest and most lively of the group, now she was broken in so many ways, including her heart….and Mio wasn’t with them either, so much has happened in such a short amount of time…but Nao’s thoughts would have to wait, because the “clones” were coming for her, they were so immature still even in their late teens. Nao shook her head and smiled at them, then went to join the group before she packed up to go.

Nao wished Ritsu the best, she had become a good friend after Tsumugi and Sumire wed, it was an interesting encounter with such an age and personality difference, but Nao wouldn’t want it any other way.

This ends part one of K-ON!!!! “Dust In The Wind.” Thanks for reading! Did you think it was: Good? Bad? Stupid? Interesting? Do you want more? Well, regardless, you will get more, because the story will only stop when “THE END” is at the bottom of the last chapter! Join the K-ON!!!! Girls (or should I say women) every Thursday as their story unfolds.

Next time: Ritsu and Mio meet again; find out what Ritsu is so concerned about with her old friend and what happened to Ritsu that she has become such a failure. That’s next time on K-ON!!!! “Dust In The Wind.”

pixel K ON!!!! Dust In The Wind Fan Fiction.

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