K-ON! New Years Special!!!!!!

What a beautiful picture. From left to right: Tsumugi, Ritsu, Nodoka and Mio. Yui is in the front. I have no idea what the Ema’s that they are holding say, hopefully nothing bad!

Although the fan fiction of “Dust in the Wind” and “Beautiful World” has ended, this is the last piece of story; enjoy!


KON New Year 2 K ON!  New Years Special!!!!!!

As she walked through the airport on tired legs, Miho shrugged her guitar bag that was over both shoulders—it contained the vintage Gita that once belonged to Yui Hirasawa; given to her about twenty years ago. Miho had to replace the electronics, but the body stood up to time and it was pretty cool to have such a vintage piece to play for the crowds.

At thirty six, Miho still dressed like a teenager, wearing a clothing line created by Ritsu or Ritsan as she called her and Mio or Mio-San. She was in a tight-fitting tracksuit that was yellow with patches on the left breast side and left shoulder of Ritsu’s and Mio’s brand on the jacket that she had zipped just above her breasts and the pants matched with blue stripes down the sides of the legs. Miho had on yellow and blue sneakers that were also created by them and her long, black hair was in twin tails with bangs over her forehead and sides of her face.

Not trying to ignore anyone, Miho wore large pink and white headphones over her ears, they were attached to a player that she was holding in her hand, she would stop on occasion and sign autographs for fans who recognized her, but she had a goal, she had to get to the baggage claim.

Miho aged pretty well, her face still appeared young, however, sometimes her body felt weak which was caused by the traveling, the long hours on planes and the work she performed which wasn’t just musical–she had come from Russia—a very long flight.

Miho looked up at the signs in Japanese, smiling at the fact that she was home, she looked around at the conveyer belts that were moving luggage and saw a middle-aged woman wearing a kimono that was just too beautiful—the pattern was simply elegant and had a lot of greens and indigo dye throughout. The woman wore clear oval glasses and smiled with shiny teeth as she saw her daughter. Nao moved as quickly as she could to Miho, but at forty-seven she had pretty much aged before her time regardless of being light on her feet, she was stiff in her joints. Nao’s hair had grown to her middle back and was starting to go gray, but she held it in place with a dragonfly barrette and it made her look pretty; her face was pretty smooth for her age, but her eyes were tired.

Miho hugged Nao and they greeted each other for the first time in months. Miho had taken her headphones off and wrapped them around her neck so she could hear her mother’s voice.

“How was Russia?” Nao asked smiling.

“Nice, cold though, but they were very hospitable. One night after a show a few guys challenged me to a drinking contest…Vodka isn’t that bad, its almost as harsh as Sake…or, maybe equal to it…anyway, I was the one left sitting or standing. I did spend the next day gagging and throwing up, but I did defeat a bunch of guys, so that can’t be all that bad,” Miho replied.

“You have to watch how much you drink, I never touched it, I never had it in the house, so I’m surprised that you ever started,” Nao said.

“I’m my own woman Mother, and yes Ma’am, I’m very careful, I only binge once in a long while,” Miho replied as she pulled her bag from the rotating belt. She then took hold of her mother and they exited the airport into the night where the weather was cool, but not cold.

Nao directed Miho to a long white limo with tinted windows and the driver opened the rear door for them and they got in with Miho giving thanks.

“Live it up, live it up…you just can’t get enough, you want more, more, more, more, more…” Miho sung in English.

“Is that supposed to be a play on words of Kylie Minogue Miporin?” Nao replied.

“Yes Mother, but I understand, you can’t drive anymore, so you have to get around somehow. You gave about seventy five percent of your earnings over the years to the charities, so I guess a fashionable kimono and a chauffeur driven car are very fair rewards. Why don’t you dress in Ritsan’s and Mio-San’s apparel?” Miho said.

“I do, but in public at my age, it’s easier to dress like I am. The girls and I are almost retired, they are older than me for one thing, so you have to understand, we can’t go on forever—we’d love to, but we are realistic, no one wants to listen to fluffy tunes coming from middle aged women,” Nao replied.

“I’m sure your fans would say different Mother,” Miho replied.

Nao smiled and said, “Yui lost her Yaeba…well, actually the whole tooth became infected, so it had to be removed, she did get an implant though…still pretty dumb for being fifty, but I love her wholeheartedly—how could anyone not?”

“I’m sorry to hear that had happened to Yui-San, she really liked that thing,” Miho said.

“It happens…Mio is doing well, she and Ritsu are actually working together tightly on the clothing line, I’m glad you agreed to wear the outfits and advertise for them—“Drum and Bass”—sounds like a music style…” Nao said as she yawned.

“It is a music style Ma’am; it’s a form of electronic music, I’m sure you know that…?” Miho replied.

“Yes, I know…just trying to bring to light the simplicity of what my Senpais are doing with themselves,” Nao said.

“I’m sorry to bring this up, but how are you and Mugi-San doing…with, you know…” Miho said softly.

“It was three years ago Miporin, its just part of life, we are all getting older. NO, we don’t except it, but at the same time we do…Tsumugi and I have been spending a lot of time together though since the funeral and Wake…the bone picking…I really thought Sumire would outlast me, but who knew, diseases come, they can or can’t be treated and eventually you say goodbye to the ones you love…of course, at forty-four, you don’t expect a person to pass from this world…hmmm, I don’t want to talk about it anymore Miporin,” Nao said flatly.

“Yes Ma’am, I’m sorry Ma’am. I love you so much Mother…You said Ui-San has a wedding to plan for her ‘little one?’” Miho said.

“Yes…I think Ui is going to make it a big wedding too; Yui will probably foot the bill, so I don’t think it’ll be in a reception hall and if so, it’ll be a big one. Her child grew up right before our eyes, it makes me feel old…How about it Miporin, go adopt, I want to be an Obata already,” Nao said.

“I have things to take care of, I tour alone for a reason, no one will accept the small amount of money I take for charity shows, even Konata; she’s married anyhow and doesn’t want to perform anymore. Right now, a single child can’t amount to the many whom I help; I did everything I could here in Japan, so then I began traveling to other countries—always take care of home first, then others. I love you Mother, but I need to do this…YOU taught me to help others, so that is what I do, with a guitar on my back and a song in my heart. I work with people and perform…I’ve been told a million times to do something for myself, but there is no reason to, I am doing it daily,” Miho replied.

“So selfless, that’s my little girl…” Nao said.

“I’m only eleven years younger than you Mother, I’m not little…but I guess I’ll always be your little girl…So, Azusa-San and Jun-San have been asking about you and everyone else for that matter; they should be returning soon, actually just in time for the Shrine…a day behind me—possibly sooner. I really love them, they are like family, its nice to travel the world together to help people in need—people will call us goody-two-shoes…better than greedy assholes!” Miho said.

“Did you learn that word in Russia Miporin?” Nao asked firmly.

“No Ma’am, Azusa-San called a guy that for getting in the way of assisting a child—I’m sorry,” Miho replied apologetically.

Nao smiled and said, “I’m just kidding Miporin…You’ll have to play a few tunes on Gita for me when we get home.”

“Yes Mother, I would like that,” Miho replied.

“I missed you Miporin, you are literally my reason for living; I’m sorry to put something like this on your shoulders, but I think at your age I can tell you that, the night in the park, I was figuring out the best way to leave this world, I was actually going to disable the airbags in the car and take a really fast ride…scary to tell you that isn’t it…? You saved me and I’ll never, ever forget that night, your pretty face encased in the hood of that muddy, foul-smelling raincoat—I gave that old woman my earnings from the show I did that night…I called it rent money and she took it. With Sumire gone, I’ve become closer with Tsumugi…sometimes we do things just to make us feel better for our loss; she likes pain and I like restraint…I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be telling you these things…but, its just to help us carry on. On occasion we work at 10-GIA; its fun selling instruments, people buy just because we were once famous musicians; then, on other days, we work at the Café and serve tea and cakes, its fun, we dress up like maids and wait on people. Sometimes I sleep at her home, sometimes she sleeps at mine—and yes, we do have sex, often, as I was saying before…how about you Miporin, do you have sex?” Nao said.

“Why are you acting this way Mother? I do have sex, just like you, I met a girl in Russia and she did some amazing things to me, but that’s not what we should be talking about; you just seem so depressed, you aren’t sick are you?” Miho asked concerned.

“No Miporin, I’m fine, I’m probably depressed about Sumire; she is with her parents in their family plot…” Nao began.

“Yes Ma’am, I know, I was at the services. Look, we’re home, lets go have tea and talk some more, you need to rest…Shit, you’re not even fifty and you are acting like the end of your life has come—freely talking about private things to your daughter; good thing there is a window between us and the driver…Does he leave us or is there a slave quarters?” Miho asked.

“So, we have you saying ‘asshole,’ ‘shit’ and mouthing off to me, when I was in junior high I was tortured by having to suck on a bar of soap, how about if I use that as a punishment, you know you are never too old to put over my knee…I’m kidding Miporin, no, the driver leaves to home for the evening and he isn’t ‘the driver,’ his name is Itoshi-San and he’s an old friend of Mugi’s—you know I don’t want ‘help’ and I would never treat someone poorly—you’ve become so naughty Miporin,” Nao replied.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, I didn’t mean to,” Miho said softly.

“I’m sure you didn’t…jet lag probably takes a lot out of you, I think we both need rest…I have sushi and chocolate mousse pie, we’ll have that with tea, sound good?” Nao said.

“Yes Mother, thank you,” Miho replied.

The rear door opened and Itoshi helped Nao out and Miho followed taking hold of her guitar and travel bag, she bowed deeply to the driver and smiled, she thanked him and went towards the house while Nao spoke with him for a moment.

As the limo pulled away, Nao moved carefully towards Miho and they both went in together. They took off their shoes and put on slippers and Miho left Gita by the entrance with her travel bag. She sat at the Kotatsu and unzipped the jacket of her tracksuit.
Nao began preparing their meal and in only a matter of moments she had come in with a tray and served her daughter.

“So, I was thinking, we should have Azusa and Jun stay with us as usual because Yui learned to hug tighter and Azusa probably can’t take it anymore…forty-nine and being hugged by Yui and such; it’ll happen no matter where she stays, but the two of them seem comfortable here. Jun looked good the last time I saw her, she seems so fit and young in appearance; and I guess Azusa has a cane again? The pain in all the spots where she had screws in her bones must all hurt at the same time now like they used to,” Nao said.

“Yes Mother, she isn’t doing too well, so she works just inside with the healthier children, the ones she can take care of easily. Jun-San is still out in the field, however, she is the leader of a group, so she has to teach all the new members; apparently, most seem to come from Australia or New Zealand. I had to teach Jun-San some serious English, I’m surprised that I was successful at it,” Miho replied.

“That’s my girl,” Nao said.

KON New Year 3 K ON!  New Years Special!!!!!!

There was a knock at the door and it opened slowly followed by a voice, “Yoo-hoo, anyone home, Naoko-Chan?”

“Ritsu, they are right there at the Kotatsu, let’s go in already,” Mio said as she and her old friend entered Nao’s home. Ritsu was carrying a gift bag with a clothing box inside and Mio had their purses which were part of their clothing line in blue and yellow.
Mio and Ritsu took off their shoes and put on slippers and joined Nao and Miho at the Kotatsu.

“What is this, you all think you are old, so it’s Kimonos all around?” Miho said.

Mio had long silver hair and a tired face that remained pretty even at fifty; her Kimono was a mixture of blues and pinks. Ritsu still looked young, her hair was still brown and she had grown it very long and kept it together with pins. Almost insanely, she was wearing a short Yukata in yellows and oranges.

“Here Miho-Chan, this is for you, its going to be cold tomorrow, so I want you to keep warm,” Ritsu said handing the bag to Miho who took it and said, “Thank you Ritsan, but you look like you’re probably cold wearing a Yukata.”

“The cold never really bothered me, it’s the heat that is rough, come now, open it!” Ritsu replied.

Miho pulled the box out of the bag and removed the lid, inside was a bright blue parka with yellow faux fur trim on the hood and pom, poms on the drawstrings. There was a large circular patch on the left shoulder of the sleeve and across the chest were large “Drum&” “Bass” patches that once zipped up would combine Mio’s and Ritsu’s brand. Other details included a yellow lacing that would snitch the lower back of the coat to make it more fitting to the wearers form and stretchy fabric edging at the cuffs of the sleeves and the waist. Miho stood up and tried the parka on, it fit amazingly well and she could tell that “Ritsan” was going to start making underweight jokes about her as she always did, as both she and Mio had began gaining some weight in their older age.

Ritsu zipped up the parka for Miho and stood back and looked, she said, “Put the hood on, I want to see the rest of the fit.”

“Yes Ritsan,” Miho replied, she put the fur trimmed hood on her head and then closed the coat up the rest of the way and even tied the drawstrings firmly while Ritsu adjusted the lacing on Miho’s lower back.

“Now, how’s that, is the fit good?” Ritsu asked.

“Yes Ritsan, thank you, it’s very comfortable and warm,” Miho said.

“What do you think Nao-Chan?” Mio asked.

“I think Miporin looks kawaii, she looks like an adorable little girl,” Nao replied as Miho blushed even with the thick fur surrounding her cheeks, she knew someone noticed.

“Miho is taller than both of us Nao-Chan, she doesn’t look like a little girl, she looks like a young, hip, teenager,” Ritsu said.

“May I please take it off now Ritsan, its warm in the house,” Miho asked.

“Yes!” Ritsu said in English and helped Miho to take the parka off, Mio then said, “It’s one off, just for you Miho, no one else in the world will have the same style, just you, sorry that we are all being fussy, but we really wanted to give you something special, so Ritsu and I made it specifically for you.”

“Thank you Mio-San, thank you Ritsan, I really do love it, I promise to wear it all the time in the cold and even tomorrow at the Shrine—I’m probably going to wear regular clothes, so it should look nice. Thank you,” Miho replied bowing with her hands together still holding the coat.

Miho hung her one of a kind parka up on the hook by the door from the hood and there was another knock at the door, so she opened the entrance and there was Yui standing there with Ui—once again, they were dressed in Kimonos, why were these women coming off as grandma’s when they weren’t that old? Miho folded her hands in front of her and bowed deeply and invited the sisters in.

“Ya-ho!” Yui said happily as she and Ui looked into the main room as Miho helped them with slippers, she then looked at Miho’s gig bag and said, “I see you still have Gita…how are you Gita, has Miho-Chan been taking good care of you?”

“I’ve been taking excellent care of Gita for you, how about Muttan, how is your guitar?” Miho asked.

“Muttan is fine, but my hands have arthritis and I have high blood pressure from eating stupid for so many years…at least I don’t gain weight, so my doctor says to cut back on the ice cream and other things I’ve over indulged in like roast beef and such!” Yui replied.

“Don’t mind Onee-Chan, she is becoming senile…” Ui said with a smile.

“Uiiiiiiiiiiiii! I’m not senile, I’m just tired and I have to take a lot of pills, and my poor Yaeba broke and took the actual tooth with it…make way for Obaa-Chan, I smell sushi!” Yui said as her air-headed self always did as she made her way to the table greeting the girls and slowly sitting next to Ritsu as she picked up chopsticks and grabbed a tuna sushi from the platter.

Ui was led in by Miho who had zipped her track jacket up below her breasts, she then helped Ui to sit and went to retrieve more tea and cups. At this point, the bell rang and Nao went to answer the door while Miho prepared for the extra guests.

Nao opened the door and leaning against it was a pretty woman with thick eyebrows and long black hair, she wore tight, white leather shorts and a white blouse with long sleeves and an open collar, her legs were covered with black thigh high socks and she had white high heels on her feet. Nao could smell the alcohol and Tsumugi’s pretty eyes were glassy.

“Naoko, I’ve come for a fuck, but I see you have company, shall we put on a show?” Mugi said falling into the shorter Nao, at fifty, Mugi was still in fine shape although she had a tendency to gain weight and sneak food.

“You’ve come for a fuck huh? On top of that you are drunk, I’m glad that the line of limos tells me that you didn’t drive yourself, so at least all of your intelligence wasn’t thrown out the window…or drowned by a bottle. Come in, you’ll have to wait for another day to be punished…such a naughty Mugi…” Nao said helping her friend into her home and pulling off her heels and sliding slippers on her feet, she held Tsumugi’s hand and led her to the Kotatsu and made her sit and locked arms with her keeping Mugi very close in an affectionate way. She said, Apologize to Miporin.”

“Miho-poor-rin…I’m sorry that I’m in this condition in your presence, please forgive me…” Tsumugi said with slurred speech.

“It’s fine Ma’am, just don’t throw up on the table, ok, here, have some coffee, it’ll force you to come out of the drunken stupor,” Miho said putting a mug of black coffee in front of Tsumugi and tea for the other girls, she then sat next to Tsumugi and kissed her cheek hard and whispered, “I’m so sorry Ma’am, I really am so sorry…”

As the night went on the girls had almost a party, the New Year was upon them and the TV was turned on so they could see the countdown which had about ten minutes left on it. Tsumugi had sobered up and apologized to everyone, no one complained though and then, once again, the door was knocked upon and Ui did the honors of answering it.

Azusa and Jun–with just seven minutes before the New Year had made it, they looked good as Miho had said, but Azusa had to walk with a cane, she was visibly in pain, but she wouldn’t take any medication for it. Ui was so happy to see her old friends again, it had been so long. With shoes off and slippers on—Ui had taken the girls to the Kotatsu to join the rest of the crowd.

“Come here and get your hug Azu-Nyan!” Yui said acting like an old, lazy woman; not getting up herself with her usual energy; so Azusa let Yui do her thing and then she and Jun took spots near Ui as Miho served them.

“So, we are all here, just in time…” Nao said as the countdown ended and it was a brand new year. “Happy New Year everyone,” Nao hugged Miho and they all gave good wishes to each other.

Miho had removed Gita from the gig bag and played some gentle folk songs for the group and they all chatted until they made their way to beds for the night. Outside, the driveway was empty of all the cars that they had arrived in, they had wanted their drivers to be with their families and were so appreciative that they would sacrifice their celebration to get them to where they needed to go safely.

Tsumugi was with Nao, they were absolutely doing something, Miho could hear it through the wall, she could actually hear her mother crying and Tsumugi too, they weren’t just talking though, they were doing something sexual…it was strange and almost calming to hear it…Miho clamped her large pink and white headphones over her ears and closed her eyes to sleep with Japanese folk music drowning out all other sounds around her…


They stood in a line in front of the offering box and the thick rope of the bell in which they would call upon the spirits. All of the women wore Kimonos with animal shaped faux fur scarves around their necks and pretty decorations in their hair. Miho wore a blouse, buttoning sweater, above the knee plaid skirt with blues and yellows in it and her new parka which was zipped with the fur trimmed hood down and the drawstrings with the pom, poms over her shoulders; she had on blue thigh high socks and glossy, black Mary Jane shoes, her long black hair was up in tails again and she had her own hair decorations keeping them together.

The group rang the bell together to awaken the spirits, they all then clapped their hands twice and held them in a praying fashion then bowed their heads and closed their eyes, each asked for their own private wish for the New Year.

The girls looked to each other when they were finished and even though they were all older and living their different lives; they were still a group of sisters who would forever be there for each other—until the day they parted from this world.

Happy New Year, May This Be A Pleasant One…



KON New Year 4 K ON!  New Years Special!!!!!!


I’d just like to thank everyone who read my fan fiction from “Dust in the Wind” part one to “Beautiful World” Part 13, to the New Years Special. Although most of my indulgence with K-ON! Has come to an end, I will always love this Anime and Manga series; it had really helped me get through the year 2013 in one piece. Yeah, a cartoon…it made me laugh and that is something that people need to do. I really enjoyed making a story that pulled away from what the show is all about and in this “Special” I know I pulled in pretty hard with the spoken death of Sumire and the drunkenness of Tsumugi—the open sexual interests of Nao…and maybe, just maybe, I’m looking too deep at the age range of the girls and making them feel and appear older than they really are at this time—However, its just a story, and I wanted to celebrate the New Year–MY holiday with the girls.

Thanks again to everyone who read and commented, I enjoy writing and this was the test for publishing my novels that I started many years ago, they are coming together to a finish and hopefully through self publishing, I can make a career out of them and say goodbye to the hell of my daily drag…only time will tell.


pixel K ON!  New Years Special!!!!!!

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