Kids Cage “Fighting”

There was an event in the UK where little kids were grappling inside a cage similar to the UFC.  Mainstream news got a hold off it and makes it seem like these kids were punching each other.  In reality, they were grapling with no striking involved.   Check out this vid, making a big deal out of nothing:

0 Kids Cage Fighting

In the clip, they make it seem like the kid is forced to fight that’s why he’s crying.  Kids cry all the time when they get injured, hell I’d probably cry too if I broke something in my body.  But these injuries can happen in any sport, not just  in grappling.  It saddens me that when people see a cage, it makes them think it’s barbaric.  MMA still has a long way to before people see it as a real sport.   Bad move for the promoter to put these 2 kids inside a cage because it looks barbaric but even more moronic for news to make it seem like it was a violent match.

pixel Kids Cage Fighting

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