Killzone 3 And BulletStorm Fight For Bragging Rights

Killzone 3 Killzone 3 And BulletStorm Fight For Bragging Rights 
Sony’s PS3 exclusive, Killzone 3 will finally come out tomorrow.  But Epic Games (Gears Of War) countered by releasing Bulletstorm on the same day.  So which one will gamers buy?  From friends I talked to, they’re buying both.  Both games are FPS but they play totally different.  Killzone 3 is a much slower game and more methodical while Bulletstorm is more of an arcade game, using crazy combos to kill your enemies. 

bulletstorm giant monster screenshot Killzone 3 And BulletStorm Fight For Bragging Rights
Bulletstorm with Gears Of War like design

Currently in Amazon, Killzone 3 is #1, having been in the top 100 for 38 days.  Now this is where it gets interesting, Bulletstorm for the Xbox 360 is #2, but it has more days in the top 100 with 47.  These games will sell a lot.  Killzone 3 is even bundled with the PS3 for $300.  That’s a damn great deal and makes me think of getting another PS3 for my living room.  Xbox’s 360 Bulletstorm (also released for PS3 is at #13 at Amazon) has the exclusive demo for Gears Of War 3, so Microsoft is also leveraging for position. 

amazon2 Killzone 3 And BulletStorm Fight For Bragging Rights
Today’s Amazon top sellers.

Killzone 3 is getting above average scores, ranging from “B” to “A-.”  Bulletstorm hasn’t really been reviewed yet but several sites have released their scores with the same score.  But don’t take Bulletstorm’s score seriously until more reviews are up. Epic Games, Cliffy B said on Twitter that Bulletstorm was just created to disrupt the release of Killzone 3.  Maybe it was a marketing ploy by the Cliffster but it could be a sign that Bulletstorm might not be a good game.  Gameplay for single player campaigns are identical for both games ranging from 8-11 hours. 

Multiplayer is totally different for the games.  Killzone 3 has your typical FPS death matches while Bulletstorm is more about getting the higest score, there’s no death matches.
It’s really hard to say which game will have more sales in the end of the battle.  Right now, I’d say Killzone 3 just because it already has a fan base.  But Bulletstorm got free publicity thanks to a controversial article.  Time will tell which game will have the bragging rights….

pixel Killzone 3 And BulletStorm Fight For Bragging Rights

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