Kindle 2

 Kindle 2

Readers Rejoice! What a great device! The Amazon Kindle E-Book reader version 2 is absolutely amazing! It is light and thin so it can be held for long periods of time without your hands getting tired. The 6″ (also available in 9″) screen is clear as a book and offers the ability to view images. The operation is simple with left and right buttons to “turn” the page and a button to return to previous pages. It comes with a dictionary and a users guide installed and loading new books is way too easy–to the point where you could end up spending your bank account and not realize it.

Either by visiting or using the on board access to the Kindle store; by typing in search parameters you can find, purchase and load a book onto the Kindle with ease through the wireless function; it’s like WIFI magic! Just remember, you are spending money so don’t go overboard!

The current cost is $300 and it is well worth it for the “Star Trek” style technology. The Kindle will also play audio books through it’s speakers.

Just a great machine for the avid reader.

pixel Kindle 2

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