King Of The Cage: Devestation Results

Held at San Manuel Casino, King of the Cage delivered again with 8 fights for the event.  The event’s title, Devestation, lived up to its name as fighters threw down and put on the show for the enthusiastic crowd.

Justin Cook vs. Kevin Michel
Both fighters set a quick pace and it was a back and forth battle on the ground.  Cook had Michel’s back several times but couldn’t capitalize.  After a scramble, Michel was inside Cook’s guard.  Michel hit Cook with hard punches from the top and the ref stopped the fight as Cook couldn’t defend himself.
kotc 2013 1 King Of The Cage: Devestation Results
Winner: Kevin Michel by TKO

Charles Lee vs. Gabe Lopez
Flurry of punches were thrown after the bell rang for the first round.  Lopez was the better striker and connected harder shots.  Lopez took Lee’s back after he got dropped.  Lee scrambled out and got on top of Lopez as the round ends.

Second round was a stand up battle.  Both fighters were already tired but still kept on going like zombies.  Both the willpower to win and traded more punches and kicks.  Lopez looked to be more tired but still connected more strikes.  Lee was hesitant to throw but it landed when he exchanged strikes.  Very close round.

Third round was a carbon copy of the second round.  Plenty of kicks were thrown and majority landed.  Lopez would run once in a while to get away from Lee and start punching again.  Another close round.

Lopez won by split decision.
kotc 2013 2 King Of The Cage: Devestation Results
Winner: Lopez by judge

Mike Christensen vs. Henry Corrales
Corrales went for a quick takedown that would’ve made Goldberg proud.  It was so fast that Christensen didn’t have time to defend it.  Corrales controlled the first round with his ground game.  Christensen got up to end the round.

Second round was more striking as both fighters were willing to throw.  Corrales punished Christensen with roundhouse kicks and counter punches.  Christensen dropped as Corrales landed a body shot.  Corrales pounced on his downed opponent and finished him with a kimura.
kotc 2013 3 King Of The Cage: Devestation Results
Winner: Corrales by submission

Lolohea Mahe vs. Rob Jackson
Mahe was in control from the get go.  Jackson threw punches first but it was a matter of time before Mahe found his distance.  Mahe started throwing combos and chased Jackson all over the cage.  Mahe landed hard punches and took Jackson out.
kotc 2013 4 King Of The Cage: Devestation Results
Winner: Mahe by TKO

Johnny Cisneros vs. Daniel Hernandez.
Hernandez took down Cisneros quickly in the first round.  Hernandez landed effective ground and pound.  Hernandez took Cisneros back and went for a choke.  Cisneros escaped the choke and reversed Hernandez.  Hernandez was on his back and worked on an armbar.  He submitted Cisneros.
kotc 2013 5 King Of The Cage: Devestation Results
Winner: Daniel Hernandez

Lowen Tynanes vs. Kris Armbrister
In the first of the 3 championship fights, Tynanes finished off Armbrister in the first round.  The first two minutes was a back and forth battle as both fighters struck and clinched.  Tynanes was able to take Armbrister down and punched from the top.  Tynanes got his opponent with a head and arm choke and Armbrister had no choice but to tap.
kotc 2013 1 King Of The Cage: Devestation Results
Winner: Tynanes by submission

David Gomez vs. Joshua Aveles
The crowd went wild for this fight and rightfully so!  Both fighters were really tactical but weren’t afraid to throwdown.  The first two rounds went to Aveles as he used his crafty boxing to punish Gomez with body shots.  Aveles was also able to defend the takedown.

In the third round, the tide began to change.  Gomez was landing harder kicks and it took its toll on Aveles.  Aveles stopped throwing body shots and Gomez took advantage of it.  Still a close round but I gave it to Gomez because he landed cleaner shots.

kotc 2013 7 King Of The Cage: Devestation Results

The championship rounds of forth and fifth round also went to Gomez as he was finally able to take Aveles down.  Aveles defended well on the ground but couldn’t get up until the ref stood it up.  The fight was really close and it could have gone to either fighter.  The judges made a split decision and gave it to Gomez.  He became the new welterweight champion.
kotc 2013 8 King Of The Cage: Devestation Results
Winner: Gomez by judge

Nick Rossborough vs. Tony Lopez
Lopez was the defending champion and took on the challenger, Rossborough.  The challenger came out more crisp and tagging the champ with hard punches.  After the first round, Lopez was already bleeding from his mouth.
Second and third round was the same.  Lopez had no answer for the quick punches by the challenger.  Lopez got dropped several times but was able to defend himself on the ground.

kotc 2013 10 King Of The Cage: Devestation Results

The championship rounds went to Lopez as Rossborough was more tired.  The champ took the challenger down several times but couldn’t finish with a submission.

kotc 2013 9 King Of The Cage: Devestation Results

The judges all gave it to Rossborough and there’s also a new champ in the heavyweight!
kotc 2013 11 King Of The Cage: Devestation Results
Winner: Rossborough by judge

pixel King Of The Cage: Devestation Results

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