King Of The Cage – Validation Recap

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King Of The Cage was back again at San Manuel Casino for another round of exciting fights.  Most fights had exciting stand up battles while others had slick submissions.

Daylin Murray vs. Matt Ruiz
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Ruiz was overwhelmed by Murray’s strength.  Ruiz got the early advantage with a takedown.  He tried to pass Murray’s guard and landed in half mount.  From there Murray grabbed Ruiz’s arm and got a kimura.
Winner: Murray

Victor Henry vs. Kevin Michel
Henry was aggressive from the start with his quick kicks.  Michel answered back with his own strikes but Henry was always landing it first.  Michel got several takedowns and Henry always stood back up.  The fight went the distance and Henry got the unanimous decision.  They were hitting hard but no one would go down.  Very entertaining match.
Winner: Henry

Robert Otani vs. Leon Klee
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This was a short fight as Klee looked to have the better technique.  Klee got Otani with a judo takedown and slammed him on the mat.  He had ground control when Otani got up.  Otani threw an elbowed and it knocked Klee to the ground.  Otani went for the finish and the ref stopped the fight.
Winner: Otani

Stephen Martinez vs. Kenny Ento
Martinez controlled the fight from start to finish with his takedowns.  Ento was able to defends submissions but couldn’t get up from his back.  Martinez did a little bit of ground and pound.  Ento was able to defend the punches and the ref let the fight continue.  Ento looked tired in the third round and Martinez capitalized on it.  Martinez got a rear naked choke as the round was about to end.
Winner: Martinez

Matt Lagler vs. Daniel Martinez
Lagler finished off Martinez in the first round with an arm triangle.  Lagler got the takedown and Martinez tried to scramble out.  Instead of escaping, Lagler transitioned and got the choke.
Winner: Lagler

Joshua Aveles vs. Carlos Ortega
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The fight was for the #1 welterweight contender spot.  On paper, it looked like an easy win for Aveles but Ortega gave him a run for his money.  Ortega’s Machida-like stance threw off Aveles.  Aveles always has pinpoint accuracy but he was he hesitant to throw.  Ortega got a couple of nice takedowns but couldn’t finish Aveles on the ground.  Aveles always scrambled back up and threw nice body shots.  During the second and third round, Ortega was waning while Aveles continued his fast pace from the first round.  Aveles landed several heavy shots and to Ortega’s credit, he didn’t go down.  Aveles got the decision.
Winner: Aveles

Henry Corrales vs. Cooper Gibson
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Cooper got an early takedown in the first round.  Corrales scrambled and they were throwing kicks when Gibson was accidentally hit in the groin.  The fight continued and Corrales go the takedown.  Gibson scrambled only to be taken down again.  This pattern continued for most of the fight.  Corrales also tagged Gibson with a punch that staggered him.  The fight on the ground was back and forth and both fighters changed positions several times.  Corrales dominated the final and third round with ground control and got the unanimous decision.
Winner: Corrales

Nick Piedmont vs. Seth Dikun
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This was a stand up war from start to finish.  Piedmont landed the better strikes.  Dikun was game but his shots weren’t as effective.   Both fighters were really aggressive and it was a great way to end the night.  Both could’ve continued for the 4th and 5th round as they still had energy at the end of the third.  Piedmont got the unanimous decision.
Winner: Piedmont

Once again, KOTC at San Manuel Casino delivered with entertaining fights.  The next KOTC will be on Thursday,  August 29, 2013.  You can get your tickets here.

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