Kings of Boston Bad Blood #1

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Welcome one and all to the first issue of my mutant mafia book “Kings of Boston”.  This is the initial mini-series in a collection of minis which will chronicle the inner workings of the mutant lead crime families in Boston as they do what any good mob family does best, just with superpowers thrown in the mix. I hope you guys enjoy this and I would like to thank Paladin for inspiring me to share this with you all and I highly recommend you go check out his K-ON!!! series as well.

The night sky was covered with brown rain clouds with thunder completely illuminating the darkly lit streets of Boston for a brief moment with each strike. The rain poured and covered every inch of the city, the streets were vacant with no man or beast daring to be out in a storm of this magnitude, with the exception of a single black limousine driving along the road as if it were any other regular night.

Inside the limo, there were two men. The first man was the limousine driver; his name was Robert, an older gentleman in his mid 60s who wore a standard uniform for a man of his profession with graying hair and a pair of glasses on his face. The second one was a shorter man, bald man, about 5”3 in height in his late 40 called Christian. He wore an all brown tuxedo with a tie bearing a red & black circle pattern on it.

Christian simply sat in the limo in silence with his arms crossed, one leg placed over the other and his cell phone in his hand with him dialling a number on it. He placed the phone next to his ear and waited for his call to get through by watching the rain fall outside. Once the call finally got through he was greeted by his boss, Silus Brown.

Christian (Curious & Jokingly): What took ya so long to answer? I thought I was gonna die of old age waiting for you to call.

Silus (Happy): You’re a real comedian you know that? If you must know I was busy finishing that new deal with our new friends at Oscorp. (Curious) I assume the negotiations with the Coles went well?

Christian (Relaxed): They did go well, for the most part, Coles kid wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of his old man calling a truce with us, I’m telling you Si, that kid is gonna be trouble down the road.

Silus (Calm): If he becomes a problem well deal with him but only if we have no other choice, we suffered a lot of casualties from the last war with them and I don’t intend to start another one for a long, long time.

Christian (Anxious): I know how you feel but still we can’t be too car-

At that moment a lighting bolt struck the limousine in the mid section, splitting it clean in half with each part spinning and flipping wildly on the road, using the power of his mutation, Christian was able to transform into his rock form in time in order to protect himself from most of the damage.

He transformed back into his regular human form in order to slip out of the wrecked portion of his limousine and immediately ran across the road in order too see if Robert was fine, as he did so he tried to call Silus and tell him what happened but the electricity fried his phone.
Christian (Thoughts & Angry): Stupid piece of….

Just as he crossed about half of the street, another lightning bolt struck the ground next to him, nearly hitting him in the process. He rolled out of the way and immediately pulled out his pistol and aimed it at the rooftops.

Christian (Thoughts & Suspicious): This is either another lightning bolt that just so happened to nearly hit me again, or some one is controlling this….

Another lightning bolt came at him and he effortlessly jumped out of the way of it and noticed a man standing on the edge of a nearby building, Christian immediately opened fire on him but the man seemingly transformed into lightning itself and by entering nearby wires was able to get over to another roof where Christian couldn’t attack him from a distance.

Christian (Thoughts & cocky): So you want me to fight you one on one punk? Big mistake pal.

Placing his pistol back into its holster, Christian transformed his entire body into gray, rock like skin and ran his fingers into the building and slowly began climbing it in order to face his would be killer.

Christian (Yelling & Angry): Alright you little bastard, who ever you are come on out so I can properly thank you for messing up my ride!

???? (Calm): Such an empty threat, an imbecile like you doesn’t stand a chance against some one like me, especially not in this weather.

Christian’s eyes widened upon hearing this low and cold voice from behind him, he immediately spun around and drove his fist into the ground. The assassin again turned into lightning to avoid his attack and reformed behind him.

Christian (Thoughts & Annoyed): Son of a…

He pulled out his pistol to fire on him, but his adversary was quicker for he was able to fire a single bolt of lightning straight into the barrel of the gun causing it to explode in Christian’s hand.

???? (Calm): I expected more from you Christian, with a nickname like „The River way Butcher“I thought you’d be better at this.

Christian (Angry & Yelling): You little punk! Do you have any idea who you’re messing with?!

He charged at his assassin throwing caution to the wind, his adversary raised one hand in the air while the other was pointed at Christian. The assassin absorbed the lightning produced from the clouds above and by channelling it through his body he fired it through his other hand and completely engulfed Christian in it.


Robert slowly re-gained consciousness and placed his hand on his forehead, upon examination he noticed he was bleeding from a cut above the eye he no doubt sustained from the crash; he slowly unbuckled himself from the driver’s seat, opened the door and fell to the ground below.

He looked around to see where Christian was and his question was answered when he fell seemingly out of the sky with a barrage of lightning continuously attacking him. He yelled in pain as the electricity coursed through his body but his screams of pain and agony vanished as he lost consciousness and returned to his human form.

The assailant lowered himself from the rooftop using static electricity from the palms of his hand. He walked up to the unconscious Christian and placed the man over his shoulder with ease, he then turned his attention to the half conscious Robert who had been observing the end of their battle for a while now.

???? (Relaxed): So you survived my attack? Not bad… For a human anyway, (walking up to Robert) ordinarily I would kill you and make sure there were no witnesses, but today’s your lucky day because (kneeling next to Robert) Im feeling quite generous, so in order to repay this small debt you owe me, I need a favour to ask of you.

Robert (Exhausted): Go…. to… hell….

???? (Relaxed): I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that, as for my request, tell your boss the Coles send their regards and that were going to be seeing him very soon.

Robert watched as the assailant got up and raised his foot, he caught one last glimpse of the man before his boot came crashing down in his face and instantly knocked him out cold.

Next time we meet the main players of this conflict as well as our “protagonist” for the entire series! I hope you guys enjoyed this and if you have any constructive criticism for me then please leave it in the comments below. I probably had some grammar and/or writing mistakes but since English isn’t my primary language thats almost a given.





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