Hello Kitty Teams up with DC Comics

Hello Kitty Girl Power Lg Hello Kitty Teams up with DC Comics

Sanrio, DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers entered into a licensing agreement recently to produce a line of Hello Kitty products depicting the cartoon feline dressed up as different DC superhero characters. The line will feature the usual Hello Kitty fare: stationery, clothing and accessories, but will also include food items, stuff like brushes and shampoo, and publishing which possibly means the next installment in the Dark Knight franchise (just kidding).  Viz Media has a new Hello Kitty graphic novel coming out this fall so it should only be a matter of time before the Bat Kitty hits the shelves.

The promotional image depicts Hello Kitty dressed as Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Supergirl. But she will reportedly be cross-dressing as Batman and Superman as well which will undoubtedly cause a furor among those feminists who have over the years held up Hello Kitty as the ultimate image of the submissive female with no voice (or mouth, as it were).

The Hello Kitty maker credits brand partnerships like this with helping the company get out of debt last year.  Brad Globe, president of Warner Consumer Procuts had this to say about the collaboration:

“Hello Kitty is an inspired choice for a momentous co-branding that will expand the reach and appeal of both DC Comics Super Heroes and Sanrio properties.  This unique partnership joins two powerhouse brands that have a universal popularity across a variety of demographics and we know the collaboration will thrill fans of both properties.”

Sanrio’s COO Robert Lanzi also said: “Character cross overs have been a classic Hello Kitty spin off for years and our fans are always in search of the latest collaborations. We are sure that this project will soon create a new collection fever.”

The line will debut in 2014. It’ll be interesting to see how well this goes over with comic book fans.  Will the line spawn a new crop of Brony or will purchases be grudgingly made for collection purposes only?  I wonder if this is an exclusive deal or if Marvel will join up at some point. Deadpool Kitty, anyone?

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pixel Hello Kitty Teams up with DC Comics

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