KOTC: Mercenaries Results

IMG 7007 KOTC: Mercenaries Results

King Of The Cage: Mercenaries was held at the San Manuel Casino in Highland, CA.  The night was full of entertaining matches and a main event that lived up to the hype.

John De La O vs. Brandon Anderson
Grappling master De La O defeated Anderson with a first round half mount  guillotine.  De La O got the takedown early and did plenty of ground and pound before the submission.
Winner: De La O

IMG 7005 KOTC: Mercenaries Results 

Marcelo Mafra vs. Kris Armbrister
Mafra got the takedown and controlled Armbrister on the ground.  Armbrister tried to get up and Mafra finished a guillotine early in the first round.
Winner: Mafra

Joe Condon vs. Sevak Magakian
Condon was throwing bombs but Magakian closed the gap and clinch.  Magakian got an impressive judo takedown.  Once it hit the ground, Condon had no answer for Magakian’s superior ground game.  Magakian finished the fight with another impressive move, this time an armbar.
Winner: Magakian

IMG 7016 KOTC: Mercenaries Results

Sam Liera vs. Marcus Mowers
Liera controlled the whole fight including both the stand up and grappling.  Liera was throwing leg kicks that hurt Mowers.  Mowers then got taken down.  Liera got the guillotine choke as Mowers tried to scramble out.
Winner: Liera

IMG 7049 KOTC: Mercenaries Results

Chad Herrick vs. Jason Walraven
Both fighters were throwing heavy punches.  Walraven connected first and Herrick was taking shots.  Herrick was able to ride the storm and hit Walraven with a clean shot.  Walraven went down and the ref stopped the fight.
Winner: Herrick

IMG 7053 KOTC: Mercenaries Results

Randy Haskill vs. Marvin Garcia
The fight lasted 11 seconds in the shortest fight of the event as Haskill threw hard punches and Garcia countered with a left hook.  Haskill went down and Garcia finished him on the ground with punches.
Winner: Garcia

David Gomez vs. Bill Abrecht
The main event was a rematch and lived up to its billing as both fighters didn’t like each other.  Gomez was winning the stand up battle but Abrecht answered back with heavy leg kicks throughout the fight.  Gomez’s punches looked great but Abrecht’s heart was equally impressive.  Abrecht was getting hit hard but kept on fighting.  Once the fight went down to the ground, Abrecht tried multiple times with armbars.  Gomez’s conditioning was superb and Abrecht went down in the 4th round after numerous liver shots were thrown.  Paramedics were brought in after the fight to check on Abrecht.
Winner: Gomez 

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